Password Protect Posts In Blogger!

Now you can password protect widgets too!

PASSOWRD-PROTECT-BLOGGERAn extremely useful and secure script for password protecting blogger blogs has been introduced by vincentcheung . The script created by him hides whatever you want in the form of an encrypted code which can be revealed only if your users know the password to see the hidden content. It is the most secure and working method that I personally liked a lot. The hidden text can not easily be cracked and your content remains hidden from the eyes of all uninvited visitors. According to its author not even he can decrypt (make visible) the encrypted code (hidden message) except the person who sets the password. It works more like a Lock and Key Mechanism. I am sure you will enjoy this new technique that will help you to maintain some privacy.

Live Demo

How To add a Password To Blogger Blogs?

The steps are as usual very simple:

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for this,


    4.   And just below it paste the following JavaScript code,

<!--MBT PASSWORD PROTECT CODE --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

   5.   Save your template and you are done!

How it works?

Now whenever you wish to show images, text, media or anything only to selected people then you may create and write the post as you normally do in your blogger editor or Windows Live Writer and once you are finished do this

1.     Switch to the Edit HTML mode and copy all the code that you see. As shown below,


2.    Go To Encryption Page

You will see 4 boxes with names: key, Plain Text, Clipher Text and HTML Code.  We are only interested in the key, plain text and HTML CODE box. Follow these steps:

  • Enter a password in the Key Box

key box

  • Next Paste the code that you copies from your Blogger Editor into the Plain Text box

Plain Text Box


  • Hit the Encrypt Button below Plain Text box  
  • Copy the code from the HTML CODE box
    html code box

This is the new look of the same post you created. You will see strange illogical characters but these characters contain your hidden text, images or multimedia. You can now use this HTML CODE in any of your posts and instead of seeing the big chunk of code, the visitor will see only a link that says: Show Encrypted text How? follow the next step:

3.   Now get back to your Blogger Editor. Create a New Post. Give your post a title and paste the HTML Code that you just copied inside your blogger Editor in the  Edit HTML Mode.  You can write anything in place of this text -> Show Encrypted text but make all changes in Edit HTML mode only.

encrypted text

You can also add any message below or above the HTML CODE which contains your hidden text.

I just hope you may like this new discovery and you may find it helpful. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Peace and blessings. :>

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  1. Doesn't store cookies or something because after reloading we need to enter the password again.

    Rest works fine :)

  2. wow, never know this, thanks for sharing ahmed

  3. A new thing to me.... However, perhaps I will someday need it.. Nice, it's "fresh from the oven" info, Mohammad :D

  4. @Sam
    Come on dude, isn't that better. Cookie if stored becomes doubtful content. :p

    you welcomed brother. :)

    Oh you must try this. Its more like a fun. don't check to read the latest one on widget Locking too
    And you are welcomed buddy. :>

  5. Thank you mustafa this hack means alot to me.........

  6. I need a Content Locker Script for Blogger. One that I can force people to either share on FB, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit or fill out one of my selected CPA Offers.

    You can find something similar here but it doesnt work anymore. OR at least the way I have tried. Even used an old template from 04 as suggested and keep getting errors that I didnt parce my code right (<a, </a). I double checked and did though.

    Email me at if you figure out how to work this or have another solution. Thanks. This would be helpful to so many

  7. Awesome, it worked for me.

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  9. Damn!!! It's so fking cool! Now my contents can be really king :)
    Anyway, as we are using Windows Live Writer, is there a chance you can make a plugin where we select the text and press to encrypt?

  10. Everything worked for me, except when I click on the link, it doesn't link to anything... nowhere to enter password... ?

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  12. is there a way to have this got stright to decrypt password box instead of having to click show encrypted text?

  13. I like that , but I want to show content to all visitors , My question Is still my code protected without giving code to anyone ?
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  15. That's a nice tut, But with using it,

    If I hide my post then will the hid content visible to the search engines or not?

    Is it a bad practice for Search Engine Optimization?

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    I've been looking for this kind of tutorial for such a long-long time. and finally I found here..

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    I don't understand until 'copy the code from HTML CODE box'.
    Please help!

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