Simple Ways To Edit a PDF Document

PDF Editing TRicksSeries 2 Completed!
Today’s post was aimed to describe miscellaneous features of PDF documents. When I started writing about it, I felt that I am too much inclined towards PDF format and as if am writing a review for it. I was wrong; I should give you the choice to decide what’s right for you rather than promoting PDF. Finally, I decided to find out some of the most common features available in almost all PDF creator tools and check if they are available in Microsoft Word or not, since MS Word is widely used for making documents.


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Watermark is a text which is printed behind every page of the document or as per selected pages. This is usually the company’s name, author name or any such identifiable text which represent that this document belongs to that particular entity.


Bookmarks are assigned to different pages and they are used as ‘jumps’ .i.e. you can click on a particular bookmark ,let’s say, ’Chap6’(which is at page 75).And you are brought to page 75.You can assign as many bookmarks as you feel important because they enhance readability.

Password Protection:

You can assure secure transference of your documents from one place to another by protecting it with password. And if password is mistakenly lost, it results in the loss of document. Because, there is no way of recovering password.

Page navigation:

Well, readability is made quite user friendly through this option. If you are reading a book of 400 pages and you need to go at page 175. Simple, enter page number in the navigation bar and you are there. Saves you to scroll up and down to find where you left last time.


You are more likely to highlight important points in the text or manipulate the text in your own words via sticky note. Don’t worry; option is always there to allow you doing so.

Sending Via e-mail:

You can send your documents online directly without using any e-mail accounts. Just need to make an account on Word or Adobe etc.
Fortunately, all these options are already present in MS Word. So it is your time to decide what is suitable for viewing documents and which one is better for editing. Before wrapping up the series we thought it’s important to share something about editing PDF documents .Remember, PDF documents are meant for viewing and not editing. If you wish to edit them, you are required to download special editing software for it.

PDF Fill PDF Editor:

It is a freeware available at PDFill. But, it does not work on Mac or Linux. It installs free Sun Java virtual machine for which you may have to turn off your antivirus. So, I rejected my idea of trying it and looked for some easy installations.


InfixInfix comes in three different editions and work as a word processor. It is an easy to use tool and you can get it from DOWNLOAD INFIX.
Select Start -> All Programs ->InFix PDF editor (Folder) ->InFix PDF editor.
Click File -> Open. Select document you want to add.
I selected Professional Mode.
If you want to edit some text, select Tools->Text Tool. You can now easily click anywhere on the page and insert or delete text.
For formatting text, you may enjoy options given in ‘Text’. If you want to insert a new page, click Document -> Pages ->Insert New.
Interested in adding watermarks? Document ->  Watermark -> Add.
You may want to secure your document using the same option.

PDF Escape:

PDF EscapeTired of downloading software, installations and unread agreements? This is the right option for you. You just need to have an active internet connection with java script enabled.
Your account is opened. You may register there and enjoy your account else you can also use it as unregistered user, like me.   
The next window that appears asks you if you want to create a file or work with existing ones. I went for already created documents.
I selected upload PDF file and it asked me to add file.
You can insert text, images or form field from the choices given in the left side.
I selected to insert some text. Although, I did not find it satisfactory still you can give it a try. You can even add sticky notes or highlight text etc.
Still not satisfied? Try a different option. Convert PDF into any other format, preferably .docx format so that you are not troubled to download one software for editing texts, the other one to add passwords and still more to do other things. Why not convert it once and enjoy all the features provided by Word … an excellent word processor program.

PDF to Word:

You can access PDF to Word Converter at PDFtoword. It allows to you convert a file online or download the software for later use, with a trial version of 14 days. I tried it online. You just need to add the file, enter your email address and click on ’Convert to Word’. Your converted document is sent through e-mail.

If in case you want more help with editing PDF and want to know how to edit PDF on windows or MAC then you should check out this comprehensive guide to editing PDFs, where you can learn A-Z of PDF editing from removing a password from PDF file to adding a signature to your PDF and you can find even some interesting tricks such as converting an image to PDF and vice versa.

Series Completed:

The series on PDF Tricks has been officially ended by MBT with the publication of this post. If you want us to write more on PDF tricks, you may give us suggestions and the topics you are interested in. We will highly appreciate your feedback pals.
Stay blessed!
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Guest post by Aiman Khan. MBT's regular contributor

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    well i saw that option in 'Apex All in One PDF Tools'.But to make it password protected, you need to buy that tool.For details about it you may like to read our post 'How to Merge PDF documents'.
    If you are using Infix PDF Editor, open your document in professional mode.
    In the menu bar, click Document-> Security. Change the security level according to your choice. I changed it to Acrobat 3 onwards.You can then set password and specify authority of the person who has the password.

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