Top 10 Featured Google Friend Connect Gadgets

top-ten-google-gadgetsGoogle Friend Connect lets you easily add robust, social features to your website Indeed Google Friend Connect has a lot to offer. You can add these cool gadgets to your blog and grow you community. There are a bunch of gadgets as a part of this Friend Connect program but for now we will be discussing the best ones which can be installed on both blogger blogs and WordPress.


This gadget really works well if you want to create your own community. Its some what same as the Bloggers default "Followers" widget. That's connected to the friend connect too. Readers can sign in, search other members and invite friends to join your blog. Its a Pretty productive gadget i must say.

Social bar:

Social bar is like the Bloggers Nav Bar, but is a lot different in sense of what it has to offer. You can either apply it on top of your blog  or bottom. The readers can sign in, comment and can follow the latest activity of your blog. Many webmaster use this gadget now days.


commnetsUsers can post comments and video links. A very well managed widget.Visitors can use the translation feature to read comments in their preferred language.
A worth using gadget.

Ratings and Reviews:

ratings and reviews Users can leave comments and rate your content like photos, books and songs. You can add multiple rating gadgets for different content on your page. A fun gadget.

Interest Poll:

pollsNow you can create your own poll using Google Friend connect gadget. Users can vote after signing in, and their responses are added to their Friend Connect profiles, making it easier for people to meet and find other users with similar interests

You can customize the options in the poll widget easily. Also, responses are added to their Friend Connect profiles, making it easier for people to meet and find other users with similar interests


With the help of this widget users can recommend their favorite content of your blog surfacing the most popular posts of your blog. Definitely worth using widget.

Featured Content:

featured contentDefinitely one of my favorites. The gadget lets you show up your blogs most important post or articles and your can display them as your featured content. This gadget will automatically display content that matches the interests expressed by your site's visitors. I really look forward to use this gadget on my blog in future.

Newsletter Subscription:

news letterIt lets users subscribe to your blog newsletter and if the user is not a member of your blog, the gadgets first takes him to the subscribe option and then further to the newsletter subscription. Extremely useful widget. You can embed this below your blog posts and through there users can subscribe to the letters too. Its a great tool.

Top Ten Members:

top tenBy adding this Google friend connect gadget you can  increase the number of page views quite fast. Its a competition based gadget that displays your top ten members, views wise. The person with the most views of your blog is entitled first on the list.


This gadget lets you promote your events. Members of the even get to know about the details of the event through this widget and this is fully linked with Google calendar. It can be really useful.

Let us know:

Google friend connect has really made the work of webmasters easy in an elegant way. Hope to see this great service from Google expanding for ever. Let us know how Google Friend connect has helped you as a webmaster and what Gadget you look forward to the most in future.

May peace be on all of you!

  Hassam Ahmad Awan

About the Guest Author:

Hassam is a young A Level Student who loves to learn and share tech related stuff. He has an ambition to become a Software Engineer. He is a passionate blog author and publishes regular tutorials to newbie bloggers at BLoggingeHow.

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