Anyone Can Earn Online and Be a Blogger, Just Go For it! Part 1

ANYONE-CAN-BLOGAll of us have a certain job in our life, a schedule that we have to follow and a routine that we need to perform on daily basis and this results in several dreadful pains and aches when the time goes beyond the limits, resulting in burdens and tensions. The question is why do we feel like it, like why this routine adds up some mess in our life? Why we get irritated at small things that we normally neglect in our life?

stressful lifeThe answer is we are playing against our passions, that is we do what is not our obsession. People often say that we have to choose the job that we love to do, that is our passion so that not only your mind but also your heart works for it, it makes you able so that your all tasks are up-to-date because your interest and fascination towards your job is always at maximum degree. The things which makes us divert from our interest is our non-seriousness towards our special abilities. If parents have decided your career than you just have to follow it and you even don’t think what you are going to do, aren’t you going to kill your passions your creativeness? No nothing is in mind at that time and we become either Engineer, Doctor or a Business man, and then our jobs… but wait a minute… in between this, no one asked who you wanted to be and what were your passions and if someone asked it was just considered as your hobby.

The thing what I believe is, that you may perform well in your job and you may also excel in it but there is always a loop hole between what you can perform the best that was your passion and what you are performing in the current situation when you are having an adopted profession.

It’s just like a mother’s love for a child and a step mother’s love for the same child, hope one can distinguish.

Love Blogging!Now coming up to the main point, that now when you have already taken a profession and you still don’t have any hobby or passion or you have great creativity or writing skills, even not but if you have good ideas to share with the world then the best thing you can do is to write Blogs! Yes blogs! The question would come into your mind that why blogging? So I am including only a few solid reasons to make you understand why I am saying this but first consider it, it is a wise saying that:


For brilliants, hint is more than enough.

blogicons_bloggerIt is a great ability when you can express what you think in sentences and phrases, but it doesn’t needs a lot. The thing is you must stick to the topic, by the way selecting a topic also needs some skills. Most of the time consuming activities the people have its partially or totally a wastage of time, but when you see the blogging, it not only increases your capabilities and skills but also makes you able to stand at a certain high place where you can say that your today is better than the day before it :) surely!  Now coming to the another aspect of blogging that by writing blogs you can also support yourself financially, as it’s an undeniable reality, but think for a while, how good would it be that your passion also adds up to your backup at finance. I guess it’s cool enough… :)

One more thing that this passion will lead you to the great skills of searching your material, and by material I mean the stuff like knowledge, pictures, videos, links and many other things. One thing that must be admitted that if a person writes at his own and searches in a good way, he is not only filling up the glass of passion but also adding up the water of knowledge in it… wait wait wait… how would you experience all my talks, it’s not possible until you go for your first blog :)

How to start?Yes?? What happened… don’t know how to start? Oh it’s easy just click on the link below and post me your blog, start your blogging career through MBT.

You can also start your blogging career from the free websites, that allow you to freely write blogs and post it, with separate domain name, the top 2 free blogging sites are as follows:



You can also check the video and article below to better understand these two giant blogging platforms.

I just hope you liked the idea above and I would soon publish the remaining part of this topic.

 asjadwallAsjad Azeem

About the Guest Author:

Asjad is an Undergraduate Student, pursuing his B.E Degree in Computer and Information System Engineering. He loves to write and share his ideas during leisure time. Apart from techy stuff, he also enjoys writing Fiction. He takes programming as his favourite subject. You can always contact him at YAHOO!

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