Why We Migrated this Blogger Blog To Hostgator?

migrate blogger to hostgatorMBT went down yesterday for 24 hours because we have made some major improvements to how this blog will operate  in future. I would like to thank everyone for their consistent feedback and for bearing with us during this maintenance. We are in no way interested in upgrading it to Wordpress or any other platform. This blog will remain hosted at Blogger and all its posts, image data and feeds will keep on operating from Blogger.com servers. I personally took this huge risk of transferring MybloggerTricks.com domain from its previous registrar to HostGator because I wanted to add some new features to this little blog. Readership is increasing and I am not able as an individual to do justice with dozens of queries posted everyday. We are looking forward to build an active, lively and useful community for newbie bloggers.  In order to bring more exciting ways of improving the standard of blogspot blogs we needed extra storage space and sub domains. All this is possible with an extra premium space where we can save our resources and introduce new online tools. In order to make this possible we transferred our domain to Hostgator and purchased an extra space.


What Do We Mean by Migrating To Hostgator?

Blogger provides free hosting service. You don't need to pay for uploading your posts and images. Everything is free for every user except a custom domain and extra space for storing your external files like JavaScript, Flash, HTML pages etc. A normal Google blog has the following similar URL:


When you buy a custom domain like .com or .net. It gets branded with a more professional look like this,

xyz.com   or xyz.net   or   xyz.org


Now that was just a domain purchase but what if you are looking to open a forum or a service page for your blog? You need subdomains for that, which means you need web hosting for those new pages. Following URLs are examples of sub domains,




We needed a reliable web host which could provide us with  domain hosting as well as web hosting. I researched deeply which web host to choose. Every hosting company was offering something new and exciting but I was looking for a webhost with great customer service. Finally we chose Hostgator due to their excellent developed servers, online reputation and extremely friendly customer service. I can't thank enough the technical support provided by Hostgator's live chat service. Whether it was about DNS settings or understanding how to use the Cpanel, the agents were extremely helpful. They chatted with me for hours during the transfer and helped me with everything I needed. All this  technical help was offered for free. In fact I learnt a lot from these conversations and can now confidently guide you all with every technical detail that you may need to take your simple Blogger blog to the next level.

Our Commitment

I never called this blog mine and this is one reason I mostly avoid saying "I" and rather prefer saying "We". This blog is running thanks to kind readers like you. If there is anything that gives me more happiness then it is "Helping you with your problems". We have been asked several times that why don't we upgrade this Blog to Wordpress. My answer always remained simple. "Blogger provides us with everything we need then why transfer and waste money?" Blogger has highly secured servers with 24 hours run time, free unlimited image storage and video storage capacity. Yes Wordpress is very good because there are thousands of developers producing something new each day and I respect that. So far for this blogging level, Blogger has provided us with all facilities and we will keep on educating newbie bloggers with new exciting tutorials, widgets, templates and resources as long as we can. We wont abandon you by making a migration to a different platform. We will always work hard and serve you to the best of our potential. In my coming posts, my main focus will be discussing the technical details of this network expansion. Thanks for turning this simple blog into a great community. Peace and blessings pals! :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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  1. All the best dear friend. Useful information.

  2. lol, you should've told about MBT domain. in fact everyone was thinking about platform migration :)

  3. MBT is best ! and will grow more and more ALL THE BEST !!!!

  4. Huge change, congratulations:-) Best wishes on the new domain.

  5. It means that we can not have a sub domain in blogger like say services.xyz.com. We would request you to do some research for uploading of a PHP file in blogger.

  6. Can you tell me that how can I set up my Own Forum service on my website, while my website is hosted on blogger what will I have to do?

  7. Congrats Bro!!!

    But the site is not loading on my side from past two days. I am checking the blog's cached copy.

    And in the last section of the post you said blogger provides UNLIMITED Image storage and video storage?? Isn't it just 1GB for images through picasa?? I don't no about video's though..

  8. Hope it serves your purpose... I'm greatly thankful to you for your educating posts which helps me understanding various widget coding and programming stuff. Thanks again :-)

  9. choosing a sub-domain and use it for forum is a best idea for you..Thanks for sharing with us...

  10. One thing that i love about this blog is the owner share every thing.
    this is why i am a daily visitor of this blog.
    can't express my love for this blog.
    MMA The Champ

  11. Congratulation dear MBT owner i like to c you higher and higher Best wishes with you

  12. I hope you publish a tutorial how to make a sub domain in blogger. And is it possible to have different page layout? But same counter of pageviews.

  13. thats very good , I m also going to transfer my website and domain , from one hosting to another , coz i have a bandwidth problem with the my old hosting company they provide expensive services , you was lucky coz it take 24 hours , i will be transfer but i also have to transfer the whole website , not only the domain so its little difficult there are databases which are to be set properly , soon i will be on the new host

  14. Congrats Mohammad.What to you mean by sub domains?

  15. one more thing Mohammad.I wanted to ask about this sticky bar at the top.You have given a tutorial on displaying and closing it.How if the user is given the choice to display and hide it at his/her will?.Means do not close it...just hide it.

  16. very useful info, thanks a lot, merry xmas to you

  17. Thank you pals for your consistent motivation. I don't have words to thank you guys enough. I have kept some surprises for you all in this new year and I hope it will be warmly welcomed as always. This includes a Forum. :)

    With subdomains you can add any script or programming language like php to your page but it can't be added to blogger as it runs on XML.

    @mairaj @manuel
    As soon as I launch a forum this month I will share complete guide of it pal. Request patience on this :)

    Yes I recorded your query will post that soon.

    Yeh correct but Photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't count towards the free 1GB storage. Which means unlimited storage for Google+ and Blogger. :)

    @admin @abrar @saurav @tahr @ndark @ashkar @apache

    It meant a lot. :)

    It will take at most 15 days pal. The sooner you do the better it is. :>

    We will need to add a Jquery option to it. Yes we can do that too. I will be releasing future versions of it very soon. There is a lot we can add to it. Thanks for your feedback. :)

    Forgive me if I missed replying someone.

  18. i have some thing to ask ! THis is not about the topic . can we download our post from blogger.com . ?

  19. i think that go daddy is better why did not you use it
    you can convert your blogger to custom domain with 7$/year and then you can add 90 cnames and you can upgrade after for premium dns for unlimited cnames

    i would like to know your answer about this question

  20. I also migrate from blogspot to .COM this month. I lost my PR and Alexa ranking. It was a great sacrifice.

    Wish you well.

  21. Hi Friend, your words "We are in no way interested in upgrading it to WordPress or any other platform". May I know dear y you didn't like to upgrade this blog to WordPress?

  22. Hello Mohammad,
    How are you brother? i am commenting after long time on MBT. firstly i thought you are moving to wordpress but your are a blogger lover. but really nice idea to expand the network of MBT and bring more and more for the newbie bloggers.
    Congratulation on moving to HG and now waiting for more surprises from your side.

    Have a good day.

  23. As a blogger why to migrate into wordpress. Blogger is best. Thanks for share this great info.

  24. Hi Mohammad,
    Glad to hear you had a smooth transition,
    Got there to learn HTML and blogging,
    Got to say you are

  25. The above link by androidsoft has been reported to malicious content, viruses & spam by Web of Trust (WOT). Please proceed at your own risk.

    Thank You

  26. I have a blogger blog and I do want to keep using blogger but get a custom domain and host it somewhere. I read on the hostgator faq that there's no real way to transfer the site from Blogger to their hosting and you will need to use Wordpress :(. Can you tell mem what's the best thing to do?

  27. Hi. As a blogger I've always been interested on new things and this blog has helped a lot. I would like to ask you if this layout/template you are using was created for blogger. I am a bit confused with these things so bare with me. You still user blogger.com to write your posts and all, right?

    I have a blog with its own domain, www.caesarlivenloud.com, and would like to change the layout and grow the blog but am always afraid of blogger taking down my blog /i don't post illegal stuff but i've had some take down notifications for just mentioning stuff, like saying an album leaked or saying a video has premiered on other unofficial channels but I did not post). SO my question is do you know how can I migrate or backup all my posts? my xml file is over 70mb of posts and i tried uploading to another blogspot account but it never succeeded.. blogger help never replied me so now I am asking you if you can help me out.

  28. bro you can use free forum providers like forumotion as i had one forum like that for a blog.

    I am not that much enough to give advice to you,as you may already know well about them but i am asking what are the disadvantage of using those free forum.