Open Multiple Webpages Using a single Link

linking multiple sitesI have been using a simple JavaScript call function to open multiple sites on a single click. This function declares several URL’s in its body and once the function is called either through a hyperlink or an image, the click triggers the function and all URLs declared open up in new browser tab window. I have been using this simple trick on my EntreCard traffic service and you can surely check out that page as a demo. Lets learn how to create such a link.

Create List of URLs

Write down all website URLs by using the simple code below,

<script type='text/javascript'>

    function LINKNAME() {
    var http = "LINK1";
    var win1 =;
    var http = "LINK2";
    var win1 =;
    var http = "LINK3";
    var win1 =;
    var http = "LINK4";
    var win1 =;



  • Replace LINKNAME with anything you wish to write. Replace it with any name you may remember say for example "multiplelinks"
  • Replace Link1,2,3,4 with your URLs. A URL/link should contain http:// For example:
  • To add another link simply add the following code above }

   var http = "LINK5";
    var win1 =;

Once done then add the code to blogger by following these steps:

  1. Go To blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Search for </head>
  3. Paste the large code above just above </head>
  4. Save your template.

Create a Hyperlink or Image Link

Now there are two ways in which you can open these sites. You can either trigger them all using a simple text link or you can use a cute image as I did on the demo page.

Text Link Method:

Use this code anywhere on your post editor or sidebar to make the link appear which when clicked will open multiple/several sites

<a rel="nofollow" href="javascript:LINKNAME()">link text</a>



Link 1 Click it carefully! :)

Make sure that LINKNAME matches in this code and the previous Javascript I shared above. If you have written a different name for it then keep both names same for the above code and this one.

Replace link text with anything you wish to write to display the link name.

Image Link Method:

<a rel="nofollow" href="javascript:LINKNAME()"><img src="Image Link" /></a>


In this case all steps are same except that now you need to add an image instead of displaying link text. Kindly replace Image Link with the URL of your uploaded image.


Click it carefully! :)


When to use this method?

You may make use of opening several websites using a single link only if you are running a directory or if you want to share several links with your users but you don't want to directly link them. It is a great SEO method as well because Google allows you too keep the number of links to at most 100 per page but what if you want to link 1000 sites on a single page? Then this method comes to your rescue. I hope you find it helpful. Do let me know if you needed any help. Good night buddies!:>

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  1. Nice one Bhai !

    But my question is, can we use this for internal linking ?
    And also i wanna ask u that can we use one url on several posts for internal linking ?
    For example (1st post link ) now i post this url on my 3rd 4th 7th and 10th post ... is it OK ?

  2. Yes, this technique is really awesome is very good for research where one has to open a number of urls and it becomes a pain when one has to open one link and for that one has to go through 2 step procedure as webmasters put it that way to get more web impressions.


  3. that's great i will use it when needed

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  5. thanks mohammed i have learned a lot from your blog

    good week-end

  6. Very nice, your information is always unique and new. Please tell me will it work on all the internet browsers?

  7. One more thing, how will it effect the direct linking?

  8. Assalam O Alaikum ! ,

    javascript zaruri hai ?? koi simple short method nahi hai k Jis se sirf 2 links hyper link kardein ?? i am not talking about only blogger but wordpress or other platform ?? plz do tell me

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  10. @ Yahya: You can't do it without Javascript. Opening multiple tabs is beyond the scope of HTML.

    if you don't want to make changes in the blogger template for adding JavaScript you can add new html widget.


    Open Multiple Links at once

  11. i would like to get a code which can be used in blogger so that whenever i(or my visitors) click on any link(all links are considered) in my blog should goto the real link and a specific page in a new window(a common page for all).if you post the solution please mail me also the link of your post to
    if you have time pls visit my blog (just started)

  12. I tried but its not working

  13. can i use it on my blog at blogspot??

  14. Nice trick, can you suggest you one more method, rather than coding the URL in the javascript, you can also try setting a specific class to textboxes and open them from the JS. I have developed a online site for similar purpose. Do check out and please let me know your thoughts on this one. Users can work on batch mode selecting the number of links to be opened at a time.

  15. Bahasan yang menarik, sangat bermanfaat buat saya... terima kasih sudah di share di sini
    Interesting discussion, very useful for me ... thank you've shared here.

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