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Advertisements are the soul source of income for any web owner. Attracting advertisers is an art that must be learnt the early the possible. We have compiled a collection of some great static "125 by 125" Advertise here banners that you can use to attract as many advertisers as possible. The collection includes a total of 60+ splendid well designed banners. Kindly submit your email ID in the subscription form below to receive free updates of MBT blog plus receive tons of such coolest blogger goodies straight to your inbox.





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  1. Mohd,

    Your blog is absolutely fabulous, and it truly has first-heard content. I saw your latest template, and it is much better that the MBT church theme that this blog is using. Why not replace this blog's template with the new one that you are going to release based off of your poll? It would look much, much more professional, and put you on par with places like tutplus.com in terms of design.

  2. @Anonymous

    Thank you brother. Those words are what that helps me to work on and on. :>
    Don't you like the current template. I honestly like it more than any Wordpress template available online. There are reasons why I use it, its optimized, well coded and it is easy to edit it in any way I like. But I will still keep that suggestion in mind. Thanks a bunch man! :>

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