Make a Button Badge For BlogSpot and Wordpress

blogspot button makerYou have seen many blogs and directories using a small button for their promotion. You can see one for mbt too. This micro button comes in 80X15 pixels in size. I would create such buttons using Photoshop but amazingly thanks to dynamic drive you can now create a button online easily. The button maker tool provides you with multiple options of making a good looking button or badge for your blogger blogs or wordpress blogs. You can choose border style, background colors, font type and text. This tool is extremely easy to use and no expert tech skills are required to design a button. However I will be sharing some tips which could be helpful for most of you.


How to Design a good looking Button?

The tool lets you create "XHTML valid" micro buttons (80x15). We also use the larger sized 88x31 button instead. Follow these tips:

  1. Check Base Color is Transparent
  2. Uncheck "Border Color is Transparent"
  3. Choose "Button Size" as 80 by 15 pixels
  4. Keep "Border color" equal to #dddddd
  5. To change a color, simply click on a particular box(where color code is mentioned) and then drag your mouse over the Color Picker tool to choose your preferred color.
  6. Keep clicking the "update" button to see live previews
  7. Now right a small abbreviation for you blog e.g: MBT     (LEFT SIDE TEXT)
  8. And right your main keyword on the RIGHT SIDE TEXT e.g: Widgets
  9. If your left side text didn't fit in a column perfectly then increase the "Vertical Bar Position"
  10. When you are satisfied click the update button and then right click the image to save it.

How to use this button to promote your blog?

Now to link your blog to the button you need a HTML code which is shared below.

<a href="BLOG LINK" ><img  border="0" src='BUTTON LINK' rel="BLOG KEYWORD"/></a>

Replace BLOG LINK with your blog URL

Replace BUTTON LINK with the URL of your uploaded button on blogger

Replace BLOG KEYWORD with a keyword that describes your entire blog content. In my case it is "Blogger Widgets"


Use this HTML code and share it with your readers so that they could help you better promote your blog. I just hope this little tool will be useful for everyone who was looking for an easy way to create it. Have fun! :)

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