Speedup Mozilla Firefox, Make it Faster, Much Faster!!

speedup Mozilla Firefox Fed up of slow browsing speed? Don’t worry technology has brought many solutions. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser you can have. Many browsers like Safari claim to be thrice faster than Mozilla but they fail when it comes to innumerable features Mozilla can support whilst others can not. Mozilla Firefox even lets its users to speedup its browsing speed. You can make Mozilla run much faster than Safari just by tweaking Mozilla’s configuration.

I have shared two methods. Method 1 is a manual method and requires no installing of any software or add-on whilst Method 2 requires installing a Mozilla add-on called FasterFox and requires sign up for an account.

Note:- Method 2 is much easier than Method 1. Method 2 is recommended for newbie. To go to Method 2 directly Click here

Method 1

1.   Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser

2.   In the address bar type about:config and hit enter

Speedup Mozilla Firefox

A warning message will open. Simply click the button with this message “I’ll be careful, I promise!”

3.   In the filter bar type network.http.pipelining as shown below,

increase firefox speed

 Double click network.http.pipelining , this will change the default false value to true as shown above.  

4.   Now in the filter bar type network.http.proxy.pipelining   and then double click it to    change its value to true as we did for step 3.

5.   Now locate this network.http.pipelining.maxrequests Right click it and select Modify

boostup firefox

The default value is 4 so set it to 8.

6.   Now clear the filter bar, so to get on the main page. On the same page where you are i.e about:config, Right click on any blank space, then select New > Boolean

speed up Mozilla

name it network.http.pipelining.firstrequest and hit OK

Increase Mozilla speed

Now when asked to enter Boolean value, select true and click OK.

7.   Right Click on any blank space and select New > Integer


Name it nglayout.initialpaint.delay and hit OK


When asked for integer value set it to 0

8.   Restart your browser and enjoy the new browsing speed!

Method 2

This method is pretty easy. Whatever I discussed in Method 1 can be done using a firefox add-on called FasterFox. Fasterfox speeds up Mozilla’s browsing speed and also shows the load time of a webpage. To download it  Click here!

Note:- You will need to sign up for a Mozilla account to use this add-on. In this case Method 1 dominates Method 2

After installation you will be asked to restart your Mozilla browser, do so. After a restart, you will see an image with timer at bottom-right corner of your browser. Look below,


Right click this image and select options, a window will open as shown below,


Select the option Turbo Charged for maximum performance and hit OK.


Feel free to ask anything unclear


From Uppercase to Lowercase, Change Capital Letters To Small and Vice Versa

Uppercase to lowercase When you write a post, letter, speech, essay, article etc, sometimes you need to convert a long string of words from Uppercase (From capital letters) to Lowercase (small Letters), and doing this is often a hectic and annoying work, because you have to rewrite the entire string of words in order to convert it to Capital letters or small. But now you don’t need to worry anymore! Because now Online Text Convertor services like www.textconvert.com have come to our rescue!

You just need to copy paste your text and have it converted, that’s it! See below,

text convertor from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa


I hope this may help you a lot with your articles and posts Enjoy!

Feedback, suggestions and questions are always welcomed. 


Show Onion Emoticons in blogger posts

onion-display-pic If a word can express thousand emotions then an animated image can express thousand such words. Emoticons give breath to your posts and blog. No one today enjoys a post without pictures, videos and emoticons. Finding good pictures and videos is pretty easy today with image and video search engines but finding good plus different emoticons other than Yahoo Smiley is a tough job! Below I have shared some of the innumerable Onion Emoticons created by Onion Club. All of these emoticons are animated and 50 x 50 pixels in resolution. you can find hundreds of them at Onion Club.

Some of which are shared below,

3c68bb64 154218d4    big-black-eyes  byeCome forward baby   hahaha-2 hahahahhahead-down-oh no-cryingheheh hero-hi hey-you-son-of-ahi HIDING-sword-at-backi m deadin-lovelet me thinkmamaaa-lyingmama-running-cryingMay I do that punched  seeing-resultshocked-red-arrowshytaking-baththk you thk you-big teethwhat-question-markyeh-big-nose-geekonion_gifs_emoticons-25 onion-head-emoticon-26 onion_gifs_emoticons-13 onion-head-emoticon-1 onion-head-emoticon-3 onion-head-emoticon-10 onion-head-emoticon-11 onion-head-emoticon-12 onion-head-emoticon-13 onion-head-emoticon-15 onion-head-emoticon-16 onion-head-emoticon-17 onion-head-emoticon-18 onion-head-emoticon-19 onion-head-emoticon-21 onion-head-emoticon-22 onion-head-emoticon-24    onion41 onion68

Methods to add Onion Emoticons or any other emoticons shared at “TNT by STC” to your posts


You can save these images to your computer hard drive by right clicking an emoticon and then selecting “save image as”

Now whenever you want to add an emoticon to your post, simply upload it just the way you upload an image in blogger and add the emoticon as an image in your blogger posts. The good thing about this method is that it’s pretty easy and even a newbie can do that but the disadvantage is that uploading the emoticon using blogger will make the image still [ blogger editor don’t let the image animate] So you would need Windows Live Writer, which is a best editor for writing your blog posts in a more professional style.


Upload all of your Emoticons to your Photobucket account Or simply to your blogger Picasa album (I mean create a simple draft post as a backup for all your images). Copy the URL of each image in a notepad. Now whenever you write a post and want to add an emoticon next to a text or anywhere you want, simply use the code below,

<img src=”URL of your emoticon”/>        

If you want to add a title for each emoticon which must appear on mouse hover (Hover your mouse on this emoticon –> fingure-in-nose) then add the code below.

 <img title=”TITLE of your emoticon” src=”URL of your emoticon”/>        

IMPORTANT:- Remember to replace the text in green with the required detail.

If you want Search engines to crawl your emoticon and bring you huge traffic! then enter the code below,

<a href=”URL of your emoticon”><img alt=”Describe your image here” title=”TITLE of your emoticon” src=”URL of your emoticon”/></a>       

IMPORTANT:- Remember to replace the text in green with the required detail.

If you think Man that is pretty hectic! then Jump to Method 3

Suggestion :- I prefer method 1. Use Windows Live Writer to attach emoticons to your posts.


Method 3 is a cool method I learnt from Kang Rohman This method works only with Mozilla Firefox Browser. Don’t have it? Don’t worry it takes seconds to download and install it. Download Mozilla Now! Click here

Follow these steps,

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Install an add-on called Grease Monkey
  3. Once you have installed Grease Monkey, restart your browser
  4. Now you need to install a JavaScript that will cause Onion Emoticons to appear in your blogger editor. Download the JavaScript For Onion Emoticons
  5. Now Sign in your blogger account and go to Settings > Layout > Edit HTML > Click Expand Widgets > and search for ]]></b:skin>
  6. Copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the code below just above/before ]]></b:skin>

img.emoticon {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
border: 0;

    7.   Save you template………Done!

When you sign into your blogger account using blogger.com and not draft.blogger.com, you will see Onion Emoticons appearing in your blogger editor (In compose mode) just like this,

Onion Emoticons

I hope now your posts will look more lively bye

Please feel free to ask any question in the comment box below.