Happy New Year With Warm Wishes - What We achieved in 2011?

happy new year 2012

Wishing you all a happy new year and a splendid memorable year ahead. Can't believe how quickly time passes, with every blink of a eye time changes colors. Every new year brings surprises with it and every human has his own reserved portion. I just hope the coming happenings should bring love, serenity, success and joy for all of you. Year 2011 was the toughest year for me keeping in view both my family and career. I lost a gem, but at the same time I grew more responsible and thankful for everything around. I learnt to respect and love my dear ones around. I learnt to give first priority to family, second to career and third to friends because everyone respects an established companion so make sure dear brothers that you are not wasting your precious time and remain busy with your struggle for survival.

MBT's achievements so far

I was and am a peanut blogger who learns and shares at the same time. I remember the days back in 2009 when I was begging to God to see a single comment posted at my blog but God is in fact more Generous than we can imagine. Today with over 12000+ readership (Social media + Subscribers) I find it difficult to do justice with numerous comments and love letters posted daily.

Every professional Blogger loves to share his income reports with his readers, I would rather stick to my principles and would instead share what changes did blogging brought around me. Numbers and figures do never make someone big or small what matters is the happiness that you drive out of your endeavors.

Following are some highlights of changes to my Family life:

  1. This year I managed to financially support my elder brother for three months with his Fabrics Business. He couldn't managed to pay heavy bills so I got the opportunity to offer my help as a thanksgiving for all his love and care that turned me into a man that I am today. The finance helped him with three months utility bills, Area Rent and wages to his salesmen.
  2. Managed to give a proper burial to my brother Mohammad Shareef who was martyred this year.
  3. Our little kitty sis's wedding is ahead and thankfully I can play my part as an elder brother to help her with wedding expenditures. I agreed to buy her any dress and jewelry she would wish to buy. 
  4. Mom's monthly expenditure along with all my university expenses from books to clothing, shopping, gadgets, utility bills and other costs, anything you name is paid by this little blog.

Sources of earnings:

  1. BuysellAds
  2. Direct Ads
  3. Web Designing Services

Following are some highlights of Technical goals achieved:

  1. MBT became the only non official Blogger Blog with highest alexa Rank in August with a value: 10,282 Alexa Rank. Current value is 11,878 which of course has dropped due to my university exams and my health after the appendix operation. We will push it again with your help and support inshAllah.
  2. MBT was added to Largest Human Edited Web Directory DMOZ and this gave us the status of Top5 Google Blog Publishers.
  3. When Google+ was launched back in July 2011, MBT's first breaking news made it appear in Google, Yahoo and Bing for over two months despite Mashable's and Techcrunch strong SMO backup. We successfully sent more than 450 new invites within a month. Some Golden search terms were: "How To Join Google Plus?" and  "Join Google+" Probably the highly searched terms at that time when  people where crazy to explore this new social media giant.

google+ searched terms

      4.   Facebook Video Calling   was another new name in search market that made competition more tougher. Mashable and Techcrunch tried every simple formula to turn the Traffic wave towards their networks for this keyword but we were blessed again for being the only blog Alhamdulillah that appeared next to Facebook's official announcement for more than 4 months and it still managed to survive.

facebook video calling

NOTE: These keywords are not ordinary words, they are direct, straight product names and without a strong SMO backup ranking high for these search terms is not easy. MBT was lucky in these cases and somehow quick in responding to news updates. The purpose of sharing this info is to make it clear that Google is really generous if you play your game logically.

   5.   Expanded MBT's network with web hosting and now more exciting resources could be availed for free download along with tons of new widgets and templates. This blog is hosted at blogger.com for free but its sub domains are hosted at hostagtor

Launching Services Demo Page

We had plans to launch a blogger forum where off-topic questions could be openly discussed and where you could interact more openly with each other and grow this beautiful community even more with your unique ideas and sharings but unfortunately I was flooded with guests from every corner at home and could not manage to present it to you today so we instead worked on the services page and designed its main page which is still under development. Have a look at some of the services that we will be offering to interested readers from January 2012 onwards.

blogger services

Managed to create a 404 error page too. Add your name next to this link and see a 404 redirect:


404 error pages can not be added to blogger blogs because blogspot files are hosted at blogger and you can not access the web server for it. Though you can create 404 error pages for sub domains of your blogger blogs. Like we did.

404 error page in Blogger


The forum will be released very soon inshAllah. It will be a lot more fun solving all your technical problems via a forum where we would be able to even laugh and joke openly.

New Year Resolutions?

I have made up my mind to control my anger as much as I can. Most of my friends suggest that I should. :p What are your new year resolutions? What exciting goals did you achieve?

Wish you all a successful and happy life ahead. Be kind to your loved ones, honest to your God, caring to your family and loyal to your friends. Continue blogging with more determination and keep learning and applying. Don't get frustrated, your efforts do surely pay. Keep pushing yourself and don't give anyone the chance to say that you can't do it. You are a gem that the world still needs to discover. Let us all benefit from you as much as possible. Peace and blessings be upon you all dear brothers and sisters. Happy new year 2012! :)

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  1. happy new yeear for all readers i hope that this site be on rank 1000 on alexa and 7 at google at the end of this year

  2. i will also like to ask a question how much did you pay for your domain yearl now with hostgrator and why dont you make forums and some other good things

  3. happy new year mustafa, may Allah bless you with all the thing,joy and wishes you want this year.

  4. Great news Mohd_ its awesome and best wishes for 2012.

    Have an look at my Forums- KrackoWorld's Forums- An Hackers Community



  5. i am sorry another question why do you use buy sell ads and not adsella as it pays 90% not 70 as buy sell ads

    sorry for lot questions

  6. First of all Thank You for all your efforts towards the blogger community.. I really appreciate it.. And the best thing that the services you are going to launch this year.. Will be waiting desperately for it.. Congrats and Best Of Luck for ahead..

  7. 1- Your achievements have made us all proud whether be it your family life or your professional one. No doubt :D
    2- We just cant wait to see the new additions in MBT, especially the services page which you told earlier that you're pretty much satisfied designing it.
    3- Yes, control your anger please. Your friends are right :P

    Amna Masood

  8. Keep the smile, Leave the tear, Think of joy, Forget the fear, Hold the laugh, Leave the pain, Be joyous, Coz it’s new year! Happy New Year!

  9. @Ahmed

    Thanks pal. Those prayers mean a lot. Hostgator charges less than $50 per year. BSA ads are now a standard just like Adsense where you find healthy advertisers. Most internet marketing companies choose BSA for advertising their products. Did you get you answer for your query regarding godaddy in this post? :)

    Thank you buddy. Wish you joy and happiness. :>

    Thank you karan and all the best to you too for this new year. :)

    No words to pay my gratitude. :)
    You didn't mentioned your new year resolution? :p

    Propably the best way to wish. Thanks faiz. Your new year resolution? :>

  10. Happy New Year Mustafa Bhai u r my Inspiration :)

  11. hi good day !happy new year to you! i was touch by the gesture and kindness you did with your family .In return the kindness you give brings good back to you!You taught us many new techniques that me as a new blogger learned so much from your blog. Hope you will continue to do so that we would learned the basic and the how to in blogging.More power and happy new year to you and to your family.I'm pinaynanay.

  12. Happy new year mohmmad and all other blogger around the world


  14. Wishing you the same bro...May this Year brings more happiness than before And keep going and keep sharing your Knowledge with Us :)

  15. Happy New year Dear Friend.....

  16. Brother Mohd.
    Wish you a blessed year .May the gracious hand of Lord be always on you ,guiding and taking you in path of success,peace,happiness and bless you with love of all the loved one's.
    Warm wishes
    Sister Manisha and Family .

  17. Wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012.
    Wishes for your new year resolution and other dreams too.

    My new year resolution is to correct the mistakes made in 2011 (I made a lot) and be happy.

  18. ..wow!!! great!!! keeping doin ua good work!!! hatzz off & all the best!!!

  19. Happy New Year Mohammad...
    From your sweet Bro :)

  20. I would suggest you to go for Mybb forums, in that you have full flexibility and you can earn by selling premium accounts (upgrade of account in forum) for eg. Premium members will get free downloads of templates etc. Just gave an idea, its up to you ;) Thanks for everything, thanks for sending the monop template and wish you a very warm and happy new year !

  21. Happy new year Mohammad. you are indeed a great human being
    lots of people are learning from you.keep rocking.


  22. Hi Bro. May all dreams in your eyes, all desires in your heart and all hopes in your life blend together to give you the most Happiest New Year

  23. Happy New Year to Every one!

    May Allah bless all of us, and this year will be full of joy and happiness with this great blog. it is my 35 days since i have been introduced to Mybloggertricks.com and i have never missed any post, i read every single word and follow the steps to apply it to my own blog DeluxePages. and as you can see that my blog looks very good, all this because of mustafa Ahmadzai and mybloggertricks guest writers. but as i said i am completly new to blogger so i am facing some problem in SEO webmaster tools with a crawl error 'Restricted by robots.txt' i delet all my labels when i had 235 errors and i got a great trraffic from google search engine but affter 2 days i only had 7 searches from google and when i saw at my webmaster tool i had 472 error what could be the cause. hoppfully mr Ahmadzai or any other guest writter will write a full post on this situation because i have seen many people facing and are confused with the same problem.

    Thank you.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Assalamualikum Ahmed bhai, wish you a happy new year 2 u. i want to ask you a solution for you post 6 easy ways to customize heading style. i have a problem, i have used dotted lines up and down like yours. but sometimes the text between the two dotten lines become smaller and sometimes bigger , sometimes liter. it also gives more spaces. please give me a setting to put default font,size . please give me settings like yours.yours text between dotted lines are perfect but my are showing sometime smaller or sometime bigger , your help will be really appreciated. this is my blog qayyumhackingarticles.blogspot.com. Allah hafiz

  26. First of all Congratulations to Mohammad....for the tremendous achievement. But i believe that this achievement was only possible due to a lot of hard work which you put in this blog....

    Once again... Congrats.....

    Keep growing...

  27. congrats for your achievements


  28. happy new year sir...and thanks of all your help.Godbless

  29. Mohammad bro,
    It gives me pleasure to see the success of MBT, the blog from which I learned the fun in blogging and that blogging is not just about money. You taught us the very basics of coding and helped us make our own money! My parents were totally surprised to see my adsense check. Forgot to tell you about that. There is one more on the way too! ;-) Thanks bro for that. Visiting ur blog is more like an addiction these days with all the good posts.

    Good to hear that you are starting services. Hope you will lend a helping hand to your loyal readers ofcourse for free just like at MBT.

    At the beginning of this wonderful year, i took a strong decision to study hard so that I can enter the National Institute of technology to persue my engineering degree on electronics. Its a very hard journey. But i think success will come my way if I work hard becos god can see it.

    Happy new year bro
    Sorry for the big comment :-)

  30. @yahya
    An honour pal. :)


    Thanks a tone for this lovely feedback. These techniques mean nothing without loyal readers like you pal. :>

    @Vanil, @Manoj @Varindar, @Govind, @Ashkar
    Thanks for that positive gestures buddies. I am overwhelmed with joy. :d

    @ Manisha
    Sis your sincere wishes have always strengthen me further. Thank you for always being there. :) Happy new year to those naughty kids at home and to you and your loved ones.

    Thank you khalid, means a lot. God bless ya. :>

    @Nirmal Kumar
    That is indeed a great new year resolution. I wish you live to it buddy. :)

    @Gauthme, @Admin
    Thank you brothers. Wish you a blessed year. :>

    Buddy I just realized that I have not replied your mail. I will write a detailed reply just now. wish you just happiness and success. Thanks for always being a great support bhavesh. :))

    I will surely check it buddy. Not very convinced with phpbb. Thank you for this great suggestion, I needed it! :d Happy new year pal.

    You are great yourself for your kind compliments. Thanks buddy. :>

    I am sue year 2011 was really hectic for you. I wish 2012 turns out to be filled with great success and joy for you brother. Thanks for your kind support always. :)

    Thank you urora for all the great wishes. :)
    I read carefully whateevr you asked and I guess the following post can provide you with a quick solution do let me know if it worked. Solve GoogleSitemap errors in webmasterhelp
    Always welcomed buddy. :>

    @Syed Abdul Qayyum

    Buddy paste the following code inside your template just above ]]>

    .post h3 {
    border-top:1px dotted #0080ff;
    border-bottom:1px dotted #0080ff;

    Use h3 tags to make those headlines appear. It will work just perfect. Happy new year :>

    @Ayush Chand
    I am honored dear bro. You are one of our loyal readers who will always be treated like no other. Thank you for your heart winning comment and kind remarks. And of course services will always be free for people like yourselves. Those premier servives are intended for new subscribers and visitors and I would try my best to treat you guys first. You are in my list pal. :)

    I wish that you make it to your favourite National Institute of Technology. May God bless you with success and smoothen the path for you for your endeavors. God bless buddy. :>

  31. @Syed Abdul Qayyum

    I meant this code ]]></b:skin>

  32. you are doing a great work and i'm sure you have many more successes in years ahead!keep going!

  33. Well done bro keep it up well i need your favour actually i am getting problem in embedding anything new page in blogger.When i tries to embed any nabble forum or tal.ki forum or any other embeddable thing then it shows nothing and it also not showing iframes.There might be a prblem with template but i don't want to change the template.So please help.See this page where i try to embed nabble forum bt it shows loading http://fortechguys.blogspot.com/p/help-forum.html#/