Window Style Social Bookmarking Icons Set – Best Gift To Bloggosphere!

WINDOW-STYLE-MBT-ICONSFortunately we are back again with a new set of social bookmarking icons that are oval in shape and have a window like reflection. This set consists of a total seven social media icons which includes Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg, Technorati, Twitter, Delicious and as usual an RSS Icon. The downloadable file consists of png images with different sizes i.e 128px by 128px, 64px by 64px and 48px by 48px all compressed into a winrar file.



Window Style MBT Social Bookmarking Icons



Feedback is what I expect as a token of favor :>

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  1. thanks Mohammad. That is indeed a great gift!

  2. Wow, those are really good looking. Good job. You are becoming quite the artist. Or maybe you already were.

  3. @Marg

    It only takes some effort on one's side to become creative and yes a good artist as you said :>

    The little kitty looks good in the avatar :)

  4. Hey MOHD! I need ur help....could u plz tell me how to pre-add labels in Blogger without any post! I know this is possible as i saw it @ bloggershowcase[dot]net, but how?

  5. @Googy

    It is really simple. Follow the steps below,

    1.Go To Blogger> Edit Posts
    2.Above your published posts you will see a drop down menu with the text Label Actions in it.
    3. To add a label, you must check the box next to at least one post from the list below.
    4. The Drop Down menu has options like Apply label and remove label. Use them to add or remove new or old labels.

    That's it. I hope it was clear.

  6. Wow!!! what a cool icons. I like it:0 keep posting.

  7. Hi MOHD_ I have a question which is irrelevant to the post.I am a newbie so if you answer me,it will be much help.

    I have a blogspot blog.I want to remove blogspot.Earlier your blog had too blogspot but now your address has changed to

    How did you removed the blogspot?
    I am commenting as anonymous as I don't want to reveal my identity.Hope you understand!

  8. @Anonymous

    Bro I just bought a .com Custom domain. The .blogspot extension is a subdomain of and is free as you know. But you can buy a domain for just $6-7. You just need to pay $6-7 a year and that's it. You can get .com, .net, .org etc.

    Hope I was clear.

  9. Thanks for the quick reply!

  10. Hi bro
    plz tell me that how can i use css style to give download link in my blogger.
    Like as ur using animated download button...
    but i want to use css styling to style my given download link...
    plz help me Mohammad

  11. Dear Mohd,
    I need ur help! In my new site i'm using a gallery style template by Dante Arujo, which shows all thumbnails in Firefox fine but in IE it gets weired. I tried a lot but in vein. What shud I do?

    site is: blogzgallery[dot]blogspot[dot]com
    plz. help to sort out this!

  12. @helman

    I am sorry but I really didn't understand the question. Do you mean that you want to add some css effect to the download link so that when some hovers the mouse on it, it shows animation?
    Or it may show a border across it on mouse over?
    tell me clearly so that I could provide you the code


    IE is always a headache for web developers. Many things that work with modern browsers fail in IE. As far as this template is concerned its working just fine in IE 7.0 . I guess you have troubleshooted yourself. May be you are using IE 6.0. If your answer is yes then please upgrade it for IE 7 is the second most used browser.

  13. hey MOHD_ great job and really cool background i like all of that great job dude. arz

  14. Your generosity is very much appreciated.
    I love all your stuff.
    I have been trying for almost aone year now to get a blog up and running with no avail.

    As a new blogger I can't thank you enough for yout beautiful church template.

    You are very kind...and talented.


  15. @graf

    You are always welcomed and yeh those templates were for you guys so no thanks :>

  16. i try to open but its not open so please please suggest me my brother .

    I download Window Style Social BookMarking Widget but its not open so please help me.
    I wait your reply

  17. @Admin
    What error are you getting while opening..??

    You will need an extraction software like winrar, winzip...

  18. good,shame about missing icons Pinterest and google :(