Post "Blog Tweets" To Facebook Automatically

send blog tweets to facebookIntegrating your RSS Feed with both twitter and facebook is really important so that your articles may be circulated as much as possible to drive new visitors to your blog. At present FEED integration is not possible with google+ but I am sure we will find a way for it too very soon. If you visit MBT's Facebook Fan Page then you can observe Twitter tweets on my wall. Those tweets doesn't only contain post updates from this blog but also contain my normal daily life sharings with loyal readers. In today's tutorial we will not only learn how to connect your RSS or Atom Feeds to twitter but we will also learn how to connect twitter to Facebook. This is the normal way that we apply to circulate MBT updates. Lets do it then!


Connect Blog Feed To Twitter

twitter FeedFor doing this we need a free server that may handly all the fuss. It will also give your detail analysis of the impressions made on your feed links shared on twitter. TwitterFeed is the only client which is now serving more than Four million RSS feeds

  1. Create an account at twitterfeed
  2. And follow the easy instructions there
  3. They will ask you to submit your twitter username. Your twitter username is actually your twitter profile title. In my case my twitter URL is  So mybloggertricks is my username.
  4. During the process they will also ask you to submit your blog RSS link. Provide them with your feedburner link which looks something like this,

This is all data that you will need to successfully connect your blog RSS to Twitter.

Connect Twitter To Facebook

This step is extremely easy. Simply  follow these steps:

  1. Log in your Twitter account
  2. Go To Settings
  3. You will see tabs like

connect twitter to facebook

     4.   Choose the Profile tab

     5.  On that page just under bio you will see the option to connect Twitter to Facebook.

connecting twitter to facebook

     6.   Click connect to give Twitter an access to your Facebook account. You can either connect twitter to your Facebook profile or Facebook fan page. If you have a blog or site then connect it to your Fan page.

       7.   Finally hit the Save button and you are all done!

Write a new message of 140 characters on twitter and tweet it. You will find it appearing on your Fan page. Next whenever you write a new blog post, it will automatically get posted on both your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Keep playing, Have fun! :)

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  1. great tutorial very simple to understand. Thanks keep posting. :)

  2. Thanks for this tutorial. But how many blogs' RSS can we connect to the TwitterTweet account?

  3. hello every body i like this post ...but i use that twitter feed already can work good on twitter but not so much facebook ...........when you apply on facebook it miss some content ....i suggest you that use RSS Graffiti ...its own facebook new creation ........80% better for facebook or twitter .............thanks

  4. i m already using one like that , which post to my facebook page what i post to twitter

  5. if you want to post selected tweets only to facebook then there's a nice application named selective tweet which only posts tweets which ends with hashtag #FB

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  6. I need some help, i have placed custom follower counter on my blog but want to alighn it as urs u can check it here:

  7. @Joseph
    One account can be used for one RSS feed only else no one would prefer following the tweet buddy. :)

    @total clicks
    Indeed that would work best and it is a great way but then you can not apply other great mobile phone options to facebook like this one: Send SMS To Both Twitter and Facebook at one go!

    YOu are always a step ahead great man. :)

    It is perfectly aligned pal. How else would you align it?:>

    @Atif @varinder @manoj
    My pleasure pals :))

  8. thnx for your answer but i fixed it Before i was not using table tag so counter appear below facebook icon and it was not looking good.

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