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March 19, 2013

Download Google's Latest Cheat Sheet eBook To Optimize your site

Whether you are a beginner looking to make a mark on the internet or just wanting to learn some stuff, or a pro who wants serious business online, Google is always there to help you. At the Google Webmaster Central blog, you will find any number of news, tutorials, tips, and best practices involved with webmastering. Google wants to help you out in making your content available to the world, and has released many items related to Search Engine Optimization, Google released an eBook some time ago which contained all the basic SEO tips you could think of in a nutshell. Well now, for starters, Google has released a new one-page quick-start eBook which captures the essence of SEO as it is used today.

Dubbed as a 'first steps cheat sheet' by Google, this eBook is specifically designed for people who have set up a blog or an online presence, but haven't given much thought to search. They might have made some content, but don't know the ABC of getting their website into Google Search.

This book is a very short and concise guide on search engine optimization, with tips on how to create SEO friendly design, This will help search engines like Google itself to better understand the content on your site, and hence will increase its visibility.

Take a look at this amazing one-page SEO eBook here.

How to download this eBook?

Here's the direct download link to this eBook;

Download: Google One Page SEO Guide

If you're more of an advanced user, we something for you too! You can check out the more extensive Google SEO Starter Guide that will detail you through most of the basic SEO aspects.

This eBook is free to use, and you can distribute or print it as you like! Give it a read, and share the knowledge with others too and increase awareness! All the best :)

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  3. Thank you very much bro for this useful guide of SEO... Is Google Algorithm is improving now days...

    Actually I observed that All the Blog posts are Dancing in Google Search...


  4. Hello Qasim, I want to say thank you for this prompt update. I really appreciate it. Thanks, and say hi to Sir Mohammad.

  5. thanx Qasim for share this :)

  6. thnks to info,ijin download yah.

  7. Wowie.. 1 page book???? Haha! :D

  8. yeah nice job Qasim..finally something real came out in blogger industry to really help bloggers and SEO Analysts.with google's continuous changes of algorithem it is quite mandatory for all seo's to optimize their website according to google.and this is forward step from you in that direction.5 Method To Increase Alexa Rank of new Blogger Blog

  9. Thanks for sharing bro. They also have a complete 32 page ebook. Download it from here. SEO Starter Guide.
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  10. Awesome post thanks for sharing :)

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  11. most useful and necessary for beginners. Thanks.

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  13. WOW. This new Ebook is super helpful to a new blogger like me. Thank you for sharing :d

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  14. Very nice post, at least with these the newbie bloggers can take their skills to the next level

  15. Its really important Ebook for all bloggers whether they're beginner or expert. It also helped me and thanks for sharing.

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  16. Thanks for sharing this with us bro

  17. Thanksss for sharing Dude......

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  18. Thanks fro sharing this... stay Fresh


  19. great infrmation..


  20. @Admin yes dear we shared link for that too

  21. @Fahd Arshad please stay on topic, and avoid spamming......You will be banned otherwise

  22. I have managed to share this information either to my blog readers, yet I haven't published it. Yeah, the ebook is so helpful, especially in understanding the basic Google SEO concepts. It's a good idea to share this to people :)

  23. Thank YOu So Much MBT


  24. Thanks for this share @Qasim, very useful seo ebook.
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  25. Thank you so much for this great ebook. I'll download it.. :)

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  28. Hi qasib in this post you made me aware of one of my mistakes.i was putting meta description details of my post into the properties section of images.means alt and title tags were the description of my images but i was using diffrent caption for my images.hence may be this reason i was not getting traffic from google images because your infograph shows help google to understand the images.thanks i got new way to optimize my images through your post.30 type of shayari |Best of shayari

  29. Great Book...Best SEO tips by Google

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  35. Downloaded it. Thanks For the great post
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