Transfer Facebook Contacts To Google Plus - Trick!

facebook-to-Google-plusAll your Facebook friends contact list can now easily be transferred or migrated to your Google+ account withy simple steps. Since Facebook has blocked all chrome extensions that helps users to directly transfer Facebook contacts to Google+ therefore we will need to work around and look for a more easy 2-step method. For this tutorial to work you will need a Yahoo mail account. There are two basic steps which are:


  1. Import Facebook Contacts To Yahoo
  2. Import Yahoo Contacts To Google+

If you don't want Yahoo friends on Google Plus and just want to invite Facebook friends on Google+ then I would recommend that you sign up for a temporary new Yahoo account.

1. Import Facebook Contacts To Yahoo

  1. Sign in to Yahoo
  2. Click on the Contact tab



         3.  You can clearly see that there is a "Import Contacts" button on clicking which you will be able to import your Facebook contacts to Yahoo. You can also import your contacts from the following services to yahoo as well if in case you wanted them on Google+

  • Hotmail
  • AOL
  • Orkut
  • Outlook express

         4. Now you just need to follow the easy instructions and import all Facebook contacts.

         5. Job done!

Import Yahoo Contacts To Google+

  1. Log into Google Plus
  2. Click The Circles tab



       3.  Now choose the Yahoo Option


        4.  Click it and you will then be asked to import yahoo contacts to Google+ by clicking the Agree button as shown below,


         5.  Once you click the agree button all your yahoo contacts which includes your Facebook contacts will be added to Google+. You can now add them to circles and have fun sharing love and joy. Peace out! :>

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  1. your work regarding G+ is really well :) i must congrats u on ur awes0me posts :)

  2. Mo,

    The problem with this is that it's something no rational person would want to do.

    One of the great advantages of switching to G+ is that it gives us an opportunity to clean up our contact lists -- easily and without insulting anybody by asking them to get lost.

    I've tried to be conservative with my Facebook page, and I still find it cluttered with all sort of stuff I'm not interested in from people I don't know and often don't want to know. On G+ I'll be rid of them. At least for a while...



  3. @yasir

    My pleasure SYT for your lovely feedback. Tank you :)

    You won my vote with Facebook's Fan list. Facebook Privacy issues led to Google+ and with so much control over your social virtual life I am sure things will completely turn in favour of G+ soon. The trick above can be useful for some but at the same time not all people have the same needs. There are still many who would love to transfer their FB buddies to G+ and this tutorial above provides one practical way of doing this.

    I wish you a happy G+ experience and thanks for your precious views.

  4. Excellent Instructions, however, after trying it in; Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer, I get this message:
    Error loading newly imported people Retry

    Then I get an email saying I am connected with Yahoo Mail?

    Does it take a lot of time if you have a lot of fb friends to import from Yahoo Mail?

    Thanks, any suggestions are appreciated ;0)

  5. Thanks for this Mohammad :)