How To Tag Images in Blogger To Drive Traffic?

Image Optimization TipsLearning the correct and proper way of Optimizing images in blogger or wordpress is a must. Google Image search is used widely for finding quality reference images, icons and photos. From web designers to normal surfers everyone looks for images that could be added to their profiles, desktop, blog posts, projects and etc.  A great percentage of our blog traffic depends on Image search. We add plenty of high quality images to each of our posts in order to catch readers attention but we don’t just add them we TAG them! Search robots can not read multimedia may it be graphic images or flash. An image is meaningless for search spiders if it is not defined(TAGGED). Lets discuss this important SEO lesson in detail.


What is image Tag?

A Tag is simple HTML code that tells search robots what the image is all about. It is the description of image. This Tag is different from the tags that you add to photos in Facebook. Here you must be selective with your choice of rich keywords. Following is an example of a simple image HTML Code:

<img src="IMAGE LINK" />

Adding this code any where in your templates will display an image. When robots scan your content they look for every detail and when they come across you image HTML code they do not recognize what the image is all about. It can't judge if it is an image on SEO Tips or Pizza Recipe. To let robots index each of your images you must add an alt Tag  This alt Tag was introduced by Google so that images could be well described, categorized and indexed. This Tag tells the robot about the purpose of the image. For Example:

<img src="IMAGE LINK" alt="SEO Tips" />

You can see in the above code that the yellow highlighted part tells Search engine spiders that the image being displayed is about "SEO Tips" You just need to add two-three short words to describe your image. Thus alt tag is basically a short HTML code i.e. alt="" and you add the description of image between the inverted commas.

What are Optimized Image Tags?

Just by adding a alt tag to your image code wont turn your image into an optimized one. You should keep the following tips in mind while writing description for your pictures, photos or any image:

  1. Keep Description limited to 4 words. Less is best
  2. Don't write full sentences to describe images. Instead of writing "Best SEO Tips to Optimize Images in Blogspot" Simply Tag it as "Image SEO Tips" or "Optimized Images" or "How To Optimize Images"
  3. Just like not every keyword should be added to Post titles, similarly not every keyword should be added to Image Tags. Brief, Precise and relevant tagged images always score high. Keep it simple as much as possible. Google is smart enough to attach related keywords to your image from your post content.
  4. Always Add an intro image to your posts. I always add an intro image at the start of every post and I tag it sensibly so that the image Tag may clearly synchronize with the post title. Use your best keywords in your intro images
  5. Do not tag images with senseless words. If the image is a screenshot of an installation process step for instance Photoshop. Then instead of writing as "Click settings" or "Click Next" give it a rich tag like "Photoshop Settings" or "Best Photoshop settings"
  6. Tag the image with normal English words and avoid use of special characters like %, $, #, @,&, -, _ etc.


How to add alt Tags To Blogger Images?

Whenever you add a photo to your post editor, always switch to "Edit HTML" mode and find the HTML code for the image which will look like this:

<a href="" ><img src="" /></a>


I know it looks weird but you just need to identify the HTML code of the image which is the highlighted portion. Add the alt tag just after <img as shown below,

<a href="" ><img alt="IMAGE DESCRIPTION" src="" /></a>


This way you will turn your images into a traffic driving source and can expect fair amount of increase in daily visitors just by adopting the habit of Image Tagging.

Need Help?

If you have any questions in mind related to image optimization then feel free to post your comments. I hope this small tutorial may help you in improving your blogging skills. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. You may add also the title="" attribute :

  2. Totally agree with this. Although it's a classic way, it still gives impact for SEO. Also when every time adding 'alt' and 'title' attributes, we're in good pace learning HTML.

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    I really need this. Thanks again.

  4. Very useful info dear friend...
    And may i know that, can we add separate tags or keyword for each post?

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  6. Thanks for this post. I have a question. In blogger when we add an image appears in the html image border= "0" then I change to image alt="SEO Tips" Is this correct or should I just put Alt?

  7. I have two more questions:
    1 - Some posts on the Internet guide to put alt tags in the definition of up to five words separated by commas. On other sites say to just put up to 3 words, just to put the definition in still others say that the orientation of the first five words would be penalized by google. What after all is correct? I will believe in you!
    2 - When I saved an image which is better? separated by underscore (cachorro_desenho_colorindo) separated by a hyphen (dog - drawing - coloring) or separated by a plus sign ( dog + drawing + coloring ). Already saved images on the internet of three ways. What is the best in SEO?

    Sorry so many questions but I'm confused ...

    * Use the google translator, I hope you understand.

  8. This is very nice post and i do alt tagging in my wallpapers blog and within a week i get huge treffic because i have 3000 wallpapers on my blog and i can do alt tags to all my wallpapers.
    Title tag is also better but you should add alt tags to your site or blog because alt is very important.Start alt tagging right now to drive the treffic.

  9. I realized in December a low adsense earnings. Checking on the Panda, many say there is a reordering of places on google and posts without written content would be "demoted" but blogs and walpapers pictures or writing that has little content? I have blogs with images, drawings and wallpapers, so if I have to update thousands of posts and add content writing ... Do you know anything about it?

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  12. It gives me great pleasure when the post prove helpful. Always Welcome everbody. :)

    @Jô Angeℓ

    1. Don't touch other parts in Image HTML simply add the alt tag after img. Make sure to give some space between alt tag and img2. Order of words is not important in image tags but they are in post titles.
    3. Keep word limit to atmost 4 words.
    4. You can add commas or - or + but never add underscores _ while tagging images. For post titles please read: Underscores VS dashes | Which is better?
    5. An alt tag is not a meta Tag for keywords so yes never unnecessary add keywords separated by commas in image tags. Google takes it as keyword stuffing and never appreciates it.

    Google Panda efffects only those sites that has no Quality Content. Content does not necessarily mean Text It can be images, media or anything that you publish online. As long you are not violating copyrights or publishing duplicate content. You are on a safe zone. Yes ofcourse you can publish as many wallpapers or any other image stuff you may need. Mention it in your meta Description that your blog is only about wallpapers. do not publish too many images with just 100 word text on a blog which focuses on stuff other than graphic images.

    Always welcomed for more help.:)

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