Add Customized PayPal Donate Button Below Blogger Posts

donate Below every post at “MY Blogger Tricks” you have seen a PayPal donate button customized with some Author description next to it. It’s indeed a wizard tool that helps you tremendously with your Blog’s revenue. Some people are really generous and they do help new bloggers and keep them motivated with their precious donations. Some great people have even donated us $20-$25 just for making them smile. :) I had kept this little PayPal donation code for my premier services but I thought it would be nicer if I share it with all those who wish to go forward. See a screen shot below,




How To Get the PayPal Donate Button Code?

Kindly follow these steps,

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. Click The Merchant Services Tab and then select Donate Option under Create Button



    3.  Then Fill the form with relevant details as shown below. Leave step-2 and step-3 as default.


     4. Hit Create Button

     5.  Click Remove code protection Link in order to simplify the code. Its completely safe even this way.


       6.  Copy the code and jump to the next part of the tutorial below.


How to add Customized PayPal Donate Button To Blogger?

Note:- Before adding the customized code shared below to blogger if you wish to try it on MBT HTML Editor and customize the look then its not a bad idea. :)

As usual I have tried my best to keep it simple. So here we go,

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Back up your template
  3. Check the Expand Widget Templates box
  4. Search for data:post.body
  5. Just below it paste the code below,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

  <table border='0' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' width='590'><tbody>
        <td><div style='border:5px solid #37BD07; padding:5px 10px; margin-right:5px;'>  <br/> PASTE PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON CODE RIGHT HERE
</div> </td>

          <p align='justify'><font color='#2FAA2F'><em><strong>Respected Readers:</strong></em></font>
                  <br/><em>WRITE YOUR SHORT REQUEST MESSAGE HERE</em></p>

Replace PASTE PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON CODE RIGHT HERE with your PayPal code that you got earlier. And replace WRITE YOUR SHORT REQUEST MESSAGE HERE with something that may catch reader’s attention. You can get an idea from my request message.

  6. Save your template and visit your blog and see it hanging in action :)

How To Customize The Code?

  • To Change the width of the widget change the value width='590'
  • To Change the border size and colour change border:5px solid #37BD07

That’s it!

Please not that if PayPal is not available in your countries then you can use Donate button of any Online account that you may have. If you needed any help just let me know. If this tutorial helped you a little then kindly consider contributing a small donation. :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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  1. Oh ya beib' im the first commentator for 2nd time :>

    Nice trick Mohammad ^^

  2. Well I don't know if its only me because when I login to paypal I don't see any donate button under merchant services...I just see Buy Now, Subscriptions and some other two...

    This problem is there from the start...
    Before too and even yesterday before you made this trick I tried to put a Donate Button on my new site but same problem was coming..

    So I needed to logout and then go to Donate Button page and then create one..
    Just what I didn't got through this method was the Secure Merchant ID...Do that make difference..??

    Now a question for putting this donate button...:
    Is it a good idea to put a donate button below each and every post for a NEWBIE BLOGGER or someone like me who have a site where you can download ebooks for free which is not actually called as blogging...

    Waiting for your answer...

    Thank You

  3. hi
    everything is fine here and bcoz i don't have a Id of paypal so this article is not fit for me but if you post this article its mean that this article is worthy.
    while surfing the internet i seen a website and i shocked ti see the layout of it
    here is the link

    bye good day

  4. @anjani
    Thats like a replica of this site...:P

  5. he he he i don't know who is she???
    where are you Mohammad ????
    we want answer

    look its footer in credit section she write style by her
    ha ha ha

    credits of mohammad gone.........

  6. Who taught her all this?

    mohammad you are a good teacher :-D

  7. I hate people who steal others credit...
    Its so DISGUSTING... I mean can't credit to someone then you have no right to give credit to yourself...


  8. Commented on top post..
    First I didn't comment because I thought the comment will go in moderation and it wud never be published...

    Mohammad Sue that girl...

  9. @ samsexy
    if we chat like this
    MBT is going to become facebook ha ha ha
    when Mohammad will come he delete all the comments
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  10. Hahaha...
    Well I don't go on facebook much because of security reasons...

    Btw I am not able to comment on "Add Facebook Like Button, Retweet, Stumble and Digg Counter Buttons To Blogger" topic...

    Whenever I comment there the comment is published but after 2min when I check back my comment is not there...

    I don't know whats the problem...

    Anyways nice talking to you...
    You can come on gmail to chat if you want...
    Just send me your email ID through my site's contact page and I will invite you for chat.. :)

    Sorry Mohammad for chatting here...
    Actually I completely forgot that this is not the place to chat...

    Sorry Again..

    Bye... :)

  11. @Sam @Anjani
    Lol! you guys surely made it a social platform but its ok unless the discussion is related to blogging. :p
    And I visited that website thanks for informing. I am surely tired of telling people again and again to respect copy rights but some people will never stop. I just hope we understand how much sweat others shed in creating new things out of nothing and it requires time and effort. Sharing is good but if credits are attached. I just hope newbie bloggers will bring up a positive change InShAllah.

    Now coming to queries
    Sam I have received all your comments on the Social Buttons post. They were marked as spam wrongly so I published them.

    For your question with paypal the merchant ID is just for your help so that if you create several buttons then you may be able to recognize which button is for which site. Its more like giving your button a name. No its optional not important.

    I thank you again Anjani and Sam. Thanks for being supportive. Please tell me your actual names so that I remember them.

  12. Well Mohammad why don't you do something where people will not be able to edit the credits...
    Like putting the credit in javascript just like Abu Farhan did in one of his page navigation widget...

    This will not completely this problem but will surely reduce it because many of them do not mess with javascript...
    Also this should be done not in all your widgets but for some specific and very important widgets...

    Now about donate button..

    I think you missed the part that whether it is a good idea to put a donate button below each and every post for a NEWBIE BLOGGER or someone like me who have a site where you can download ebooks for free which is not actually called as blogging...
    Right now I have Donate button in the footer...

    I think Anjani's original name is Anjani and mine I will mail you again for security reasons... :P

    Thank You

  13. @samsexy
    you are right sam my original name is anjani kumar soni.pal you are thinking too much about security don't tell me that you are next julian assange :p
    just joking pal

    your Tutorials have helped me a lot,so i am going to put your blog button on my blog :D
    check here:

    wish you and your family a happy new year have a blast

  14. Sorry but I have valid reasons for the security..

    Btw I have invited you in Gmail..
    Please accept the request..

  15. @Sam
    The idea is valid and it surely works. Encoding a code just another method but the problem is that I often have to edit my template and complex things will delay the time required to update the codings or edit them. Though I often report to blogger and flag those authors who violate the copyrights and fortunately Blogger has always helped me in this case by taking strict action against such bloggers.

    Sam a paypal Donate button is required where you think you have done enough for readers and now you deserve a little contribution from them. Ofcourse you should add it below every post. Because majority of traffic comes from serach engines. People's attention is greatly drawn towards donation once they have read the post. People who are not bloggers often don't look at widgets on sidebars. So adding it there wont help.

    And yeh your security issues have doubted me too now! :P

    Thanks for adding the MBT badge to your blog. Thanks a lot for the favour dude! :)
    And glad to know your first name is Anjani. :)

  16. @Mohammad
    My majority of traffic comes Direct (Almost 85%) through my files which are downloaded from forums etc..

    As my site is just one month old I think I won't add it on each and every post...

    I will add it once its old enough and when I will have a devent flow on traffic day...

    Right now I have around 50 visits per day...

    And about the security I think I mailed you my name and with the detail on why I am so security conscious...:P

    Thank You

  17. Oopps sorry...
    My majority traffic is 65% (Direct)and not 85%... :P

  18. i don't have the donate button on my

  19. @Nice Dream
    Yea me too don't have that donate button...
    Dnt why..

    But do one thing to get it...
    Logout from you paypal account and then go to the following url and create one...

    Just one thing you won't get with this is the Merchant ID and that is just optional and not a big thing to worry at all...

    Please do not login while creating the button because if log in then you won't see the donate button again..

    Hope this will help...

    Thank You

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  21. @Sweety
    What the hell was that??

    First of all do not guess my name at all. :P

    I just told you to give the credit for the template which is made by Mohammad and nothing else and you should respect him.

    I just wanted you to change your footer where you have written "Template Style by Sweety" which is wrong. You should have written "Template Style by Mohammad | Customized By Sweety". The later one is just perfect. I already explained you this before.

    I am NOT talking about the content you have published. I am just talking about the template you are using.

    You know Mohammad has a legal right to Sue you and can drag you to the court but I know he will not do this. That's why I requested you to give credit.

    Always remember the quote "Give Respect, Take Respect".

    Hope you will understand.

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  23. @Sweety
    I have no intention of hurting you baby.

    I just don't like people who tell lie.

    If you have made that full template then simply prove it to me and I am in no way underestimating you or anyone else. :)

    And do not tell Good Bye Forever, etc. words because you are on the net and you are always welcome for any help needed on the net whether you hate us or love us. :)

    I think I am simple and clear this time.. Ain't I..??

  24. Hi Paypal Donate Button is no longer in Paypal website how can I create one thanx

  25. I dont have marchant services button! I am using a buss acc! ANy ideas?

  26. help I could not send my comments!

    I actually encounter error 500 message on your tutorial what have I done wrong? help!
    my web page:

  27. i made this.. but when i change my blog into simple blog, its lost. and i tried to put again the code and this is the error.. plsss help

    Higit sa iisang widget ang natagpuang mayroong id na: HTML12. Dapat ay natatangi ang mga ID ng widget.

    Error 500

  28. My Paypal Account Do Not Show Donate Button, Why ? I Have Personal Paypal Account Not Business. So Please Help Me @Mohammad.

  29. bro please help paypal doesn't work in pakistan so what should i need to do to get paypal???

  30. your site very useful and helpful to me cause from your site I can learn how to costumize template blogger, thank you master

  31. TQ..for your helping....
    nice info..

  32. Paypal donate button no more available for indian users!!!!

  33. mohammad thank you for this wonderful tutorial, i will incorporate this on my blog but i preffered to add it using widget html/javascript. but thank you for the idea and more power! check out the donate button on my blogg at

  34. I was just surfing and came here. Saw the year and half old debate I had. Was just laughing on myself that how good or different I was. I remembered everything that happened that time. But good to see that Sweety atleast have written MBT in the footer.

    I don't know if Mohammad or Anjani or Sweety is watching this post anymore or not but I am always watching you guys :)

  35. @sam

    I still remember that and I honestly find it funny even today. There are a lot of people you debated with. = p You can write a whole ebook of your memories on MBT!

    Sweety and most like her are interesting people and I am really glad to see the credits now. ;)

  36. @Mohammad
    Hehe... I did debated with lots of people hear on MBT but I always had valid points which lead to victory in almost every debate :)

    I can never forget the memories I have on MBT. I came on MBT some days after my birthday in June 2010 and my first comment was on Contact Me Form tutorial which is still not updated :p

    Sweety and most like her are obviously interesting people to talk. I not just debated with but also learned from them something in some or the other way.

    I wish those days could come back.

  37. How can I GET a "mastercard" donation button on my Blog,Thanks for your good reply...

  38. I need a Donate button for my sites but i am unable to get it when i go on paypal it don't give me option it shows only ---> no Donate button .. can anyone help on this?

  39. Hey, if your paypal account is not showing donate button.The best thing you can do is to contact may contact them via email or phone number.

  40. ASSLAM O ALIKUM HOW R U MOHAMMAD MUSTAFA.MY NAME IS FARRUKH RAZA AND I CREATED A BLOG ON ISLAM.THIS IS LINK,i want to add some mp3 files on this blog if u will help me i m greatful to u.thanks

  41. there is not any donate button on paypal site...what i have to do...plz help..

  42. IObit Malware Fighter Pro Thanks dude, nice Post .good admin Thnaxxx

  43. no donation button for indian paypal accounts... sad.

  44. Adding donate button on a non-profit website is best idea to get some good amount for helping others. I think this donate button only for charity type websites All Blog Things

  45. Thank you so much for this great tutorial! I just added my donation button to my blog ( Super easy. :)