April 25, 2009

Change XP Desktop Icons Into a tidy Small List View

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From Large icons to small Bored of that large bulky icons at your desktop? Want to change the size of icons at your desktop? Or Can you show up to 100 icons at your desktop without slowing down your PC and without distorting the beauty of your desktop? I am sure you will be excited to know how to do that. You have the option of changing the icon size in Vista but unfortunately you don’t have it in XP. But you don’t need to worry anymore!

With a small utility called Deskview you can convert XP’s large desktop icons into tiny/small ones giving it a tidy list view. Here are the screen shots,

Desktop Icons Before

Desktop Icons after


To download DeskView Click Here!


  • Download Deskview from the link above and extract it using winrar or winzip
  • After extraction, simply double click the deskview icon to change icons from large to small or from small to large

Deskview Icon

  • Deskview can’t remember your settings. So you will have to reorganize the icons every time you log on to your windows XP. But that’s not a big problem!

That’s All!

Feel free to ask anything related to Deskview

April 23, 2009

Shutdown and Restart WindowsXP In Seconds!

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Shutdown and restart icon What do you do to shutdown or restart your windows XP? Of course you will do the following,

  1. Click Start Menu  ->
  2. Then click Turn Off Computer  ->
  3. Then you get a window with three icons saying, Stand by, Turn Off and Restart  ->
  4. Then you click on Turn Off button to shutdown windows and Restart button to restart your system

All this process will take 6-7 seconds and if your computer has some programs running in the background, you will get a End Now window, which will further take 4-5 seconds. What if you do the same thing in a fraction of a second with a Click of a mouse?Want to learn this TNT?

You can surely do that by creating a Shutdown and Restart Icon on your Desktop. To do that follow the steps below,

Create A Shutdown Icon

To create a shutdown icon on your desktop do the following,

       1.  Right click anywhere on your desktop and select New > Shortcut


       2.  In the new window that opens Copy paste this command,

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00


       3.  Click Next and Name it Shutdown as shown below

Name it Shutdown

       4.  You will get an icon as shown below,


Clicking this Icon will Shutdown your Windows Instantly. If you don’t like the Icon Image, you can customize it too. Do the following

  1. Right Click on the shutdown Icon and select Properties a window will open as shown below,


       2.  Click Change Icon button and choose an Icon from those available,


You can also download an icon of your choice and save it to your local drive. To use an icon of your choice simply click the browse button and specify the path where you have saved the icon.

       3.  Your new Shutdown Icon will look like this,


Create A Restart Icon

Follow exactly all the steps discussed above to create a Restart Icon. You only need to add a different command for your Restart Icon. Here is the code for your Restart Icon,

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -r -f -t 00

After selecting an icon image you will get this,


Thats All!

I hope this may help you in saving time in Turning Off and Restarting your Windows.

Feel free to ask anything unclear.

How should You Use an Anti-Virus in an Intelligent and Effective Way?

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Virus-Attack Internet is no more a safe place to work. Everyday your computer is attacked several times by external viruses while you browse. These spywares and malwares are a great threat to your computer performance and to the security of your data. Our passwords, credit card numbers, and other precious information can easily be leaked from our computer to a third party. In short there are viruses everywhere that serve to cause you nothing but harm!

Moreover these viruses can also be transformed from one computer to another through CDs, USB, Floppy Disks etc. Among them a USB is a good absorber of Viruses. If you connect a USB to your computer which was once connected to another computer not protected by an antivirus, your data in your hard disk will badly be infected!

Of course the solution to all these viruses and worms is to simply install an Anti-Virus  but there some very important questions you must know how to answer, which are,

  1. Which Anti-Virus should you use to gain 100% protection?
  2. Which files can be infected?
  3. When should you install an Anti-Virus and how will you make an intelligent use of it? Most Important!

I will discuss them one by one.

1. Which Anti-Virus should you use to gain 100% protection?

During my Computing Experience I have lost a lot of data due to viruses, spyware and malwares. I have tried almost every anti-virus available in the Cyber planet but none could impress me as much as AVG Anti-Virus did. AVG is the best solution to all your problems related to worms and viruses. AVG Anti-Virus is ranked first at www.download.com and is an award winning Anti-Virus.

Free AVG8.0

Last year my computer was badly infected with worms and spywares. I used Kaspersky Anti-Virus and some other so-called great Anti-Viruses but none could catch and delete those worms as effectively as AVG did. I will highly recommend it. Its pretty simple to use and does not have confusing technical words like Quarantine, Disinfect, Filter etc. Its the best Anti Virus you can have, far far better than those so-called big names. The best thing about it is that you can get it for free! with a lifetime free license  Click here to download AVG Anti-Virus for free!

2.  Which files can be infected?

Virus infected Computer

A virus often infects  Explorer Files (.html),  executable files (.exe –> Software Setups ), notepad files, WordPad files , MS-Dos files (.bat) etc

A virus can never infect Images (GIF, JPEG), Audios (mp3), Videos, PDF files and Flash files (.swf Only)

Since for youngsters images, videos, audios, PDF files, Flash web Movies are more important, therefore they need not worry. Even if the files are scanned not a single file will be deleted by the anti-virus because they can never be infected.

But assignments and projects prepared by Office workers are real targets of Viruses. The WordPad files and Spreadsheets can possibly be deleted by an anti-virus if caught infected.

3.  When should you install an Anti-Virus & how will you make an intelligent use of it?

Using Anti-Virus the right way is an art. An Anti-Virus can only help you with all your Virus problems if you use it intelligently else it can turn into a nightmare!

When should you install an Anti-Virus?

You should only install an Anti-virus into your Computer if your computer starts responding too slowly or doing unusual things like:

  1. Your computer restarts/shutdowns by itself,
  2. Some software like windows live writer stops working
  3. The Folder Options menu at My Computer disappears
  4. You can not access your drives
  5. You can not open your drives unless you right-click and select Open
  6. Your friends receive messages from you on Messengers like Msn or Yahoo, though you  didn't send any,
  7. You often receive the "Don't send error" in Win XP,
  8. Your CD ROM opens/closes by itself
  9. Too many windows error messages especially the win32 error
  10. blah blah blah

If you are really suffering through all these problems then do install AVG antivirus just after a fresh installation of windows XP and scan all your drives for viruses.

How will you make Intelligent use of an Anti-Virus?

As I said above install an Anti-Virus just after a fresh installation of your operating system. If your operating system is a month old than installing an Anti-Virus will cause your operating system to stop functioning! Follow the steps below to make the best possible use of an Anti-Virus,

  1. Install a fresh Windows
  2. Just after the installation is complete install AVG Anti-Virus either from Internet or from a CD. Don’t open any of your Local drives……I repeat do not open any of your local drives. If you go to my Computer and open any of your local drive to install a program or for any other purpose, the virus in that drive will spread like air all over your system. It will penetrate into your System Drive [ Drive C where your operating system is installed] and will infect all important windows files. If you open any local drive or use a USB and then install AVG Anti-Virus, AVG will simply delete the infected files located in your system drive. As a result, your windows will stop working and you will have to reinstall it! Therefore to avoid this trouble, don’t open any local drive and don’t use a USB. Install AVG Anti-Virus and update it. You must update AVG before using it else purpose of scanning your drives will be useless
  3. After installing and updating AVG simply go to My Computer and right click one of your local drives [Drive D, Drive E or Drive F etc] and select Scan with AVG free
    Scan with AVG Free
  4. Do the same for other drives
  5. Now insert any USB or CD that you may have and scan them just the way you scanned your drives. Remember do not open the contents in your USB or CD unless you scan them with AVG. Right click the Removable Disk in case of USB and select Scan with AVG Free. Once the scan is complete you can safely access the data stored in the USB or CD.
  6. Finally scan your Drive C, where you have installed Windows XP. If you have followed correctly every step I discussed above, AVG must show Zero files infected.
  7. After you have scanned each and every storage device, you may uninstall AVG Anti-Virus only if it began to slow down your PC.

By following all the above steps carefully you will surely become one of the best Computer Optimizer. The above tips have made my life peaceful. I hope it will make yours too.


Enjoy Long Lasting and safe Computing Experience!Take care Good bye!

April 20, 2009

Customize XP's Appearance And Sound Scheme

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customize-windows-xp Customizing Windows XP is now far easy than you can imagine! With the growing popularity of Microsoft's leading operating system i.e Win XP, more and more flexibility is added to windows XP to make it more user friendly. You can dress it up in any way you like!

I will discuss first how to customize windows XP theme and then I will share a method of replacing the current WinXP sound scheme with that of Windows Vista.

I am sure you might be fed up of that limited Silver, Olive and blue theme of Windows XP but you don't need to worry anymore because Microsoft is offering a free download of a beautiful black Windows XP theme entitled "Zune". Below are some of its screen shots,

 Desktop screen shot, zune theme 
 My computer zune shot 

To download Microsoft Zune theme Click here
Other than Zune theme there are some other Unofficial Microsoft Windows XP themes called Royale and Royale Noir.


Here are Royale’s Screen Shots


Royale Noir

Here are Royale Noir’s Screenshots

Royale Noir

To download Royale and Royale Noir CLICK HERE!

Simply extract the winrar or winzip file, and then inside the extracted folder you will find an icon entitled Luna double click it to apply the themes, as shown belowinstallation of Royale and Royale Noir theme By default Royale theme will be applied. To apply Royale Noir theme do the following,

  • Right Click anywhere on your desktop and select Properties
  • Click on Appearance tab and then under Color Scheme select Royale Noir as shown below


  • Click Apply and then Click OK

Change Windows XP default Sound Scheme

Bored of Windows sound scheme? Switch to Vista's sound scheme!
You can easily replace windows default sound scheme with that of Vista's by downloading the file below,

Click here to Download Vista Sound Scheme for Windows XP

Simply run this setup and your sound scheme will be replaced with a more rhythmic one. Trust me :D

That's All!

Feel free to ask anything unclear

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