Use Adobe PhotoShop Online!

online photoshop toolEver wanted an online Photo Editor with complete Image Editing options just like Adobe Photoshop CS5? Fortunately I just came across a great online image editing tool by the name Pixlr . It includes all options that photoshop has to offer. You have the option to browse an image from your computer and use effects like Gradient, brush, paint, filter, Engrave and emboss, red eye, blur, smudge etc. You can save the image in high quality formats like BMP, JPEG, PNG and two other new formats. The Image towards left is created using Pixlr.


Some Features

Tool Box

Contains a tool box with every basic photo editing equipment such as color picker, crop tool, selector, gradient, shape tool etc.

tool box


Complete Library Menu

photoshop menu

The Image, Layer, Adjustment and Filter options has sub categories that lets you add several effects to your image. All art and texture effects are included in it. The File option lets you create a custom image or save your end result.

History, Navigator and Layers Windows

layers and navigator

These three windows with several other available under VIEW option lets you take the full benefit of the tool by zooming in and out and going forward and backward to edit and undo the changes.

What's new about it?

It include all features that you would need to create or edit an image or photo or any profile pic you may want. It is very useful when you are in hurry and don't have  Photoshop installed on your system. You can simply visit this website and start playing! I know this tool has many limitations when compared to CS5 and is just a small scale version of the mega Photoshop but its Online usability makes it stand out.

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