How To Remove or Delete Labels In Blogger?

remove-labelsAdd tags or labels to your posts is an important SEO step for letting spiders to better understand the content and categories of your blog. Due to unfriendly user interface of the Edit Posts section of blogger dashboard, most people find it difficult to remove, apply and add new labels to the posts. I was going to write a post on it but I have found an easy video tutorial created by Blogger team themselves. I am sure you will enjoy understanding todays tutorial via this video.

Remove and Delete Labels From Blogger blogs

UPDATE: Please read how to create, delete and rename a label by following the updated guide below.

If you want to hide labels on a particular post then kindly read this post:

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  1. Is there any way to rename label???????????

  2. i want to ask.... in web master, label look for robot... how to resolved this problem?

  3. @Shadab

    No direct method pal. You will have to delete it and then re apply it with a new name.

    Why would you like to resolve it? your labels are the most important part of your blog that describes your blog content to search engine spiders and helps in indexing the blog with better relevancy.

  4. It is not working.. I tried removing them but they are still showing up.. Require your help

  5. Hi, this doesn't work on the new blogger interface. Great blog, BTW. I find it very helpful. Figured you'd want to know that blogger changed and this doesn't work anymore. Thank you.

  6. This video is private.
    Sorry about that.??????

  7. Vedio is private plz change it

  8. Please, the video is said to be private only, help, please just sign out of your account and use a normal account to view it.

    Thanks alot.