Remove all Structured Data Errors on your Blogs!

Structured Data Errors improvement chartThis post is a confirmation to prove that the unique SEO method that we published last month to fix hatom errors has done us wonders and have solved all errors on webmasters for both our network blogs and our clients. Microformat markup errors are amongst the most complicated errors and fortunately we managed to find a fix for blogger blogs. We are now moving towards solving hatom errors in Wordpress blogs and will release that tutorial pretty soon. Please check below the screenshots to see the amazing drop in errors for missing:author , missing:updated and missing:entry-title fields:


Previously there were as many errors as the items on a single blog page. Today these errors have dropped down by 100% which is indeed a rich improvement in terms of site on-page optimization.

drop in Structured Data errors



The remaining 11 errors are occurring due to 11 pages on our blog where we have willingly removed the Author names and timestamps because mentioning author name and post time on an advertisement page, Contact Page, Download Page or Category page does not make sense at all. We have therefore not fixed these 11 pages willingly. These 11 errors wont harm us compared to those previous 1168 errors which was a great loss to the site's health.


11 items with errors


Read to try the fix all your Structured Data items with errors?

If your answer is yes then kindly read below the most descriptive tutorial with all answers to your questions:

Troubleshoot Guide

These errors will surely not fix if you are doing one of the followings:

author markup and timestamp

  1. Not displaying author info in Post section causes Missing:author error. i.e. "Not mentioning the author name with class Fn"
  2. Not displaying date or time in Post section causes Missing:Updated error. i.e. "Not mentioning the published time of the post"
  3. You are displaying author info and published time on Homepage but not on subpages
  4. Not adding the class Updated to timestamp.

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  1. bro thanks alot this is help full tutorial for all bloggers .bro in my software blog only 4 errors remaining and others all errors have been removed. Bro i customize template which you provided me .Insha Allah i will work starting in 2 to 3 days on my new blog. Once again bro thanks alot. takecare alot bro.

    1. Mustafa,
      Thanks for sharing a awesome Article About fixing structured data errors. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.
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  2. yup i wanna say thanks allot for this great help.

  3. Thanks For Sharing Bro .Very Informative info in Webmastrtools

  4. I saw some such errors in wbt yesterday and was looking for a quick fix, now I am going to try these. Thanx

  5. ro thanks alot this is help full tutorial for all bloggers .bro in my software blog only 4 errors remaining and others all errors have been removed+

  6. Thank you vary much

  7. I do not have any structed data errors on my blog.

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    Wahooooooooooooooo Realy Shandar... I realy Appreicaite you. thankx to sharing with us.

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  9. Sir Mohammad Mustafa, thanks for the very valuable info about "Removing all Structured Data Errors on your Blogs". This is really a big help on me!


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  14. Nice Article Carry on. Welcome to my new Blog.

  15. Nice Article Carry on. Welcome to my new Blog.

  16. @sir,
    How to display author info and published time on subpages in Monop Template

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  18. My sites all structured data problems got fixed , Thanks a lot :)

  19. sir, does it take time to remove all errors?
    I followed your steps, previous 28 after 12 errors still exist, it took +7 days already...
    My Blog

  20. Thanks for sharing such a information steps to fix the structured data error. I had issue fixing hatom error for Authors updated in my website But, now I have fixed all the issue.