Google+ : How To Download Photos and Videos?

backup google+ dataGoogle Plus fortunately lets you make a backup copy of almost all information that you share online with friends. Whether it may be your photo albums, links or posts shared as stream data, profile data, buzz data or people in your contacts and circles, you can backup and download all these files in your computer hard drive. This will help you keep your files save and keep your memories alive if you ever wanted to leave this great social networking site or if in case your account password goes in the hands of wrong people. All data is downloaded in .zip format which can be compressed using winrar software except profile data which is stored with .json extension.


Make a Backup of All data on Google+

To download and backup all your data follow these steps:

  1. Sign in Google Plus

  2. Near the top right corner select Google+ settings

google+ settings

    3.  Next choose "Data Liberation"

download photos Google+

Now you can simply click the white Download your data button or you can click the individual options below. The best is to download images, circles and contacts individually. Your shared videos will be in stream data so remember to download it too.

For downloading videos on Google+ remember that all videos will be uploaded on YouTube and then shared on your Google+ account. So you will need YouTube downloader to download videos shared on Google Plus.

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  1. Hey Mohammad,
    You forgot one major point in downloading the data.
    The videos that are posted by us to Google plus are downloadable.
    I tried a lot but unable to download them from any where.

    If by chance do you have an idea, please let me know.

  2. I really appreciate all of the notes you included in the article.
    Melissa Wilson
    "Online Photo backup"

  3. It seems to me that Youtube downloader does not support downloading videos from Google+. See

    (Also downloading videos from Picasa is not supported

    So there is still a major problem: If I want to use Google+ as a repository for videos, I cannot get them out again.

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  5. Nice tutorial by you here. I seriously love reading your posts.

    Alex Jones
    youtube downloader

  6. Very cool tip.

    I want to close an email id but I want a backup of all my images and youtube videos. This tip of yours will seriously help. For those who want to know How to download youtube videos follow the steps given in the video

  7. I have written a post on how to download blogger videos here