Replace author Name In Blogger Comments by an Image

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You learned how to replace author name with a nickname in posts and now its time that you may change the author name appearing in comments also with either a text or image. This will again display a custom name instead of the blogger profile name. This will help you to use different names on each of your blog instead of the profile name.  The steps are really simple to implement. Follow up:

Live Demo

How to use a Custom Name in Blogger comments?

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML

  2. Backup your template

  3. Click the "Expand Widgets Template"

  4. Search for this,


This code will appear twice so replace it twice with your custom nickname. You can either use a fancy text name like this one,


or an image,

<img src="ADD IMAGE LINK HERE" border="0" />

Replace the bolded text with image link. Keep you image as small as 150px by 20px in size.

     5.   Save your template and you are done!


I just hope you find this tiny trick useful. For any help, feel free to post your questions. Peace out buddies. :)

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  1. hello Mohd...
    i was wondering if i can redistribute your resources like templaes buttons etc. with linkback and credits on my blog?

  2. Well, I've tried it, and now we'll see if it worked.

  3. Hmm... My full name is still showing up on this comment, rather than "Blam" (which is what I switched "" to where you said — all without the quote marks, of course). I appreciate your effort, and I'll try again if you have another idea, but in the meantime I suppose it's time for the non-HTML workaround of just switching my Profile name back to "Blam" and then listing my full name in the "About Me" section of the Profile. Thanks anyway!

  4. I forgot to tell you until now — sorry — but it turned out that what your suggestion actually did was change all of the commenters' names in every post on my own blog to my nickname/handle, Blam. I'm not sure if that's a quirk unique to old templates, since I've never updated my template to a newer one, or whether that's the unintentional result across the board.

  5. @Vedant

    You are most welcomed to share the tutorials with dofollow links but resources are limited to subscribers only.


    Apologies for the late reply buddy.

    Yes the code above will effect only the author's name on his blog of course. Replace the code as many times as it appears in your blog.

    By old templates if you mean you use the Classic version then you may search for this code,



  6. hi Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai nice blog i have a question to ask on my blog i have 2 authors and i want only change the second one and leave one like it was before can you explained how to do it thanks.

  7. Hi, I created a blogspot with a name which I recently changed. But when I post now, the previous name still show as author. Please, guide me, how do I ensure that my readers see the new author name and not the former. Thanks

  8. I dont want to change the name. But want to change the url when someone click on author name (in comments) it should go to by website homepage rather than going to blogger profile. Is there any way to do that