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manage sitelinks display

Sitelinks can now easily be controlled and managed via the webmaster dashboard. Sitelinks are links to other pages on your blog or site which appears under the search result for your site. It help users easily navigate deeper into your site. They are generated and ranked algorithmically based on the link structure of your site, and unfortunately not all sites have sitelinks. The number of links appearing below your main homepage link were increased from 8 to 12 but just today I observed that this number has been brought down to six now. I have not heard of any new update though from webmasters blog.


How To Show Sitelinks For BlogSpot blogs?

The easiest answer to this is to add a good Drop down menu to your blog that may link to good internal pages. Next work hard on increasing the number of your backlinks so that your PageRank may increase. Generally blogs with PR>2 are often seen with sitelinks. Therefore to make use of this beautiful two column display of your blog on search results page then you must pay more attention towards better optimizing and maintaining your blog.

How To Control The Sitelinks Display?

Google Displays some of your important pages in two columns where each column contains 6 links on each side making a total of 12. Though from what I see now I think Google has brought down the links number back to 6 from 12. If you don't want a particular link to be displayedi n your sitelinks family then you can surely remove it and Google calls this removal as "Demoting a URL from sitelink"

To do this follow these simple steps,

  1. Sign in to your webmasters account
  2. Go to Site Configuration > Sitelinks
  3. There you will see a box where you can submit links that you don't want to be counted in your sitelinks. This will give a chance for other links on your blog to be displayed in your sitelinks family.

demote sitelink

Keep the first blank empty and submit your complete link on the next blank that says "Demote this sitelink URL" Once you demote a URL it will take around 2-3 days for new circulation of updated sitelinks for your blogger blog or website.

Why should you Demote a sitelink?

Because you want to display your best featured links in your sitelinks and if you are finding a not so important page appearing as a sitelink then may be you are not leaving a good impression on your visitors. Good filtered sitelinks will give more exposure to your blog and will better present the overall content of your site to the visitor.

I just hope this little trick helps you in better maintain and adjusting your sitelinks view. Feel free to suggest or ask for any help if needed. Peace brothers. :>

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  1. So Helpful Thanksssss Buddy.....:) Keep It Up

  2. that's amazing , now i will manage my site links from webmaster Central

  3. Hi Is this important to make Drop down menu in blogger for making site links display in Google.I will submit my blog to demote url.I will wait for your answer.

  4. I got a PR3 but no site-links !!
    How do i get them ?

  5. Im not having site links on my blog why anser

  6. @varinder
    Not compulsory but sites with navigation menus help robots to pick important pages quickly. After all optimization means making Robot's job easy. So yeh it counts.

    Google will pick you as soon as some of your posts gain attention. Normally blogs that have good social media circulation and that appears often on search results page are gifted with sitelinks. I am sure you will get it soon.

    Please read my answer to Ayush.
    In your case your blogspot domain could be a reason. Buy a custom domain soon.

  7. Hi when My Sitelinks Are display on have add some url of my blog.I am waiting for your answer thanks.

  8. Ok, I thought this was how to manually add sitelinks. Nonetheless, it was an informative post as usual. Would you help me with some template issues? My custom template doesn't show bullets or listing. I've tried adding some codes to no avail.