How Do Links From Social Networking Sites Effect Website Rankings?

How important are Social Backlinks?
We know that having a presence on social media sites, and building good quality backlinks from networks such as Facebook and Twitter is important. But how important exactly are these links? Is there any special signal generated by such sites, and does the size of your followership matter? Let's take a look at how important social links to your website are, and how Google uses them in its algorithm for ranking webpages on search results.
Facebook and Twitter are only websites on the internet, just like any other. Google handles them in the same way it does the other. So whenever something occurs on Facebook (a story) or Twitter (a tweet), if Google can crawl it, it will be indexed and registered as a backlink (if it is one).

What about fan-base and followership?

The problem with extracting followership information is, it requires a lot of engineering work to try to extract this data from webpages. In the process, GoogleBot runs the risk of getting blocked from crawling the website. This has happened before once. So Google now tries to avoid doing anything that might get it blocked again from crawling these social sites.

Google crawls the web, and samples it at finite intervals of time, rather than in real-time. The problem with that is, something on a webpage can change after it has been sampled. This happens with many websites, but for most of them, this isn't a problem. Usually, the content change isn't much (or not at all), and Google can pick up that change in the next crawl.

Social sites, however, are unlike most other websites in that they are very dynamic. Content on them changes often. And these changes are important. It doesn't matter much if I add an extra paragraph to a blog post after Google has crawled it, since it's not very important. I can simply wait for the next update.

But on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, things are much more complicated. Someone could change their relationship status, or block a certain user. So it would be unfortunate if Google crawled a page, and later found out that a certain abusive user has been blocked - it would go against the privacy of the profile or page owner.

This all is not to discourage the use of Facebook and Twitter. You can get a ton of value out of these social networks, as they are a great source of generating traffic, and keeping your fans up to date. But don't thing that Google can index anything on Facebook or Twitter that can form a signal. Pages might be blocked with a noindex, or links may have a nofollow.

So the way to rank well on Google is to create quality content, and establish your identity. Here are a few ways to rank well and increase your website traffic. Hope these tips help :)

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  3. I really liked you mentioned Social Media Marketing tips, Actually I'll put in simple works if you are sharing you site or links on Facebook. First analyze whether interaction going on the post or pages via those social network.

    Other wise they doesn't worth to be shared.

    That's just my opinion correct me @Qasim if I'm wrong

  4. What I noticed in last couple of weeks is that Facebook pages with good userbase and engaging content are also found on search results page (#1 position) on Google.
    So, is that mean like - those pages are indexed by Google or something else ?

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