The Difference Between a Pro Blogger and a Celebrity

Pro Blogger or Celebrity?
Becoming a pro blogger is a dream for many and more, yet so few actually make it. It isn't a matter of just having surplus time on your hands or having nothing else to do. People, who are non-bloggers, often think that bloggers are wasting time, or that they are nerds who "don't have a life", and spend way too much time on a computer and don't play games, etc. Well, a pro blogger is nothing like a nerd. Indeed, a pro blogger can be compared to a celebrity. For those of you who are new and don't know who a pro blogger is, let's first go into the definitions.

Who is a Pro Blogger?

The term 'ProBlogger' is short for Professional Web Logger. There is no formal definition of a pro blogger as such, and there's no harm in anyone calling themselves a problogger. No one opinion is necessarily false. But there is a set understanding among most bloggers as to what it means to be a pro. So a problogger, in essence, is one who;
  • Has a lot of traffic. Not just a decent amount, but a great amount of traffic, much more than an average blogger. 
  • Posts regularly, at least once a day or more.
  • Has a large fan following on his own blog and social media.
  • Has presence on major events related to the online community and speaking panels etc.
  • Is considered as a pro or a 'guru' in his particular niche.
  • Who has been blogging for a long time, and has many posts to his name
  • Who posts quality content, and provides authentic information which the others trust.
  • Who, most importantly, earns a full time living from his blog, even if the blog is not his primary source of income.
  • And more...
Now these aren't so much as a definition as they are a criteria. You would not, for example, call someone a problogger if they couldn't earn enough from their blog, and have to work at another job to sustain themselves. So in short, a problogger is someone who "blogs for a living". And one does not simply make a full living out of a blog if he is not dedicated or professional enough.

Who is a celebrity

Most people might not know what a pro blogger is. In fact, many who aren't bloggers or don't have a web or computer related profession don't even know the difference between a blog and a website. To them then, the word pro blogger means nothing. So let me explain further. Most people know the definition of a celebrity right? No? Well, a celebrity is a person who;
  • Is famous for the work he does
  • Has a large fan following, probably even a few paparazzi following him around all the time
  • is good at the work which he does, which is why he is famous for it.
  • Shows up on some public events, such as charity fund-raisers, does volunteer work (e.g. Angelina Jolie worked as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N) etc.
  • Who, most importantly, makes a full time living from the work he does, and lives off it. It is his primary, if not the only, source of income

What's the difference then?

Wait! I am getting to the point! So one might ask, why isn't a problogger not a celebrity? And they may be justified in raising the question. After all, a common layman knows about who Micheal Gambon or Christopher Walken or Brad Pitt is (if not the first two, then you definitely know the last one!). But who knows who Darren Rowse is? Do you? If yes, then you most probably are a blogger. If not, then you aren't from around here kid. Darren Rowse is an elite problogger, if there's any sub division to speak of. Yes. He is more than a problogger. That guy is one of the very best.

Why the difference, you ask? Well, ask yourself this. Is there any? I mean, look at what a problogger means. Then look at what a celebrity. See any similarity? Or difference, for that matter? The definitions are almost the same! Give or take a few conditions. So why are they different? Well, they aren't!

The only difference I can think of right now is this. Even though a problogger has thousands of fans, he attracts minimal notice from the public when on the streets. A Celebrity, a regular celebrity might have the same number of fans, but I bet he'll turn more heads than a problogger when walking down the street. Don't take me wrong though. This might have its own advantages. A problogger can walk into a supermarket and shop peacefully while a celebrity won't go through two shops before someone approaches to talk to them or shake hands. Apart from this, I see no apparent difference.

Now I'm sure Darren Rowse would turn heads as well in a supermarket shop. But that's because he is a celebrity-cum-problogger. Others are just probloggers who are celebrities in their own world, which is the online world. The reason Rowse is so popular is because he has appeared in numerous TV shows, live talks, radio shows, news etc. Like I said, he's more than just a problogger.

In the end, all I'd like to say is, becoming a problogger might not be every one's destiny, but you can sure as hell work for it. Who knows, you might be the next Darren Rowse in the making? Our best wishes are with every one hard and honest worker.

Finally, I would like to ask you all a small question as an experiment. Who do you think a 'professional blogger' is?
  • A. One who writes about professional stuff on his blog?
  • B. One who earns a living from his blog?
  • C. One who has no day job and who only works on his blog full time?
  • D. One who does not work on his blog full time, but still drives a decent amount of traffic?
Leave a letter corresponding to the answer in the comment section below. Note that no answer might be entirely true or entirely false. It's all a matter of perspective. You have to pick just one answer. Go! :)

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