How To Remove Blogger Threaded Comments?

Remove Blogger Threaded CommentsYou can observe that we have rolled back threaded commenting from our blog. The only reason was that since this feature is new therefore it involves some bugs. The biggest problem that almost all blogspot blogs are facing with threaded comments is that when you click a post link, the user is taken to the bottom of the page where comment box exists. In other words, upon clicking post URL, the control takes you to comment box rather remaining at top. This effected our AdSense Revenue and PageViews. If you are relaxed using this new commenting system then you may simply neglect this tutorial but if you think that you will add back the threaded commenting feature once all bugs are removed by Blogger Team then you can follow the easy steps shared below to get rid of this new feature.

Why We Removed Blogger Threaded Comments?

For three simple reasons:

  1. This feature is new and the bug of taking the user to the bottom of page was effecting the PageViews and hence revenue
  2. I was giving the same reply to repeated questions being asked. Readers had to search for admin comments and often could not observe the answers already posted thus they would ask the same question again. Giving rise to confusion and repeated questions.

Why we still like the old style?

  1. We can answer all readers with a single reply thus keeping things simple and clean
  2. Readers can easily differentiate between visitor and author comments
  3. No additional scripts effect the overall percentage of the load time.
  4. Page views Increase

Does this mean that this feature is all waste of time?

Of course not! We will install them back once blogger solves all bugs linked to it and make it more optimized.

Can't we customize Threaded Comments?

You can do all that you want. I am a little busy these days and need time to look into the new coding. We will share a lot of new themes and designs to add a fresh attractive look to these threaded style. We still need to write tutorials on how to distinguish between visitor and author comment styles, how to customize the new comment form, customize reply and delete buttons and how to add text above the comment box etc.

Shall you remove it too?

If you feel that you can go along with the current problems and that your readers are enjoying the new look and that your AdSense revenue and page views are not largely effected then you should surely keep it. You can surely expect blogger to solve the Jump-to-bottom problem very soon. But if you are searching for a quick solution then try today's tutorial served just for you.

Steps To Remove Threaded Comments
  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Back up your template
  3. Check "Expand Widget Templates"
  4. Search for this:

<b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'>
            <b:include data='post' name='threaded_comments'/>
            <b:include data='post' name='comments'/>
        <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
          <b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'>
            <b:include data='post' name='threaded_comments'/>
            <b:include data='post' name='comments'/>


you will find this code twice and replace it twice with the following code:

            <b:include data='post' name='comments'/>
               <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
                     <b:include data='post' name='comments'/>

    5.    Save your template

    6.     Done!

Visit your blogs to see everything back to normal. You wont see the page jumping to comment box and posts will load as they normally used to do. Your page views and AdSense page Impressions will increase again.

Need help?

The steps will work just perfectly inshAllah. If you troubleshooted yourselves then do not panic and let me know. I will help you by commenting with the same old style. :).  Peace and blessings pals!

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  1. well i m not a blogger users , but when i visit mbt i see when click on the title it bring me to the bottom of the page as u said!

    1. I was having this problem on my blog named Martins Library blog and it worked. Thanks alot for teaching us how to remove blogger threaded comments. At Martins Library, We provide Informative Materials for Writing Books, Projects, Seminars, Journals, Articles, Proposals, Feasibility Study Etc For Business And Educational Purposes. Click Here to See More

  2. actually we can tweak the threaded comment with the custom threaded comment. because i'm also using threaded comment, but not the official one.

  3. @Faiz
    That's in fact happening with all blogger blogs.

    @M'Rie R'Nie

    That's true we have received a guest post based on that javascript that does the same wonder and I will share it within two days.

  4. Hello Mehmood, i have a problem with my Adsense account earning ...

    when a visitor click on Adsense add ..

    For Example 1 click = 1$ and Ecpm Gone high

    but when i check after 10 or 15 min that earning Gone less in just some cents ...

    i also check or track my visitors, may be if there is invalid activity ...but its really can,t, its just like normal clicks

    Just like 2000 Visitors with 45 or 50 clicks more

    There is no invalid Activite in my blog ...but my other blog work fine .......only problem with this blog (

    if you solve my problem i will pay you via donation paypal in your account.

    Thank you

  5. i think this is cool. otherwise i can't understand completely about this matter. well i just wanna try it. thanks buddy. Mr.Dewa

  6. I am looking forward for that one Sir, I have informed my friends about it as well :)

  7. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed

  8. don't delete, just add it <!-- -->
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
    <!-- <b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'>
    <b:include data='post' name='threaded_comments'/>
    <b:else/> -->
    <b:include data='post' name='comments'/>
    <!-- </b:if> -->
    your coded still there, but that's not work...
    if you delete it, you'll be confused for get back..xixixi

  9. Thanks for sharing it.... After posting threaded comments technique this one is also awesome.......

    Mustafa bro I am regular reader of your blog also subscribed here. Could you please send me your MBT Blogger Template. I will be very thankful to you.


  10. @World News
    There is not a problem to your Adsense, this happens when you have few visitors and lot of clicks at a moment (the raport gives a high number- this is RPM). (A healthy RPM is usually between 1 and 3. I guess that you have sometimes the RPM at 50- 65, this is not a problem, everytime it fluctuates. What it matter is the RPM at the end of the day.)
    Then when more visits comes, this raport chills down and so the click cost, that's why the money are less.
    I have 500 clicks at 3100 uniques and 11000 pageviews. The problem comes when you have few pageviews and lot of clicks raporting to the visits you receive. Then one site becomes suspect. But I guess 50 clicks at 2000 visitors are good.
    This happens to everybody, including me.

  11. Yeah, I think its good, but seems like blogger has deleted all pagenavi tag in comment.

    I try this and my comment form is returned normal, but my pagenavi code for comments has disappeared ...

  12. @World News
    Before solving your problem you must first understand how cost is calculated.

    Both eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) and RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) Mean the same. In old interface we called it eCPM but in new Adsense interface we call it RPM.

    It is calculated using the formula:

    eCPM or RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

    For example, if you earned an estimated $2.0 from 4000 page views, then your page eCPM or RPM would equal ($2 / 4000) * 1000 or $0.5.

    Your eCPM or RPM can go high or low depending on the number of your total pageviews and estimated total earnings. So whether you receive 2000 visitors with 50 clicks or 4000 visitors with 10 clicks, your revenue will depend on the formula I shared above.

    Just yesterday we received 127 clicks but the earning was far low. We earned far more with 70 clicks than what we did with 127.
    Your earning actually depends on your pageviews and the cost for that Ad set by the advertiser. Some ads pay more for a click whilst others pay less. So ecpm will go high and low accordingly. You may not bother about how it works a lot though you can improve your earning by following these tips:

    1. Add a 468 by 60 banner next to your header.
    2. Remove that vertical banner from your sidebar and instead add a 728 by 90 horizontal wide banner at footer just like us.
    3. Add just one 336 x 280 - Large Rectangle below post titles and remove the one that appears above every post for better SEO and CTR.

    Hope this helps pal. :)

    I will share it tomorrow buddy. Stuck again. :)

    Yeh ofcourse comment tags would work too but you can always find the codes on my previous post if you wish to add it back. :>

    I respect what you shared buddy but I guess you mistakenly wrote .5 and .65 RPM as 50 and 65. Because achieving a 65 RPM is pretty rare. It is like receiving $65 for just 1000 views. This happens very rarely when the ad that is being clicked pays high.

    Further 500 clicks at 3100 uniques is a little suspicious. You must check if the clicks are not a result of some robot activity by your competitors else it wont take Google much time to show a red card to the blog because 500 clicks with just 3k visitors per day seem difficult to absorb.


    Could you kindly explain what you mean by pagenavi tag in comment?
    If you are talking about the older, newer and home links then you can still add them by shifting the html code to post footer.

  13. @muhamad, i wil like to make a guest post on your blog on how to increase adsense cpc,pls where shld i send it to

  14. Now we need to add @ again and I was also frustrated to find the admin comments.

    Bro I have sent you question regarding guest post and also other mails are there :(

  15. Please help me!!!
    my blogger pages have two comment boxes.

  16. @Mohammad
    Mohammad you're not right, Google calculates with pageviews only and at that numbers 11000 visitors and 500 clicks it is ok it usually it gives a RPM between 1.2 and 2.0
    Google bans when the RPM is suspicious (too big).
    In November I had days with 8900 visits and 420 clicks. And there was no problem. In October days with 5900 visits and 200 clicks. The uniques were 2000. My account is up and no problem.

  17. bro ,
    how can we add this comment box that u have bc the old trick that u teach it for us doesn't work anymore .
    thank you

  18. I get a code such as this, what should I do, this code did not previously exist.

    << this code and
    please help.

  19. This sample picture

  20. Hello Dear,
    I am daily visitor of your website. Because it has awesome cool tips to customized and optimized blogs. But i tried to remove Blogger's Comment box. It didn't done. And also i want to remove some Character automatically added with URL. You can see here..

    Please i need your help.

  21. Hi Mohammad- I am eager to make this change on my blog, and tried your method, but the code did not come up in my search, even though I do see the thread style comments on my blog. Help! Thank you.

  22. HI,

    I am Raj from India, I have some blogger site problem. so I want help.

    I have 1 site customize from blogger, so i want change page url structure.
    my existing page url is

    and my recommended url is:

    is this possible ? ?

    Please help me and please tell me step by step that how can solve this problem.


  23. I can't find such code in my blog template. I am using a custom template in my blog and the threaded comment included in the template is buggy. Please help to remove the threaded comment for my blog. My blog url is >>

  24. I will use your code, but if i save my template i get a error, if i delete script who will change no problem, but if i insert your code i get some error,,, "div matching tag"

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I just added this to my template today, its working and showing more than 200 comments on my blogger posts. Also, I do realize Blogger is having major comment/display issues today, so I hope that is the problem. I have also thought to move other commenting platforms rather than its own.

  27. I notice i was still able to navigate through the comment thing using my yahoo mailtool which i tries to explain in my former comment

  28. Hi, I'm not sure, but my blogs don't bring you to the bottom of the page. If you click on "Reply" to a comment, a comment box appears ... right there ... it does not drop to the bottom of the page. I might have picked up some javascript over time, which fixed the glitch you're speaking of. All I know is that mine work fine. The threaded comments are great and help keep track of who was responding to whom. Example: Ben Franklin and the Lightning Rod... but I came to this page, trying to study how to "Hide" the replies on opening the page. Currently, the page opens with Replies collapsed... opened and displayed. If I can get the template coded where pages open, with the threaded replies closed, I'll be pleased.

  29. I notice i was still able to navigate through the comment