Fixing Facebook Like Box Rendering Errors

TroubleshootingThe Custom Facebook Like box will soon be adopted everywhere soon InshAllah however there is something you must know before adding it to your blogs. Most of you might have observed that upon adding the custom like box, you often receive that the plugin can not be rendered with this and that parameters. This happens when you add our custom code and the Facebook new Like button code together in your templates. There is one simple troubleshooting solution which is.



Remove Facebook Like + Send Button

If you have added the like button combined with the send button then kindly remove them and replace them with the Facebook Like Button Optimized version that I am using at the moment.

To remove the Like + Send button read this tutorial,

Add The New Like Button Code

To add the Like button alone which loads fast and is much better then read this,

Let me know if you needed more help. This works like charm.

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  1. Thank you so much for your great posts! I seem to been having an issue still with accessing my css file. I am using the new facebook Like code and have my AppID my, profile ID and new css code (with my changes which are visible in a css editor) but I can't seem to get my code to use the new css file.
    I am working on a development server with an IP address as part of the link to my css file and I can view the css file with the correct changes as a link.

    I have updated my cache for my css file several times and still nothing. I started from scratch as well by creating a new css file but still nothing. Am I just missing something here?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. @claud2011

    Try your code in mozilla browser by using MBT HTML Editor.
    If your code is working correctly there then you must make adjustments to already added facebook plugins on your site.
    If the code is not working as I mentioned in my posts then you must try a different web host site. As a test why don't you first try uploading your CSS file at Make sure the extension of your css file is .css

    Let me know soon. Always welcomed.

  3. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Thanks so much for your help! Unfortunately my code didn't work in the MBT HTML Editor and my css file didn't work when I uploaded it to mydatanest and created a link to it.

    I actually need to make a silly simple change too. I need the new Facebook like box (with only the Like button and number of connections with the header text - no profile pics) to have white font for the connections text and that is it.
    Originally when I used a css editor to make that font color modification it generated one css file which I copied and pasted into a new css file which I created. I actually tried it again and it created 4 separate css files which I copied and pasted into on new css file as well. I am calling the file from my HTML page but still no luck.
    If you have any further suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.

    I will try starting from scratch again as well to see if anything changes.

    Thanks again for all your help!

  4. Hello Mohammed,
    I think you will be able to help me. Let me start by saying I'm very inexperienced in coding.

    I posted a FB like box on my site, no problem there.

    I then installed a plugin called Facebook Like and Share , Twitter , Google +1 , Google buzz buttons because I want to be able to like and share my posts. Apparently they interfere with each other.

    I see you seem to have both on your site. Why am I having this problem? I like having FB like, Share, Twitter and Google +1 all on the top of each pos. Why can't I have both?

  5. @kimberly

    Please use this widget and tell me if it worked. Sometimes improper plugin codes cause rendering problems. I am sure this widget will help:

    Social share widget

  6. hey im busy using a highly customized XFBML facebook like box, however after adding many hooks in the css i find the connections facepile loads extremely slow, could you let me know if i can show the connections without using div tag .connections="5"?

    please let me know how i can alter this i have been trying for hours. kind regards, let me know if i can send you my link