Trigonal Style Social Media Icons Set – A must for every Blog!


Last night my cousin Abdul Rahman and I were having some free time to pass so we decided why not create some social media icons that could be used for bookmarking purposes. As soon as the idea struck our minds we started designing some icons and amazingly after 3 hours of hard labour we came out with a beautiful icon set shown below,





MBT Social Media Icons Set


The Icons are compressed in png format. The zip file contains two sets of icons, one with text below each icon and one with no label text. This set of MBT Icons consists of 7 icons which includes Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, Delicious, Digg, Stumble Upon and RSS (which of Course isn’t a social media icon, just added it for fun),

We have created some more Social Bookmarking Icons as well and will release them soon.  Till then let us know how will you rank our icons :)

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  1. The Icons are beautiful. You two did a great job in making them. Just think what you could do if you had a lot of time.

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  3. Marg you are right! I got so excited that day that we sat the next day and created two other beautiful social bookmarking icons set. :> I will release them soon.

    Thks for the encouragement friend.

  4. Well done bro!!!

  5. hi ...
    i wanted to add the social bookmarking code for my blog

    can you please help me for this please. as my ambigrams should spread to the viewers by sharing :)

    thanks in advance

  6. @Moneiz

    I will surely let you guys know how to add them. I will publish a post soon. Subscribe so to be updated.

    I am publishing a new icon set tomorrow make sure you dont miss it. This icon set will be an animated version!

  7. Really, nice to see. Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless Abdul Rahman brother and you too, Ameen. Such posts are really like a great encouragement for fellow developers like us. May Allah help you to make more.