MBT is Now Amongst Top 5 Blogger Tutorials Blogs

I was browsing through DMOZ directory today and surprisingly found this little young blog added to the Major Blogger Publishers Category. Only five blogs could manage to hold this position. Two are official blogger blogs and the other three include Blogger Buster, Blogger Plugins and luckily your stupid brother's Blog i.e. My Blogger Tricks :»
All praise be due to Allah the Great and to all of you without whom reaching this stage would have been not possible.
Update: Since Blogger.com and BloggerBuzz are official sites of Google and not blogs driven by a non-Google employee therefore MBT now comes under Top3 Blogger Publishers that produces quality tutorials to blogspot community. 

Which Category Did MBT Fit into?

In 2010 our blog was added to the Blogger Templates category where around 19 blogs are listed but since free blogger tutorials and resources was our main focus so our blog was relisted in the main Blogger Publisher category as shown below,
Source: Blogger Publishers
Clicking this category will open this page:
Source: Publishers
DMOZ is the largest human-edited directory of the web. With over 85,559 editors. DMOZ’s Open Directory Project (ODP) has listed more than 4.5 Million quality websites in 590,000 categories. To some extent a major portion of Google data base is based on DMOZ listings and information is often fetched from there. To find out What is DMOZ directory and how can you submit your blogs to it then kindly read this post:

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  1. Hello Mohammad,
    Great news and its due to all your had work man.congrats.
    hey i would like to know that there are many article on net which says WP is better than Blogger, isn't it? because on my "Guitar" blog i lost my traffic and i am having adsense but still not getting enough clicks,so can you help me brother?

  2. Congratulations my Brother ;) Keep doing you work like this and always be on TOP !

  3. Wow Mohammad Bro ....
    Nice to see your blog at 5th no among most popular blogs list....:)
    Now in the next try your blog would beat other blogs in the DMOZ listing InshaALLAH.....:)
    Keep it up dear

  4. @Jeet
    Thank you pal. There are some topics that some bloggers will never share and neither do I have shared this thing so far. Those topics include the revenue and traffic secrets. InshAllah by the end of this July I will disclose everything. The reason why you don't get clicks and why people don't receive traffic for their hard work are some topics that needs to be discussed. For the time being I would appreciate that you start learning about mobile technologies like Iphone and Android and better write on them for more traffic and CTR.
    Wordpress indeed is more optimized then blogger blogs but why waste money when you can optimize your blogger blog too and earn a decent living with it. Wordpress is often chosen for more control over your design and optimization. But if the user is not aware of wordpress than even Wordpress is meaningless for him. I am on blogger and will keep on using it because I personally thing what matters more is your content & manual blog management not the blog platform.

    No redirect is required when you just change the domain because your posts are still on blogger servers not on wordpress or any other service. I visited your blog and your domain is redirected correctly.
    PS: I would really appreciate if you hyperlink the MBT text in your credits. This is equivalent to removing credits.

    thanks buddy. Those words really mean a lot. :>

    With your prayers brother anything is possible. Thank you a million for the kind comment and motivation. God bless you. :»

  5. Thank you mohammad for your feedback.

  6. Brother Congrats ,This was to come .Great to read .
    The kind of work you put it ,it can't resist this success.
    God's blessing,your hard work and sincere dedication to all your readers all contributes to this great achievement .Many more to come.My best wishes and hearty congrats.
    best wishes

  7. Congratulations. You deserve it!

  8. Congrats bro! Sadly we both are back to PR3 club , we just had a PR revision today :(

  9. @Manisha
    Thank you sis. What counts more and means a lot are your kind gestures. Your comment is worth a thousand worlds for me. Peace be on you always dear sis. :>

    Thank you buddy.

    Thanks Marko. Thank you. :>

    Thanks pal. Trust me I wont pay damn to PageRank anymore. A total waste of hard work and means nothing. Better we pay attention to traffic. Google's Algo in judging blogs is embarrassing. I am sorry for your blog buddy. One of my friend droped down from Pr5 to Pr3.

  10. *wolf whistling* :P
    dude thats beyond awesome! keep up the good work mashaAllah. you never run out of ways to make me feel proud of you! *high five*

  11. @bilal

    thanks a bunch bro. Means a lot really. :d

  12. Congrats bro u really deserve this all :) i'm very happy n satisfied with ur true n awes0me work which really helped me alot :) Congrats once again!

  13. @Yasir

    Thanks syt.Dude that meant a lot. Thank you. :p

    My pleasure pal. Thank you.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS to u my brother... i am reallyy very happy for ur success.. wish u all the very best....

  15. hallo sir can you send your last mbt blog template download link to me.....shabinvailathur@gmail.com....it's my request.....please accept...iam 15 aged boy ....who addicted to blogging from your writings...

  16. Congrats Buddy Keep up the Hard work

  17. great work sir....But wont say more than this for now, until i create a blog more beautiful than yours. lol