How To Hide Relationship Status in Google+ Plus?

relationship-settingsThe only single reason why many relationships break online is lack of privacy settings. Facebook become popular because of that relationship status feature and it is hated till now for lack of privacy on this status. Fortunately Google+ lets you choose to show or hide your relationship status from friends in circles. You can now happily share your happiness by openly letting your closest friends whether you are single, engaged or married or even if you are in a relationship. Lets now learn how to make this important setting.


Relationship Status Privacy Settings On Google+

To set your privacy settings do this:

  1. Sign in to Google Plus
  2. At the top right corner select Google+ settings

Google+ privacy settings

     3.    Then select Profile and Privacy

profile and privacy

     4.   Click Edit Visibility on Profile

edit visibility button


    5.  On the new page you will find your relationship status. Click it and then you can easily set which circles may see or not see your status as shown below:

Click it


Then make changes accordingly. Choose the custom option


Remove the Extended circles option by clicking the cross next to it

relationship settings on Google+

and then click the "+Add more people" to choose your closest friends you trust and wish to share this info with them. You can select a single person, circle or even a email address. All control lies in your hands.

relationship status settings

I would recommend that you add just the names of people or email IDs. Like this:

relationship status settings on Google+

You can add as many people as you want. This will allow you the freedom to choose different people within a circle or even those not using Google+ by typing their Email IDs. I just hope you find this tutorial helpful and useful. If you needed any help with regard to your Google+ privacy settings then feel free to let me know. Would be a pleasure to help you out. Stay safe. :»

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