Facebook Desktop Messenger - Chat From Your Desktop!

facebook desktop messengerFacebook has recently launched its chat messenger as a desktop application. It was initially leaked in December 2011 and was in testing process since January 2012.And finally you can have it now at your accounts. Its official link for download is not provided yet, but you can download it from other resources.

You don't need to chat from your browser anymore. Relax and chat right from your very own desktop with this latest Facebook Instant Messenger Tool.


Comparison of options:

This desktop application has very limited options as compared to other chat messengers. You can not make audio or video call, share any file, and play a game or send SMS messages. It just lets you and your friend communicate, in the simplest possible way. May be they are planning to launch enhanced version later on.

How To Install it?

You can see a notification at the bottom right corner of your Facebook profile where the Chat option appears. Clicking the install button will download the tool in seconds.

install facebook messenger

No group chats:

It is a very fundamental type of chat messenger. Although you can have group chat when you log in through browser but this desktop application snatches the right from you. You can chat with only one person at a time. 

facebook messenger

Stay Notified: 

The best thing about this application is that you can stay updated with all the activities going on without login into your account. If you have any new messages or a friend request, it is shown in the messenger window at the top. Adjacent to them, is the notifications tab which keeps you notified.facebook messenger chat

Limited to Win 7:

Yes it is not sounding good but it supports limited operating systems; only Win Vista 7/8. No support for XP, Mac or linux. A negative point indeed; but this is how it is and we cant help it .

No more separate window:

And the good news is you do not need to open a separate browser window for chatting with your face-book friends only. You can use your messenger in the same manner as you use any other messenger, but your level of addiction is different for Facebook. And finally we can have a bigger chat window as well, thankfully

Guest post by Rahmeen Ahmad Khan. She is MBT"s Gold Star Contributor

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