YouTube SEO and Marketing - Things To Do after creating Video

YouTube Video Marketing

In the previous part of this two-part series, we discussed some of the basic things you need to know about YouTube Video marketing. This is indeed a great strategy, especially since billions of videos are being watched every day. So if you do it right, you could channel a fraction of that viewership onto your own blog, and hence increase your traffic and subscribers. In this post, we will talk about somewhat more technical aspects, and also who you need to do with your videos once they are done.
We have already talked about what a video should contain. Now, let's discuss how to optimize your video. This is similar to how you'd optimize a blog post. But only, there's a lot less you need to do. For YouTube videos, you only need to optimize the titles, descriptions, and the like. So let's get started.

YouTube Traffic Series
Part2: YouTube SEO and Marketing - Things To Do after creating Video

The Title

The title of your video, just like the title of your blog posts, makes all the difference. It is the crown of your video. Remember that YouTube is a search engine. So pretty much the same principles as blog posts apply here. The titles should be keyword rich, so that it shows up when users search for videos. Videos aren't readable, which means that the essence of the video should be in the title itself. The title should be captivating enough so that people might get interested.

A little tip might help here. When you make a video, you generally know what will the most important keywords would be. For example, if it's a video showing you how to install a plug in, then you know that the title should contain the keywords "install", "plug in", "plug in-name", and probably "how to". So keeping these in mind, run YouTube searches for the most appropriate combinations. Similar videos would come up. You can take title ideas from those videos and apply them to your own. That way, your video might appear at the end of that other video on the basis of similarity. Hence, you'll get more exposure.

Video Description

Video description is perhaps the most crucial part of your video. Without a description, it's just another video, who knows copied from some place or not? When there is no description with a video, here is what I think; if the uploader is so lazy as to not include a description, then this video is probably not worth watching, or perhaps he has copied the video from someone else. Hence, the absence of a description might drive away some people.

Video description also helps people better understand what's going on in a video. And some of the audience might be more inclined towards reading. For example, if there is a top 10 list of something, I'd personally like to skip all the transitions and music to quickly scan through the list. In such cases, it'd be much better if the list was mentioned in the description, so I wouldn't have to watch the video at all!

It is also important that you include a URL of your blog in the description. It's preferable that you do so at the very beginning. That way, when people see your video in their search results, they can see your URL, and they won't have to open the link or expand their view to  look for your URL.

Video Tags

Tags are just like keywords or labels in a blog. You can use as many tag as you want. But generally, keep them around 9 - 12 tags maximum. Search for similar videos on YouTube, and see what tags they are using. If you use the exact same tags, you might show up in their related videos section.

You can also create your own tags. That way, you can interlink a series of your own videos. This will show your own videos in the related videos section of your other videos. That will help keep the user within your own series of videos.

Once you are done with your video optimization, it's time to bring it to the world!

Put the video in a blog post

Some of you probably made a YouTube video to put it up on your blog. But for others, it might be a good idea to consider this. Put your video to good use. If you have a blog, then write a post relating to the video title, and put the video there.

Having a video in a post gives you a bonus from Google. Google likes content with images and videos. Besides, your visitors will know that if you made efforts to make a video, then your content is probably worth staying for.

Use social media

Social media, as always, is your friend. Videos and images travel much faster on social media than text. So share your videos with your fans, followers and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Choosing video thumbnails

Unfortunately, you can not choose a custom thumbnail for your video. You can, however, choose from among three frames, i.e. the frames at 25% of your video, 50% of your video, and 75% of your video. Choose the one that looks the most professional. You can also place a certain frame strategically at the 25, 50 and 75% positions so that you can set whatever thumbnail you like!

An attractive thumbnail will attract lots of visitors. Thumbnails are almost as important as the title itself. So don't waste the opportunity simply by using a boring thumbnail.

Video Responses

You can submit your video as a response to another similar, and popular video. Simply, go into the comment section, and attach a video. You can either record a new video response, or use your existing YouTube video.

Video responses need to be moderated before they are accepted. So your response might get rejected. But you can keep on trying with other popular videos. Video responses can give you a great boost of views.

That concludes our mini series on YouTube video marketing. Hopefully, you gained something from it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Alternatively, you can look at some of our other posts on increasing blog subscribers through YouTube, and making videos popular on YouTube.

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