Add Nofollow Tag To all Download, Demo & Iframed Link Pages

This is a short informative post for all those who share Download files or any other web related resources with there readers. A PageRank by Google is an important rank that determines the importance of your website or blog in the eyes of search engine spiders. A spider is a robot that is responsible for crawling your content and indexing it on data bases. Since the entire infrastructure of GOOGLE PR is based on quality backlinks therefore it very important that you should flow the PR juice wisely and do not waste it on useless links.  By useless links I mean websites that use login structures or IFrames. An I framed webpage is not crawled by spiders because it can not access it. All social media networks have a login algorithm that allows visitors only with a unique password. When you link Facebook Profiles, Twitter or Blogger Profiles or any other social network, make sure you add the nofollow tag to them. Further you must also add a nofollow tag to the links in your table of contents. If you write tutorials like me and share a DEMO link or Download Link then make sure you tag them as nofollow because linking files and hosting websites will drink all your PR juice and will slow down your PR progress on next PR update.
There is also a noindex tag which should be added only when you feel that even the text of the link is not important.

How to add Nofollow Tag in HyperLinks

A link has this HTML code,
<a href="">Download</a>
To make any link nofollow just change the link in this way,
<a rel="nofollow" href="">Download</a>
To add a noindex tag which is not very necessary do this,

<a rel="noindex" rel="nofollow" href="">Live DEMO</a>

now your PR is more healthy and safe.

What links should be kept dofollow

UPDATE: A detailed post has been written please read: When should you nofollow links?
Always make it a habit of linking well established websites and services. If you are sharing a Facebook Plugin then feel free to link the developers page else if you are sharing a news on AdSense then you must link to the AdSense blog and openly mention things that matter with relevant source links. This will increase your BLOG reputation in the eyes of robots and will help you you rank higher. Blogs become authorities by linking relevant stuff and avoiding useless iframed pages.
Even I have done the plunder of linking demo and download links a lot but the better you know the good it is. I hope this little info may help you preserve and protect your newly gifted PRs and may help you to utilize it wisely. Wish you all the best.

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  1. Hmm.. I think you have read my comment and quickly responded to it..

    Now my problem is I have a total of 1033 books each with a download link. Only god knows when will I complete this

    Isn't there any way to add no follow to all the download links with like a wild character or something like adding nofollow to all links which includes "MegaShare" (My download links are from only one host).

    And about table of contents I am using the accordion one and that Page link is this

    Now should I add nofollow to this link in Edit Html mode or is it something else which I am missing?

  2. Looks like my previous comment moved to spam.. Don't know what was wrong in that :P

  3. im looking for auto nofollow tag on iframe etc etc.. :P

  4. Hi mohamed is they any way all my outgoing link to make nofoloe automaticly?

  5. @admin can you tell me how to place "nofollow" code to "alexa widget" we placed on out site, and on "stats counter" widget, (I already added google analytics but i like stats counter! So can't remove it. how to add no follow code in "facebook" like button we have place in our post? twitter share button?
    looking forward to you...

  6. Hi, i have a question:
    Must i add the rel="nofollow" for other widgets of my blog, widget like: most popular article (gadget by blogspot), random article (another gadget provided by blogspot), link gadget (provide by blogspot)... etc... ?

  7. "Further you must also add a nofollow tag to the links in your table of contents"

    Why? Isn't it considered as internal links?

  8. Asalam-O-Alaikum,
    Muhammad Bhai...
    This is link is not in working mood please check it...
    "please read: When should you nofollow links?"