Remarkably Beautiful Social Bookmarking Icons and Buttons! The Largest Collection Ever!!

Social-Icons-By-TNT-by-STC What would you call a blog if it is not equipped with beautiful and attractive social bookmarking icons? Of course such a blog will have an ugly user interface. Its not just good and quality content in your blog posts that attract visitors, the fist thing that catches a visitor’s eye is your customized template. People read my posts with interest because I have spent months into making it an interesting spot for knowledge seekers (my readers). Well quality social bookmarking icons play an integral role into giving a pro look to your blog. So lets get some quality bookmarking buttons and icons for free!

Below I have shared Social Bookmark Icons and Buttons from some of the reputed blogs and websites. The download link is available below each Icon set. Feel free to download and do let me know which icon set attracted you the most.


1.  Social Icons by 


download now


2.  Cute Twitter Icon Set by


download now


3.  Aquaticus Social Icon by Quake9

Aquaticus Social-192

download now


4.  Cute Heart Social Icons by 

Cute Heart Icons

download now


5.  Cubic Social Icons with Logos at top by


 download now

6.  Twitter Boys with Attitude by monkeyworks

Right Click and then select Save Image As/Save Link As To Download the Twitter Boys below,


download now

7. The Leaves Fall: A Social Icon Set By

the leaves fall

 download now


8.  some Glassy Social Icons by


download now


9.   33 Feed Icons by


download now

10. Twitter Icons by

To download or view  Tweet Icons other than the ones given below Click Here

Right Click and then select Save Image As/Save Link As To Download the Twitter Icons below,

follow-me-250 Twitter-1 Twitter-2 Twitter-3 Twitter-4  Twitter-7 Twitter-27 Twitter-28



11.  Cute Animal Feed Icons by 

Feed me animals

download now

12.   RSS/Feed Icons by


download now



13.  RSS Buttons by

Right Click and then select Save Image As/Save Link As To Download the buttons below,

image027 image021 image023 image025


14.  Animated RSS Feed Icons by

Right Click and then select Save Image As/Save Link As To Download the Icons below,

feed-icon-animated black-feed-icon feed-icon


15. Beautiful Social balls by
social balls
download now
16. Cheers Icon set by


download now
17.  Metallic Steel Social Icons by


download now
18.  Now Finally Some Jumbo size RSS Feed Icons by 

To Download Several other Feed Icons like the ones below, Click Here! 

Right Click and then select Save Image As/Save Link As To Download the Icons below,

 bottle_side   halfsphere  lamp  meat notebook orange printer sandwich speaker sucker 


154218d4  Thanks God! The Post ended at last. I am really tired at the moment, will meet you after taking some rest. But you guys do let me know whether TNT by STC’s this post on Social Bookmarking Icons was useful or not.

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  1. @Marg

    I usually read blogs of all my readers. And your blog is one of them. You are always welcome here!

  2. @ Roger

    Thks Roger for informing me about that beautiful silver and steel Social Icons. I will share them soon with my readers.

  3. Hi Roger!

    Your Icons are now at TNT by STC :D

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  5. Love this post, I am going to use some of these for sure, so cute!

  6. Hi Mohd, any test to show which one gets clicked on the most and used the most? That would be VERY useful... even with unnamed sites

  7. @matt

    The most famous social services are,

    1. Stumble Upon
    2. Twitter
    3. Facebook
    4. Digg
    5. Delicious
    6. Technorati

    These icons are used every where.

    I hope that would help.

  8. very funny :))
    i love it!
    you are <>

  9. well..most icons don't have myspace icons~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so saddd! lol..not getting angry at u..just telling in case u can update it ^__^ btw,feel free to check my blog okayy? ;) thx!

  10. how to use them after i downloded em?i downloaded the third one :)

  11. @akuseniman

    Well I will personally design an icon for myspace :> Thanks for suggesting.

    To add those icons below your posts. You can find many tutorials online. Simply Google for them. I can't promise a post because of some busy work these days. However may be your will prefer one of my personally designed social bookmarking widget ->

  12. Thanks, I found your blog searching for social networking icons and glad I did. You have such a great selection, something to just about fit everyone. Keep up the good work.

  13. Hey, this is a really comprehensive list. Many thanks for sharing this with us all! I've used a nice one on my website. Glenny

  14. Thanks for sharing this huge beautiful pack

  15. Hey Mohammad,

    Another nice post,I can understand how tired you must be after posting this even I got tired while downloading all icons btw what do you mean by TNT by STC’s ?

  16. I welcome all! :>


    It was the previous name of my blog. It stands for Tips and Tricks by STC. Stc is my nick name. :)