How To Write Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Titles?

seo Nearly 80% percent of the traffic that you receive from Search engines depends on your Post title. Titles are termed as second to Content. Content is surely the King in SEO terminology but Titles follow just after in priority. If blog authors dedicate a minimum of their attention towards how they write their blog post titles then I believe there is nothing else left to optimize. Search engines need a reason to rank you higher in a particular topic and you must know how to provide them with a good reason. Learning SEO is the simplest yet the most important thing when it comes to earning Online and we all should know how to make proper use of this art. So lets look at some useful tips that have always helped me and thousands others.

What is an Optimized title?

An optimized title is one that succeeds in drawing maximum attention of search engine robots towards itself. The simplest way to understand how to develop good SEO skills is to treat search engines like humans and take their likes and dislikes as those of humans. Using this approach here are some of the things that you must know while writing a title. And again its not a philosophy subject with thousands of confusing things to remember. I am just sharing few tips that work and make sense. The three tips below are more than enough to understand what exactly is a search engine friendly title.

1- Use Google Keyword Tool

Always research the words that you use. Using smart words bring smart results. For example if you wish to write a country’s  name in your title like America, then check how majority of people write it. Do they write it as America, US, or  United States 

To know which word is used widely globally then you must research it using Google Keyword tool. Simply Write one word per line and hit the Search button to see the results as shown below,

Note:- Always select All countries in Advanced Options and English as the Language


You can clearly see that the word US is the highly search word with 83,100,000 Monthly Global searches followed by the word America with 45,500,000 searches. So if you use the Word US instead of United States or America then obviously the traffic flow to your website will be greater. Always use this tool for keyword analysis. It takes minutes to know what keyword you should use.

2- Keep the Title length to 66 characters

Web masters and even most search engine optimizers use repeated  keywords/phrases that are relevant to their site. Though this seems like a great idea, you're actually destroying your chances of being ranked higher on a particular category on search engine results. Search engines gives importance to keyword density i.e Keywords per line. So if you use too many keywords in your title then you are simply making your title more confusing to search engines and they will take it as a spam. Google displays about first 66 characters of your title and yahoo displays 120. The rest of the title is chopped off. See some of my mistakes of the past,


See how the titles are chopped off just after about 66 characters? This is what you need to avoid. Now see these titles,


See the difference? In fact the above two posts bring us around 100-200 visitors per day which counts a lot.

And this is how the current post appears in Google while appearing on the top first link. Even if you search for “How to write search engine friendly titles” this post appears on first page and that’s how optimize title gifts you in the end! :)


To make sure you may not exceed the maximum number of characters in your title, our Character Counter tool will always be at your service.

3- Make your title Attractive

Why should your article be ranked higher by search engines? You must prove it to search engine robots that your title is the best in every aspect. Keep robots and your readers always in mind. Robots love keywords and short titles and readers love what attracts them the most!

See the following title as an example,

Learn best tips on how to write search engine friendly titles for your websites

The words in the above title contain many useless phrases and count a total of 80 characters including spaces. Now see this title,

How To Write Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Titles?

The above title is attracting, contains three keywords i.e Search Engine Friendly , Blog and Post titles with an attracting How-to start and question mark (?) at the end of the title and all this count a total of 53 characters. That's how you hit three birds with one stone!


  • The word websites in the first title is useless for me because this post is for bloggers only and they will often write blogs while searching a query instead of websites.
  • The words Learn, best tips are less effective and not well organized compared to the keywords used in the second title.
  • The first title uses no question marks or good starting keyword while the second does. Exclamation marks (!) and question Marks (?) will always entice the searcher to click, and visit your website over your competitors.

I don’t need to add anything more here because you all are genius enough to apply the common sense and make things more smarter, stunning and intriguing.


This is what you always need to do while writing highly optimized and attractive Post titles,

  1. Always analyze your keywords using Google Keyword tool.
  2. Spell your words correctly and keep School Grammar in mind
  3. Write Short titles with one or two keywords
  4. Always Keep title length less than 66 characters
  5. Make your title attractive to both robots and readers by adding attention-drawing phrases and symbols. Use  words like How to, Best tips, Top 10, free, easy etc
  6. Always try to end your title with a question mark or an exclamation mark when necessary.


That’s All!

On my next tutorials I will share some important tips on how to optimize the opening paragraph of your articles/posts and will share some secrets of mine. I have also not discussed some more basic things related to title URLs in today’s post because I don’t wanted to make things difficult and we will surely discuss it on coming posts. Till then I hope you will find it really useful and I just hope you learnt something new today. Peace and blessings! :d

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  1. Hi Mohammad
    I read the whole thing and understood everything but the problem is how do I apply this on my blog..??

    My blog contains books and the post have a title as book name which can't be manipulated..:(

    What to do??

    Thank You

  2. Hi Mohd,
    How are you ?An excellent post with lot of guidelines and hard work put by you .Thanks for bringing this important topic.
    Warm wishes

  3. great work mohammad,nice job
    leran hacking also at-

  4. @bhavesh

    Dude then you can even be more creative in your titles. Like do not always publish one ebook at a time. Give titles like
    " Top 10 Web designing ebooks"
    " Top rated Web designing ebooks"

    Free downloads of CSS ebooks- Grab a copy now!

    Most downloaded ebooks of the year 2010

    and etc etc.. I just want you to realize how creative can you be. Just take a search robot more like a reader. Provider the robots with keywords plus creativity.. That's how you attract traffic. You need to be a good experimenter now.


    I am fine Manisha. Nice hearing from you after a long time. I hope you are back on job now and as active you once were. :) and thank you friend for the acknowledgment.

    Ayush understanding Google's alogrithm is still a mystery for most of us. We can only go closer to it but can never understand it perfectly. Though Blogger is a Google's service but Google has always made people scratch their heads when it comes to understanding Google's indexing and crawling criteria. Google will display any part of your post where the selected keyword is present even if the keyword is present in the comments.

    you welcome.

  5. @Mohammad
    How that idea didn't came in my mind..???

    I will try them once I am completed re-uploading the deleted files though I will really be having some noob questions which I don't understand at all...

    Question that is coming in my mind for past days is if I use "Download Free Ebook" with the hyperlink instead of the current format for downloading on my site, will that make any difference for search engines...???

  6. @Sam

    your download link does not benefit your blog because it is an outgoing link. But yes the anchor text of the link do matter. I am sure the next few posts will make your job really enjoyable for you.

  7. Mohammad that was really easy to understand. Thks for making it so simple man. A thumbs up!


  8. Hi Mohammad
    Just sent you a mail.

    And I add anchor text now and won't be looking at google groups because I don't thing I am getting any benefit..

  9. good afternoon Mohammad,
    glad to see your this fantastic article on seo and thanks for sharing it with us.
    Sorry for my absence but I was sick so badly but now I'm totally fine and ready to chha chha chha :P

  10. @G

    Most welcomed brother :)

    glad you liked it fahad! :)

    Mail? Oh I will check that out brother. Apologies for the delay. And Anything that does not work for a month or more should surely be replaced with something better.

    Brother since HTML is written in English and all other codings then it is advised that your optimization should be in english too. But if your traffic is country specific then make sure you use words widely used in that language.

    Oh welcome back my friend. Its a pleasure to have you here again and thanks for the kind remarks as usual. I just hope you are feeling well now. :D

  11. Hi Mohammad,

    Wonderful article which everyone has to keep in mind while blogging. I had bookmarked your website. thanks for sharing a very good article.

  12. Mohamad, I have a question for you. I noticed that whenever we make a post on our site, Blogger just takes the post title word for word and makes that the .html. So as an experiment I made a page and titled it “All Free Recipes”. This established the url: after the url was established I then went in and edited the page title to just “All Recipes”, which is what I wanted the page to be titled originally and it didn’t update the url to reflect the new page title. This is exactly what I wanted to happen because using the google keyword tool I saw that more people searched for “free recipes” opposed to “all recipes” and now this is my most visited page from traffic that is generated by google. So my question is, did this just happen by chance or does this technique actually make a difference? Thanks for your time and all your help. If you have the time stop by and check it out, I think you might recognize some things. Also I wanted to ask if I could put a link back to your blog at the bottom of my site it would just say “MBT” and link to your homepage.

  13. dude...
    This is a nice info,thanx brother.

  14. Mohammad Bhai Your Blog Is Best For Newbie Or Expert Awesome Tutorials :)

  15. I'm blogging for last year have made lot of blogs like experimental blogs and also i'm getting lot of help from 'Keyword too' but after reading your article i realize that i wasn't using it the right way like i jst search for various keywords and then use those keywords to title's.. But from 2 to 3 days i was thinking to give more importance on title's for that i made a search and got you. But i jst wanna to ask you that in blogger it only shows first 38 to 45 characters so if i want to make a title of 45 characters then how many keywords should i choose in that !!! waiting for your response

  16. @engineer
    While writing articles pal, you may not focus too much on character limit provided by blogger. The best you can do is to add important keywords before and normal words later like for example:

    Customize Google Plus - 14 ways to do it

    and not like this:

    Learn 14 amazing ways to Customize Google Plus

    Hope this explains :)

  17. Hey Mohd, Can you please tell me or give any link to one of your articles which tell how to replace the blog name with the title on the toolbar.

  18. Aslam Alakum Muhammad,
    I read full article very interesting.
    Can you suggestion me what is importance of Meta Keyword now days.
    I read some place that it is only west of time, b/c google did not use it.

  19. i also need help on this topic... what too dooo plz...

  20. Dear Abhishek Sharma,

    You can transfer your blog content to custom domain with out hesitation,Just put a redirect code to your newly custom domain and its done..

    Dont worry I have done the same.

  21. Google has also changed title also. Google has maximum title font size and also remove the underline from title. Also back ground of the ads has been changed with white back ground and also keep "Ad" work before the advertisement.