How To Manage a Blog During Exams? - The Recipe

blogging during examsExams! One of the most horrible words a student can hear. Exams are especially a big problem for those students who work for a living parallel to studies.  All your work schedule is badly disturbed and interrupted when the call for Semester Examination is made. I will be a victim of all day study for the coming 20-30 days and just like last year the blog will be in guest posting mode. Articles on Social Media and blogging will be served as usual by Gold Star MBT contributors. This time Qasim Zaib the author from our second blog (Smart Earning Methods) will be in charge of this blog.

He is well versed with technology and enjoys sharing tech related stuff. I am sure you will find his articles interesting and worth reading. In today's tutorial I will share some tips that can help you to manage your blog during vocations, exams, holidays, family occasions etc.  You can surely not stop posting and let the blog die, consistent posting is the fuel that keeps any blog running else no-posting will turn any lively blog into a dead collection of posts with no reader activity and traffic. Let me share the recipe that has always helped me in maintaining the blog during a busy exam schedule or special occasion.


Got Money? - Hire an Author

This is indeed the most easiest yet productive approach to keep entertaining your audience. Deciding to hire an author is the most easiest step but finding a skilled author with good written command and tech know-how is the toughest.  Instead of hiring a freelancer or asking small niche authors to write for you, I highly recommend that you find someone who either lives in your hometown or at most your country. This is what I normally do. I look for talented university or college students and train them for a week so that they may learn some basic SEO and post formatting. I guide them via a Mobile phone and SMS them topics they are supposed to write on. This makes the job easy for the author and also keeps me in confidence that the posting being done is fulfilling the demand of readership and search engine traffic. Of course you can not let the author decide what to write on because its only you who knows what is best for your blog and what your readers like and dislike.

Advantages of Hiring a Country Mate

There are several advantages of hiring an author who lives close to your residence. Some of these benefits are:

  1. You are handing over the blog to someone you know. So the security and safety threat is minimum
  2. You can contact him 24/7 using the fastest yet flexible medium of communication i.e. Mobile phone.
  3. You can call or text the author confidently and would not need to contact via dead slow Email correspondence
  4. You can pay in your local currency and not necessarily in US dollars.
  5. Payment can be processed within hours through online cash transaction
  6. You do not need PayPal to make the transaction
  7. You can immediately contact the author to publish a quick update or publish an important news.
  8. and so on..

Ask Your Loyal Readers

If in case you can not afford to pay or if your readership is low and your earnings less, then there still exists an alternative option. You can ask your regular readers to write for you by donating them a backlink in return. You will need to gather 10-15 posts from your readers, compose them and schedule them. All this needs to be done before your exams start, so you will have to make sure you ask each of your online friend or reader to write at least 3 posts for you. Do not offer a link back to the reader's website if he insists on writing just one. Be smart and take out maximum profit.

Offer a permanent link on your homepage to anyone who agrees to write 15+ articles for you if your blog has a PageRank less than 3. Hassam Ahmad awan was offered a permanent link at MBT for writing 20+ posts and was paid some cash as bonus for his extra ordinary and well crafted posts. 

Keep Link Builders Away!

Most of the emails that are welcomed by our junk box are those of link builders. Linking a blog that is not related to your niche and blog topic or blog categories lack serious relevance and can harm the PageRank juice. This is one reason why most of the guest posts at MBT are from its loyal readers only. We accept posts from readers in order to motivate the new faces and help them out to perform even better.

Before December 2011, we would often charge companies as high as $150-$200 per link and would let the web hosting companies to post at our blog and link back to their products but this badly slowed down the PageRank and we saw no rise from Google's Latest PageRank update of 6th Feb 2012 despite growing number of incoming links. We have therefore permanently stopped accepting product reviews and acknowledge guest posts from young new readers only.

Posts from link builders are often old re-written stories that has no search engine value. Most of these posts are written using automatic software and often a smart re-written copies of already published articles. Kindly avoid accepting articles that are out-dated or too generic, only accept posts if they are hot in trends. Writing on hot news and developments bring massive flow of fresh organic traffic and readership.

How much shall you pay per post?

Posts are priced based on their length and quality. The payment criteria for paid guest posts which is practiced on majority of blogs with less than 10K traffic is as follows:

$3-$5 per 2000 words

$2 per 1000-1500 words

$1 per 500-1000 words

Qasim zaib is being paid based on a different fixed salary package because he writes regularly for Smart Earning Methods too and has succeeded in building his own fan following. 

Your Views?

Forgive me pals for being out of touch for so long as I am badly captivated by tests, practicals, projects and studies from all corners. Computer System Engineering is fun yet time consuming. Will need your cooperation in this off period. I will publish tutorials whenever I get time but regular posting will be done by Qasim Zaib. If you have any questions related to today's post then please do not hesitate to post your queries. I hope the above recipe today was a delicious one. Peace and blessings buddies! :)

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  1. All the Very Best for Your Exams :)

  2. Thanks for the tips, I am also plagued by exams every 6 months and during that time , my blog suffers a lot. Will surely put these to use

  3. Great Post and all the best for your exam!

  4. How do you distribute the earnings to your guest bloggers for ex. paypal ?

  5. All the best for exams brother IsaAllah you will do well

  6. I wonder that you pay a very less amount to your people. In fact, I am a paid writer by profession. I have so many clients. I never came across SUCH A CHEAP COST. This is something that we pay to people who are totally newbie.

    I think you should increase the wages of your writers.

    If you need more professional writing and some Creative works, then PM me. I have been working with various clients I handle.
    My mail -

    I hope you can give me an opportunity to see my skill and my talent too.

  7. @Sanket Vaghasia Guest authors will only get two links to their blog/ profile. They won't get any money.

  8. good luck for your

  9. @haider @tamuly @prayag @himanshu @ankit @tayyab

    Thank you brothers. These wishes will surely save me :d

    As pradeep said, we only offer links to guest authors. Its Gold Star contributors that get paid via PayPal or Western Union Quick Cash.

    I mentioned it very clearly above that our co-authors have a fixed salary package and the above payment criteria is only for blogs with less than 10K traffic. People pay as high as $30-50 per post but then again it depends on that websites traffic and monthly revenue. The above proposed plan is only for stage2 bloggers. Stage3 bloggers can charge and pay as much they can depending on quality and niche.

    I would love to see your work. Kindly email me some of your sample posts through the contact page.

    You are as responsible as Qasim himself so stay active. :1)

  10. Hy Thanks Sir For The Great Artical.It Really Helped me Alot.My Exams are also taking off from 7 may Your Artical Really Helped me But i am Unable to Find Any Author...:(...Please any one here could help me out i will pay according to the rates Which Mohammed Defined Above in his post.All An All Really Good.Hats OFF.

  11. hello i like your style.good blog.good information and useful.thanks

  12. @Mohammad
    I can stay active in April but in first half of May I am out of town where no internet access is there :(

    When is your exams?

  13. wow really nice my exam are really pain in ass :D

  14. masha allha .u are really master of bolgger....all the ur exam..........

  15. @raheem

    Yes provide authorship to people you trust. All the best! :)


    Live job invite. I guess everyone should rush to you now! :d

    My pleasure brother. :)

    My exams will start from 30th April and will continue till 15th May. No way find a way! =p

    I would agree! :)

    Alhamdulillah. I am just a peanut. Thank you :)

    Certainly Exams surely disturb their speed a lot. Exams are a big hurdle in a student's career. Thank you for the kind wishes. :)

  16. exams should not be a real mess if you are living a disciplined life.You can publish posts at alternate days.Prepare some posts in advance.Also,none of us can study 24 hours a day and we definitely spend some time as 'Refreshment' or break watching movie or any other entertainment.We can easily take 2 to 3 hrs out of 48 hrs to refresh ourselves and this time is enough to compose a post.So,in general,do not make excuses, Accept the challenges.

  17. @Mohammad
    Oh Gosh!!! and for the same time I am out of town :(
    I generally do not go to natives but this I have to go because of very important function.

    There is no way out this time for me :(

  18. @Rahmeen

    I wish time could be that easily managed. It requires 3 hours to research and write a quality post. There is only one gap between each paper so I wish I could dedicate that time to posting but yes I would surely publish some posts during these 14 days vocation. Thank you for the boost. :)

    Then we grant you a leave. Go have fun and spread love. Such occasions are rare. :)

  19. @ Rahmeen Ahmad Khan
    Yeh I Agree with you totally and this is the reason why i am preparing extra posts so i can automate then on my exam dates :)

    @ Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    I can only hope this open invitation will work for me.But till not its Big NO...Had to manage it all alone..any how still motivated with spark

  20. Goodluck with your exams sir,you did not reply my email again. Please before you i have affiliate banners on my blog with trackin html codes,image codes etc just like hostgator affiliate banner,you should know this, am using MBT church theme. My question is how can i align them side by side just like the way your 125x125 appears even on mobile phone. My banner are in form of a line when access with mobile but on p.c its normal. Please help your boy

  21. @Mohammad
    Yea that occasion is really very rare.
    Thank you for the leave :p

  22. Great ideas man thanks

  23. I think hiring writers is the best option to manage blogs during exam time. This way the blog can be manged in a very easy and safest way.

    Getting professionals to help is the most effective way. This will not just help to keep updated your blog but it will also help in getting quality content for the blogs.

  24. i like the way you include personal touch in your article,,, like how much you pay and why ,, this kind of this not only brings us closer to you but also tells us how transparent and professional your system are,,,
    many thanks,

  25. hello mohammed,
    this is the first time i am visiting your site and i must say i am truly amazed and inspired by your articles.I saw this blog 2 hours ago and i am reading since then.All the articles are super.I am your newest fan.I have been in a out of blogging for the last 2 years.Now i have decided to dive into blogging with full zeal.I'm myself a CSE first sem student.This article solved one of my dilemma