IE8 Website Operation Aborted Error Finally Solved!

IE8-sucksInternet Explorer is built only to cause troubles to Designers and spoil their hard work. It takes a lot of time and sweat to code and style new widgets and templates out of nothing using pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript but it becomes a curse when these designs do not pass the IE Compatibility Test. What looks attractive in Mozilla Firefox or chrome looks awful when viewed using IE. This compatibility issue is always linked with IE8.

Most webmasters today are faced with a new error. Website that use JavaScript often crash down in IE8 and most often visitors receive an Operation Aborted Error as shown below,

Operation Aborted Error Solved


How I solved The Error?

For the past one month I was scratching my head to find a solution to the problem. Internet is indeed always a great help but not when your problem is not answered with clarity. I read Google Forums and found that several webmasters are going through the same problem as I was. The only workable solution for me was to filter all JavaScript installed on my template. I applied the following method,

  1. Make a Backup Copy Of Your template
  2. Remove All JavaScript From your Template
  3. View Your Website in IE and you will observe that the error no more appears
  4. Now start adding your JavaScript one by one and at the same time keep viewing your template in IE8
  5. If the Error appeared again then Trash out the last Java code that you added
  6. Continue and repeat the process
  7. If no Error appeared then re-add the trash out Java Code in your template but in a different location
  8. If the Error appeared again then permanently delete that Java Code from your template
  9. You Are Done!

In my case what caused me 23% Traffic loss daily from IE8 was a Search box provided by Lijit. The code looks like this,

<script type="text/javascript" src=";js=1"></script><a style='color: #999' href='' id='lijit_wijit_pvs_link'>Lijit Search</a>

I am really glad I got rid of this extremely disappointing error which caused me great loss for a month.

Final Advise

If you really want to enjoy browsing the internet then please stop using IE and start using Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla is used by developers, designers and normal net surfers and it is best in every aspect. That's what I believe in.

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  1. haha yeah. :D Same problem has made me mad :P i don't like internet explorara, neither webkit border works nor mozborder :D every thing is stuck up just a rectangle appears haha =)

  2. Your search box at the top of your page needs to be aligned properly, as it is overflowing into your second navigation bar. Also, why doesn't MBT get a major template update, something that will make it look different. Lastly, can you release a new template soon?

  3. Also, I feel that this blog is over monetized...

  4. You can even try Palemoon which is a Firefox clone but not a memory hog :)

  5. yeahh .. thanks for your information !! TOP ..

  6. @Wamiq Ali

    Exactly! Using HTML5 and CSS3 with IE8 is almost like wasting your time.

    Yes brother I have noticed that disalignment in the search box. I even tried add the IE code but it isn't effecting the styling in this case. I will align it soon. And Since I am on vocations now so there will be lots of new templates and widgets InShAllah. A little patience required. Thanks for those kind suggestions. :>

    No doubt in it and I am trying to reduce them. :)

    I really didn't get that? :p

    Always welcomed!

  7. @Mohammad
    Palemoon is a browser similar to firefox but it has some customized config settings and other stuff due to which it takes less memory and I think around 25% faster than firefox.

    I started using palemoon because my browser is open all the time and I rarely close it. If you keep firefox for such a long time running in the background, it will crash or hang you PC which doesn't happens with palemoon. Firefox for me has a memory leak which uses plenty of my resources. I don't know fixed it or not but till v3.6 it was the same.

    Now I use palemoon for some 1 year I think.

    Btw is there any solution to this:
    "This post has been removed by the author."

    Before it wasn't like this. When a person wanted to delete his comment he/she had two options (Delete and Delete Forever). This time I got only Delete option :(

  8. Giving credits to you for my blog to successfully opearte in ie8 and dont have an single problem.

    Can you today give some time to avatars ..(if you have otherwise not). i know you are doing your best to provide us.

    Today i results of class 12 cbse are coming out. plz pray for me..
    karan chauhan

  9. Microsoft released IE 9, so expecting atleast that there would be no prob with that.
    @karan, your headaches are over now.Now, its time for us to get into that pressure as I am entering class 12 now ...

  10. @Bhavesh

    Oh then I must check it out because I never came across this browser to be honest. As far that Mozilla crashing is concerned it occasionally happens. But Mozilla has all tools that any developer needs. Those add-ons that are developed each day are something which you can't simply resist. I am sure when you start coding you will realize what a blessing mozilla is.
    For that delete icon problem, I still get those options in author log in mode but haven't checked them as a visitor.

    I will inShAllah. The burden on me is great these days but I will publish one on it soon.And best of luck for your exams. :>

    Unfortunately It never gets bolder!

  11. @Muhammad, I am having compatibility problem in my website when i check it in IE9 , it works fine in IE8 and IE7 but can't get why margins of post body and sidebar gets displaced when i load my site in IE9 , Waiting for you reply my web!

  12. @wamiq

    I have answered your Email. Please let me know if that solves your problem. Plus no need to use IE9 at the moment as it is yet another curse for designers! If your site looks good in Mozilla and also compatible with IE8 then you just need no worry.

  13. @Muhammad i didn't got any email at wamiqali@hackersthirst {dot} com , yes site appears good in IE8 and IE7 but not in IE9 , I have checked your site in IE9 that looks perefect but in case of mine post body gets in centre while side bar goes totally to the bottom :/ plus bro i didn't get your email please do check your sent items
    Thanks :)

  14. I guess wordpress users are benefitted in this matter beause you can specify a different stylesheet for internet explorer and it makes life easier for a blogger . . .

  15. @Muhammad I have resolved the issue :D by the headache and search and some effort of 3 hours :D It works perfectly now in IE7, 8 and 9 too :) thanks for your notice bro and yes please re send me that email may be there is more info in that Thanks :)