Reasons Why Feedburner Count Shows Zero

Feedcount goes zeroThe FeedCount chicklet by feedburner and their main site is showing and displaying zero subscriber count for all registered users since 19th September 2012. According to Feedburner Status Blog, the maintenance team is encountering some serious problems with their stats production pipeline. Due to which the Feedcount has gone zero instead of showing the correct number for current RSS FEED readers and Email subscribers. The problem exists even when you log into your account and check the Feed Stats Dashboard. The dashboard shows zero "0" subscribers with zero reachability. The chart below shows a deep drop in our Feedcount from over 11.5K Readers to Zero, which is surely weird. However the Feed Clicks and Views data function just fine.
Feed stats dashboard

This is what they quoted:
Friday, September 21, 2012
Issue: We have been encountering difficulties with our stats production pipeline for data representing Sept 19th and 20th, 2012. We are currently working to resolve the issue.
The good news is that the developers at Google at least informed us on 21st September about this Bug in count but the bad news is that, around 4 days have passed but still no progress update from them.
The same problem occurred back in the year 2011 in March 13th and it took them around 6 days to resolve this issue:
Thursday, March 17, 2011
Issue: We have been encountering difficulties with our stats production pipeline for data representing March 13th and 16th, 2011. We are currently working to resolve the issue.
Update (8:00am PST 19-Mar): Stats production issues have been resolved and both of the missing days restored.

What should you do?

Well do not panic and do not worry about loosing your hard earned loyal Subscription list. For some reasons such technical errors are obvious for a large database such as Feedburner. It wont take longer than 26th September for the error to be resolved hopefully.
In order to avoid leaving a negative impression on new visitors, I would advise that you temporarily remove the FeedCount widget and restore it once the issue is resolved. This will not discourage unique visitors from following you on social networking sites. Visitors today mostly judge a blog's reputation by its readership so its better to remove it than displaying a zero count.

Is Feedburner Loosing its credibility?

Well such issues could be a little disappointing for people who market their business online and in local seminars and workshops. I had a presentation recently in front of 160 students and it felt pretty wired when they misunderstood our readership as ZERO. I am having another presentation this week on 29th September at Greenwich University on the topic "Make Money Online - From your living Room" and I just hope the problem is resolved soon because it looks unprofessional to give justifications to let people believe that the Zero count is actually a technical error and not a correct measure of blog's readership.
But we are still thankful for their free service which has been serving millions of users for the past few years. Though premium FEED services sound much productive but so far we would stick with Feedburner unless we start ebook Selling campaigns.

Was that helpful?

I hope this info may prove helpful for many of our readers who were worried about losing their loyal readers. For those who are still confused you are most welcomed to ask any related question.
Thank you for being a wonderful audience always. Peace be on all of us brothers. :)

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  1. Indeed a Much awaited posts for all those MBT Geeks who were thinking that the readers have vanished all of the sudden. Good to See You Back Bro. This post remembered me of those days when i was starting my journey and i also tried to be the First Commenter :) AT MBT. Thanks

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  2. yes i have also found the problem in my blog. now after i read this topic now i relax.

    visit: Problogger Blogging Tips.

  3. At first I was shocked but today when i saw my feed count it was all fine . I think the problem has been solved already ya??

  4. Thanks... by the way, I think they already resolved the issue. Starting today, my feedburner account shows the correct subscribers :)

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  5. Salam, Please I need u to share how the width of tabs can be adjusted to avoid shooting out and how to create th styles for the tables u used in ur side gadgets, the most important is the tabs offshooting

  6. This issue is getting resolved, but good practice says back up your subscriber list in case it does get lost.

    Here are the facts:
    1) The counters are broken for everyone since about 9mp US eastern Sept 20th
    2) Feeds are still currently being served
    3) We don’t know whether this is temporary or not
    4) The awareness API is being shut down Oct 20th.
    5) If accurate stats are important, switch:
    a. Why:
    b. How:
    c. Results:

    I work at FeedBlitz and would be pleased to help you and your readers move over.

  7. thanks a lot for this Post.!
    I was Loking or tkhis..
    i had a List of 650 email Subscribers..
    But still many times it shows 0..
    Thanks Not i got the reason:) Technology blog
    CooupoN and Deal sharing website

  8. Well the problem was resolved already, and it back to normal, we can see again all of our subscriber.. hanks a lot for this post..

  9. Even i was in a shock for feedburner numbers thanks for your post
    what the bug is all about

  10. Hello,

    Really a helpful post and I am facing same problem on my blog- Examsexpert but issue is resolved now.

    You have explained the post in a nice way.

  11. Now, this problem is resolved..btw thanks for sharing this post.

  12. thank god its OK now. i went mad when it was showing 0 for the last 4 to 5 days.
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  13. Yes yes i have also found the problem in my blog. now after i read this topic now i relax.
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  14. Assalam o ALaikum,
    Sir, I learnt many things about blogging from your blog MBT.
    May ALLAH shower HIS endless Blessing upon You, Your Parents and Your Teachers.




  16. Dear Mohammad
    I have a little problem with my feedburner account. I have more than 6500 subscriber in my account but online feed shows only 3360 to 3370 (in between) subscribers. Can you please help me in this case.