Earn $20 Dollars Plus 300 Free EntreCard Credits!!

I have Uploaded My Niece's Sample Home Video. Hope you will like it.

filming_small Isn’t it strange the way our lives have turned. What we find in internet is just a virtual reality.  No real faces, smiles or voices. We talk to readers, we chat with them, we help them and we make them smile and in return they pay an equal tribute but how often do we  talk to one another in real life? Authors often don’t know where their readers come from, where do they belong, what language do they speak and how does life looks like at their end. So I thought why not give and take something from you people who supported us for consecutive two years with your love, support, feedback and motivation. I love memories and I love preserving them. So lets do something really exciting this time!

Create an Interesting Video message For “My Blogger Tricks” Blog

braxtonlogofix3 I hereby would love to give free 300 EntreCard credits to anyone who will create an interesting video containing a message of love for MBT and their experience of the tutorials shared at MBT. The video will have a simple format. The video must contain this,

  • Make sure you speak in English, doesn’t matter if you are not fluent. Keep greetings in your native language only like Hi, Bonjour, Namaste, Salam etc.
  • Mention your name, country,native language and blog URL.
  • Mention how did you came to know of MBT.
  • Mention why you love MBT.
  • Define MBT’s author in One word.
  • Kindly record the video using your Mobile phone or digital camera but not webcam.
  • Kindly record the video in your garden, college corridor, market street anything but not a dark gloomy room please!
  • Kindly keep the video simple, natural and no more than two-three minutes.

See This Sample Home Video of my little niece.

It was late night and I found her eager to narrate the adventure stories of her heroic cartoon idols.. She was bitten by bugs all over her face and I went into her shuttle nest for a short me-to-her chat.. :)

Note:- Your video should be specific. I just recorded this one for fun. :p

Why should you record a Video Voice Message For MBT?


Because I love you as much as I love my work. I don’t blog for fame, revenue or anything that may help me materially. I blog to to help and that’s it. I don’t know if I could continue blogging all my life because the world around is full of responsibilities and keeping everything balance isn’t that easy.

The benefits you get by making such a video message are,

  1. The videos will be posted at MBT’s homepage and will be publicized at major social media networks. So you and your Blog will draw some serious attention!
  2. Your Blog Links will be added to our Fans List in a Post
  3. People seeing the message will surely visit your blog to know if you are not a fake person reviewing MBT
  4. Your name and Blog URLs will be captioned
  5. All those who will submit one video will be granted 300 Free EC Credits. You can use them to advertise at 150 blogs worth 2EC each!
  6. The best video will be granted $20 via PayPal!


If you feel shy to record your video and instead wish to record a voice message only. Then we will even honour that with 200 EC Credits. The best audio message will be granted $10 via PayPal.

I think there can be nothing more honorable then this that we can gift you all in return of your love and respect.

What’s the Deadline of Video Submission?


When there is something sweet to hear and share then of course no one will appreciate any delay. I would be grateful if you Email me the video the sooner Possible. I will accept no more than a total of 30 videos. The deadline for fetching all these great gifts for a little effort is February 15th 2011.

If you truly love MBT then bless me with a memory that I may never forget. Peace and blessings :)

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  1. Hey i think its cool and i will soon send you my video

  2. hello there good to see u
    and i am going to create a video not for earning some credits but just for showing my love to you oops i mean your blog ;D
    and waiting to see ur niece.

  3. Hi...

    The Idea is cool but I am not capable of making a video or a voice message but that doesn't mean that I have no love for MBT... ;) Does It..??

    I will be always there in the background if not in front :)

    Thank You

  4. Mohammad I love your blog and you too... you surely deserve one.. I h0ope you liked mine the most :D

  5. @Mohammad
    Speechless for what??

    I mean if you become speechless then who will answer our queries...:P

    Just kidding...:)

  6. @Mohammad could I type my message in a video in Movie Maker and add different images? :d

  7. @Sam
    for the respect in your hearts buddies!

    Images of whom MAry?

  8. Hey Mohd, Good contest yeah. I wanted to discuss about conducting similar contest with our blog network. Let me know when you are available on Gtalk.

  9. @sreejesh

    Thanks buddy. I am afraid I have no fixed timing to be online. But I will appreciate if you email it to me.

  10. Nice. i will be sending you my voice soon ;)

  11. Hey that girl is soooo sweet and cute...:)
    Looks like I have fallen in love with her...:)

  12. I visited your Youtube account. I saw that you have some tutorials. I make a propose to you. I am musician and my blog is about music production, audio resources and also is an artists community. I can make you free audio background for your future tutorials. To keep the originality also beyond Mybloggertricks.com. What do you think?

  13. Can you tell me where that Multi-Tabbed widget like wordpress has gone..
    Am I going to see that in future...

  14. @Samad

    Ok bro I will be waiting for it :)

    Thank you and thats what I hear from everyone who saw it.. :p

    @Lucky Flaush
    Lucky I love all your works and it would be no less than an honor to receive a customized music for mbt. I will be really pleased. You can add your master colors to it and I will surely count it in. Thanks for always being there :)

    I will publish that today. :>

  15. sooo cute girl i will try too :)

  16. You have a beautiful niece! Does she sing?

    She reminds of the little girl who sings with her dad (youtube.com home alexa).