How To Find the "Edit HTML" Option in New Blogger Dashboard?

question-markJust last day we shared a post describing that the new dashboard in Blogger in draft has the "Edit HTML" button/link option missing and just today  Paul Crowe, one of our respected readers, shared a short link that can help you access the Edit HTML Page in your new dashboard.  Kindly follow this simple trick below,



Accessing Edit HTML Page in New Blogger Dashboard

  1. Log into Blogger in draft
  2. Click the Dashboard Button that appears below your Blog title,


     3.  Look into your browser address bar and you will find your BLOG ID digital code,


      4. Copy that blog ID number and save it in a notpad

      5. Then paste your BLOG ID just after this link,


  The link will now look something like this (containing your BlogID number at the end)


      6.  Finally paste your link in the browser and hit enter. You have now successfully accessed the EDIT HTML PAGE. Enjoy! :>


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  1. I can't believe blogger will hide this option from loyal members :(

  2. Its there the normal way as well in

  3. What can we say brothers. I am sure they will add back the Editing option. :)

  4. Great tip that I've been searching for!!

  5. Wow, I have been searching for this since hours.. you made it happen in minutes. thanks.

  6. Hi after finishing editing, how to publish to the world. I'm not able to see the changes I made even after I click on save template, and when I check my blog, still the old template is seen. Pls help. Thanks