Happy Birth Day To AdSense! 18 June 2011

adsense-happy-birthdayGoogle AdSense Team will celebrate its eighth birthday just after 1 hour i.e. 18th June, 2011. AdSense was launched in 2003 and since then this great marketing and advertising company has served more than Two Million publishers all around the world. AdSense is the biggest income source for GOOGLE Inc. Just this year in 2011 Google earned $2.34 Billion dollars which is 28% of their total Annual revenue i.e. 9.36 Billion Dollars! Its eight years non stop success does surely mean a lot to them.

Goggle AdSense enable web owners to display text, image and video advertisements on their websites and blogs. All blogger blogs are equipped with AdSense ad integration by default. The revenue generated depends on page impressions and clicks.



Adsense team said:

Growing to over two million publishers worldwide since our launch in 2003, we want to thank all of you for helping us expand and thrive.
As we celebrate AdSense, we want to share our appreciation for all the AdSense publishers whose innovation has made the last eight years so successful. The Google Display Network is comprised of many AdSense publishers like you: those who offer useful and engaging content for your community and serve as an effective channel for advertisers to connect with audiences.
For the last eight years, we’ve relied on your product feedback to help us improve, your success stories to inspire us, and your content to enhance the ecosystem of the world wide web. We look forward to growing older and wiser with all of you for many more years to come!

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