Why Submit Blog Posts to 10 of the Top Article Directories?

Submit blog posts to the top 10 article directories
Writing for the web is great! Good writers are always in demand, because there are lots of websites that need to update and add fresh content for their own survival. Writing online can also get you some money. But more importantly, it builds your credibility and authority. Bloggers are no strangers to online content writing. So for them, it can be far more important and useful. Submitting your articles or blog posts to article directories can be a particularly good way of boosting your stats. It can bring many benefits for bloggers. Today, we'll take a look at the top 10 article directories where you can submit your articles or blog posts and benefit from them.

Why submit your articles?

Submitting articles has lots of benefits. First of all, you can get a backlink via your author box on that particular site. Most of these article directories have a 5+ PR. And if you know anything about blogging, you'll know how important a PR 5+ backlink is. A single high quality backlink is better than multiple low quality ones. It will help increase your own PageRank.

Besides PR, these submissions will also boost your traffic. These directories are frequently visited by millions of people in search of knowledge or articles to research upon. And with your articles, you can divert some of that traffic to your own website.

Another little benefit is, you can get rid of your old, or unnecessary blog posts. A lot of bloggers post on irrelevant stuff at the start just for the sake of something to write about. Many posts end up stalling as well, with no traffic coming to them. Such posts aren't any good to anybody. So deleting them, and submitting them on article directories instead can squeeze some use out of them.

Top 10 Article Directories

Here's a list of the top 10 article directories where you can submit old or new articles of yours and get some backlinks and traffic out of it.

  1. The Free Library - PR 7
  2. EzineArticles * - PR 6
  3. ArticlesBase * - PR 6
  4. GoArticles * - PR 5
  5. Article Dashboard - PR 5
  6. Article City - PR 5
  7. Article Alley * - PR 4
  8. Article Factory * - PR 4
  9. WryteStuff * - PR 4
  10. Internet Marketing News Watch - PR 3

You can submit one article to more than one directories above. However, the directories marked with a sterick (*) are listed under the SubmitYourAccount (SYA) Account Manager. This means, that articles submitted to these directories come under the same account manager. Hence, if you signed up for these directories with your SYA account, then you can not submit the same article to more than one of these websites. All the starred websites can be considered as a single article directory. You can, however, sign up without your SYA account, or with another account you might have. That way, you can submit your articles to more than one such directories.

You can sign up for any of these directories for free. It usually is an easy sign-up process. Once signed up, you are ready to start posting articles. Before you submit articles though, make sure your author profile is properly filled, and that it is linking to your website. Most sites give you an HTML box where you can directly add your link and anchor it to some text such as your name.

You can submit a single article to many directories. But keep in mind their copyrights law before submitting. Some directories won't let you post already published content, while others might not allow you to reproduce them. Be sure to check out their ToS before submitting anything.

We'd recommend you sign up for multiple article directories, at least 5. That way, you can be sure of scoring at least backlink to your website. And if more accept your article, well and good! The whole purpose of this exercise is to build quality backlinks, which should be on any blogger's priority list.

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