6 Best Tips To Identify Scam Websites

imageWhen you are working in online environment, it is not just the hard work that pays. You need to be smart enough to protect yourselves from fraudulent to assure you get paid for your hard work. Especially, when it comes to job and make money online offerings. It is always safer to spend an hour of research rather than becoming fool by some clever scam artists. You may find the following steps useful to determine whether the web is scam or not.




Does the website appear professional in its look? Does it provide a history? It has displayed contact numbers, email addresses and postal addresses of the employers? It is the very basic point to check and does not guarantee the truthfulness of a website. You may check the reviews about it, but at least I do not believe in those reviews.


It is a better idea to Google ‘company’s name’ and try to get any information regarding that company. Why not use a trick? Search it with the keyword ‘xyz scam’ or ‘xyz fraud’. It will bring any fraud reported against that company .I will prefer search through different search engines.

3-No Payments as Fee:

If the company asks you to pay some fee in advance to get a job advice or get hired; stop there. Do you ever pay someone to hire you or it is the employer who pays?

4-Did you Submit Resume?

‘Congratulations! You are our 1000 visitor and you have $10,000 waiting for you. To get your prize, click here’. You must have come across such messages; ignore them. You may also receive any job offering e-mail with an admirable salary package. Hold on, did you submit your request to get a job there?

5-Become rich overnight:

Don’t try shortcuts in any field of life. Those who offer becoming rich overnight are just making fool of you. Ask those who earn millions of dollars per month and read their biographies. Is it really that easy? Start with an acceptable income and make sure that the company pays according to some predefined rules. Like pays per hour or pays per task.


I still prefer to work for only those employers who are recommended and already examined by my friends. If you know the person recommending the job or web site, there’s no harm in checking it.’Elance.com’ is the most widely renowned website for making money online. For more details on finding scam websites and identifying online frauds, you may like to visit ‘www.scambusters.org’. This site totally details with the online scams.
If you know any fraud websites do share with us. We will also appreciate if you share the trusted websites with our readers. Share knowledge and stay safe.

Guest post by Rahmeen Khan. MBT’s silver star contributor

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  1. wow great , i alway get similar kind of website to do for work , but thanks God , i don't pay to any of them .
    one of trusted website is ODESK.com

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