HostGator Best Hosting Plans For Bloggers

Hostgator is surely the biggest giant today with excellent 24/7 customer service and largest collection of sites hosted. This review discusses reasons for which Hostgator has become the first choice for pro bloggers and internet marketers.
Note: This post has been updated with new changes made in 2015
No matter whatever blogging platform or content management system (CMS) you may be using, the topic today will discuss reliable and affordable web hosting plans that you can purchase to kick start your blogging career. Advertisers and direct sponsors have started giving more value to blogs which are self hosted and produce quality content. Here we will discuss how to transfer your current domain to HostGator and at the same time buy a reliable hosting plan. We will also answer some frequently asked questions to keep things clean and clear.

Why HostGator?

For this I have written a detailed article that you can read here:

I wont tell you any technical details here like unlimited bandwidth, Disk space, sub domains etc. I would only highlight their excellent customer service. You always need active real support from your web hosting company so that in times of technical need you may not feel helpless. Whether you are a customer or just a passing visitor the agents there are always available to give free help and suggestion.

Web Hosting companies are examined and tested by Online testing organizations and critics every year. HostGator has amazingly moved ahead of everyone in the world of web hosting for fast speed, reliability and support for over 9 consecutive years. You can Read the long list of awards they have achieved so far at their homepage.

I must tell you that these awards matter a lot because they are reviews collected after detailed research and they are not paid reviews. Therefore their authenticity is always respected and can't be ignored.

I researched for almost a week before choosing our web hosting company. Almost every professional blogger, designer and developer that I came across used HostGator as his web host. I read their reviews and read several forums before making my mind to choose HostGator to provide us with a storage space where we could save our resources and tools. Its one month now since I first joined HostGator and the experience so far has been outstanding. I am learning and experiencing new technologies and can easily apply them to the blog because all latest web technologies and development tools are fully supported by HostGator Control Panel.

They also provide free SEO software to monitor and track performance of your blog along with free $100 Adword and $100 Yahoo Ads campaign if you live in USA.

What can I create after buying a hosting plan?

You can create almost anything using the softwares found in HostGator control Panel (Cpanel)

  1. Blog Software  eg: Wordpress, LifeType
  2. Forum Software
  3. Gallery Software
  4. Guestbook Software
  5. Website Builder
  6. Mail Software  eg:
  7. Social Networking Software   eg: Facebook, mySpace
  8. Wiki Software
  9. Survey Software
  10. Billing Software
  11. Chat Software
  12. Directory Software
  13. eCommerce Software

I am using Free Blogger, How would it effect me?

You can continue using blogger the same way you did before. You will write and access your posts from dashboard as you normally do. Everything would remain the same except that now you don't need to save your style sheets, scripts and web pages on third party servers. You will have your own allocated disk space at HostGator which you can use to create unlimited numbers of sub domains like a Blogging Forum, tool or services Page. Your blog would load much faster than before and would grow more popular amongst the readers and daily visitors.

You can create a separate webpage for any purpose you may like. For example: You can create a uniquely designed webpage for each of your Ebook promotion or any other product promotion. You can do everything that pro bloggers have been doing so far.

I am using Free Wordpress, How would it effect me?

You can easily transfer your posts to your self hosted Wordpress blog with the help of agents. HostGator guys provide great support for Wordpress and the community is always more  helpful in your case. You will have all the privileges that I explained for a blogger user.

Note: Incase you needed premier help in redirecting your Free Wordpress to Paid Wordpress without losing traffic and ranking then you may please contact us via our Services Page

Will Domain Migration Effect my Ranking or Traffic?

Surely not! You can migrate your domain from your current registrar to HostGator within a week and during this time your website would work just normal. It wont stop working or show a no server found error. The transfer never effects your traffic or ranking. Since you are not changing your domain address and just the company who owned your domain therefore all your backlinks will still point to you and you can continue enjoying the PageRank Juice.

However if you are using then your website will go down for just 24 hours till your DNS settings are propagated successfully. We had informed our readers when MBT was about to Go down for a day. Luckily things proved more easy then we expected thanks to the sincere help of HostGator Agents.

How much will it cost me?

It will cost you less than $100 per year! Imagine you waste more than $100-$200 per month on your stomach and accessories, a small budget can build your entire future career. I have share below discount Coupon codes that you can use to get up to 25% discount on your hosting plan.


Ready To Become a Webmaster?


If you have made up your mind just like me and wish to start experiencing the lifestyle of a webmaster for less than $100 per year then the details below is what you must understand and apply the sooner possible:

HostGator Hosting Plans

There are three business plans that HostGator offers which are:

1. Hatchling Pan

  • Single Domain
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • Starting at $6.71/month   Which means $107 per year   This will decrease further after applying our 25% discount coupon

2. Baby Plan   (The plan that we use)

  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • Starting at $8.96/month  which means $143 per year. Would further decrease with Discount coupon

3. Business Plan  (Obviously Not for bloggers)

  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • FREE Private SSL & IP
  • FREE Toll Free Number
  • Starting at $12.71/month  which means $203 per year. Would further decrease with Discount coupon

I used Hatchling plan for running this blog and I will highly recommend it if you are planning to run just one domain on a single HostGator account. If you have more than one blogs/domains than Baby plan is a much profitable hosting plan for you. We are planning to launch a new blog so we will be upgrading to baby plan because we can run two blog networks on a single account for less than $76 per year which is just amazing. This amount will further decrease thanks to discount coupons.

Update: We are using baby plan now!


Use Hatchling if you want to run just one Domain

Use Baby if you are planning to open more domains in future.

For How Many Years Should You Register?

Register your domain for no less than 3 years. If your register for Less than three years suppose 1 year or 2 years, then it would cost you more because higher discounts are given only when you register for a minimum of three years. We registered our blog for 3 years and I advise the same for you. Higher Discount Coupon codes do not apply for less than three years.

Once your registration expires after three years, you can then easily renew it. They wont terrify you with deadlines.

25% Discount Coupon Codes

If you register now using the coupon code below during the sign up process you will get 25% discount on any hosting plan you choose. You can enjoy free first 7 months with the following discount codes:

discount with coupon

Straight $26.85 Discount ! Apply for at least 3 years!

Click this link and try it.


If you are buying a hosting for just one year then using the following coupon will give you $9.94 OFF.

Click this link and try it.


Note: Get Higher Discount with this Updated Coupon


We will make sure to share higher discount coupon codes in coming days.

How To Transfer Your Current Domain To HostGator?

Domain transfer is amazingly free. HostGator did not charged us for Domain transfer unlike other web hosting companies that charge around $28 for a domain transfer. You may confidently proceed for Hatchling or baby plan. During the process if you needed any help you can always contact us or post your relevant queries in the comment box below.

Wish you a happy blogging career. Peace and blessings pals. :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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    Thanks alot yaara I really like your ideas and writing style.MashaALLAH you are really a nice guy.....

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  2. Dear Admin, I bought my domain name from because it accepts payments from alertpay and moneybookers, there customer service is also much better, but now I want know that should I purchase Hosting service from them or not, because Hostgator, do not accept payments from alertpay or moneybookers guide me please.

  3. Another perfect post! If it wasnt for you i would have lost hope in blogging long back. But now slowly i am growing on account of the patience you have taught me to keep while blogging and the consistency too.. I am impressed by the hosting plans and want to ad a forum to my blog too. You mentioned that we can create forum softwares from hostgator but i literally do not know any of the technical part not even html! I rely on you fully for that. So before i buy could you tell me that does forum creation require any skills? It is a very big decision for me to spend even $50 so please guide me.

    1. There is a auto-installer script (called Fantastico) that is available in cPanel provided by Hostgator. From this script, you can auto install forum applications like phpBB, etc. So you don't need coding knownledge for that. Hope that helped.

  4. It will be great if you can write a detailed post for blogger blog transfer to Hostgator. I will like to sign under your id for hostagtor plan as we intend shifting our website to hostgator after your advice.

    Secondly, can you tell how hostgator will decrease loading time as compared to blogger.

  5. Hello Sir, thank you for this post, I am impressed and I am convinced to get the hosting plan.

    I just want to clear one more question as I want to get the plan as early as now.

    My domain will expire on July, can I still have the hosting plan ealier this month or next month?

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  11. @IM
    My pleasure brother. You can read about be through the About Us Page :)

    You can buy hosting from anywhere you wish but what matters is not the price, its the customer and community support. If the customer service is poor with no instant live chat support then you will have to wait for days to get things done. Further just the way we are guiding bloggers towards hostgator, a lot of people are busy in doing the same. Thus HostGator has great support from everywhere and it is slowly becoming a popular choice. If you face any problem tomorrow with a local web host then may be you will have to face many troubles in finding solution to your problems because popular blogs do not write on web hosts that are not globally recognized.

    Unfortunately both alertpay and money bookers are not accepted but you can find a lot of help regarding another way of payment through credit cards by read this.
    Hope this helps pal. :>

    @Harsh Shah
    There can be no greater achievement on my part other than this. I am glad the tutorials and what ever shared so far is proving helpful to you harsh.
    Harsh when it comes to Technical skills, anyone who can understand Blogspot tutorials and implement it on his blog will find Forum and all other stuff extremely easy. I wont let you all confused. I have included web hosting in my category now. So I will be sharing tons on tutorials on how to create forums, blogs, web pages, 404 error pages and a lot more on hostgator. I wont keep any secret with me. Whatever I would learn and apply I will share it a long. And as a loyal reader you will always be helped and provided special help. I am still working on Forum because unless we find the easiest possible way, we never share a tutorial with readers.
    You can confidently make a better decision for tomorrow, MBT and all its resources and tutorials will serve you along. :)

    Make 2012 a year to make things right and practical. The only secret of a successful blogging career lies in writing and maintaining daily post frequency. Write on Social media and technology and write on hot topics around the globe. Traffic depends solely in your hands and your method of approach to it.

    We just published How To Transfer Domain Name To HostGator For Free?

    After getting a web host you can save your Javascript and jquery files inside your HostGator account. You can create a php contact form, you can add web pages and a lot more to your blog. Since all these files and pages will be linked to your domain and your own web hosting account and not pointing to several third party servers/sites, thus the browser will find and load your files at a much faster rate making your blog to load the fastest it can.

    Please let us know if you needed more help :>

    @Prime Aque

    Yes you can apply. I have mentioned in my latest post that only those domains can't be transferred which are just 2 months old. Plus after signup you will get a free additional 1 year domain hosting as a gift from hostgator.

    Most welcomed pal. :>

    @Haider Afridi

    The current one can become more enjoying for your readers and visitor if you open a Forum. I am sure a lot of people will register. I have chosen a design for your blog. Do contact and remind me. :)

  12. This spirit of you to share everything is what makes me a big fan of yours. thank you for guiding me properly. I would wait for my blog to grow a bit so that i can sponsor my hosting from it.By then i think you would have written tutorials for forums too so it would be the right time for me to buy the hosting plan.Will that be correct to do?

  13. @Harsh
    Always welcomed pal. And patience is always fruitful. No hurry, web hosting can be purchased anytime you want. Focus on your readership and make sure you see big changes each month. No matter whatever be the topic of your blog always write on social media in order to attract some traffic. This way your readership will slowly increase and get more established over time.

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    if i do this will blogger can still delete my blog or they cant ? becuase i have my own hosting n domain :| and even im not hosting any pirated file im just pasting links which i get 4m other hosting site ?

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  23. Hey man I have a question about hosting. I have been running my website for 3 years now and have always used shared hosting however I've been getting significant traffic numbers now and been see in that the load time for my main website is getting slower. My hosting is due for renewal tomorrow and I am looking at other options. I use hostgator and am not great with the website technicals so don't want to switch however would upgrading to a VPS Server make my site that much faster or do you have any suggestions? Would be much appreciated I read your articles and all great info so if you wouldn't mind emailing me your advice at it would be much appreciated. Thanks man, hope to hear from you soon!

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    Although it seems that since the posts are saved in database and not as a file, we should be fine. Would love to hear more about inodes, if you can.


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