6 Challenges to Consider Before Opting for a Holistic Marketing Strategy

6 Challenges to Consider Before Opting for a Holistic Marketing Strategy

 Every entrepreneur’s objective is to get production, sales, marketing, and HR teams to perform like a well-oiled machine. A holistic marketing strategy is the dream approach to achieving perfect harmony within the company. 

It includes internal marketing, integrated marketing, relationship marketing, and socially responsible marketing. With a blend of traditional and modern media, a holistic marketing strategy makes it easier to reach your target audience.

However, implementing such an integrated system is sure to pose some issues. If you plan to opt for a holistic marketing strategy, consider these challenges ahead. 

Varying Agendas of the Different Departments

When you have a company that deals with both production and sales, implementing a holistic marketing strategy can be challenging. Any holistic marketing agency will tell you the problems surrounding the multiple departments. 

What exactly is the problem?

The sales department of a company is always focused on the number of sales they can make. The design or functionality is none of their headaches as long as they can reach their sales goal.

On the other hand, the production team’s main agenda is to come up with an amazing design that stands out from its competitors. They focus on the outlook and the performance rather than what sells.

Problems arise when the final goal of the several departments does not match. Ultimately, all of them want to stand out and do their best, but that might compromise the company's holistic approach.

The Company-centric Mindset

A lot of work goes into making a company adapt to a holistic marketing approach, which is why it is much more challenging.

While focusing on the holistic path, it is important to put your company first. You will only be able to implement and sustain the marketing strategy if it turns out to be good for your company. Since it is difficult to merge all the different teams’ goals into one, the energy is directed towards a company-centric workplace.

In hindsight, that can prove to be costly for you. When these decisions are made from an internal perspective, the brand strategies become one-sided. Profit-making is the ultimate destination for any operating firm. It is unlikely you will notice issues from the consumer's viewpoint if everyone who contributes to the company image is sitting on the side of the company.

Clash of the Egos

Human beings, in any field of work, have egos the size of an elephant. This is especially true for people trying to run a corporation. 

This is challenging for a company trying to implement a holistic marketing approach. When one person’s ego gets in the way, it has the power to stop the company’s progress. 

Cooperation is key for this process. It is not wrong to give in to the decision which betters the company. Giving in is not always the solution, but when your ego is the only one standing in the way of a good business agreement, it is wiser to stand down.

Your holistic marketing approach will fail if your company cannot keep your customers content. Happy customers will be the key to moving your company forward. Make sure not to let egos get in the way of that.

Avoid Fragmenting Your Marketing Strategy

Many smaller segments are integral to its growth when a company moves forward and often need to be remembered. 

Maybe when your company started, you had a killer customer service department or a production department that could cater to a niche customer base. Your company may need to improve in serving a much higher number of customers.

As your company personnel changes from two to twenty and then to two hundred, many new people’s opinions dictate the company’s goals. When more hands are interested in running your company, the marketing strategy might break into fragments to cater to each suggestion.

Hiring and retaining people focused on achieving the company’s target objective is quintessential. If the ultimate goal is not met, then the holistic marketing strategy you opt for will fail. 

Only Talking and Not Listening

You will be in countless meetings where you fail to stay awake while the boss is talking for hours. At other times, you might hear the redundant “I would like to hear your opinion about this matter.”, only to never hear of your idea again.

Many good ideas are lost when people are only talking and not listening. Two-way conversation is most important in handling the challenges of a holistic marketing strategy. 

It becomes a significant issue when the problems relating to your customers remain unsolved because they are either forgotten or unheard. Putting the customer in the middle of your holistic strategy is substantial. 

To sustain your integrated marketing plans, your customers must feel the full effect of the outcome. It is never a good idea to run your business hopes of making a few quick bucks. You should make sure to listen and uphold the priorities of your clients. 

Depending on Only Traditional Media

For a marketing strategy to be holistic and functional, you must be present where the customer is. It is important to be up-to-date with the fast-moving generations that the customers fall into.

These days, people exist more on social media. People have secured their individual positions among the various photo and video sharing platforms. Your company has to know precisely where the target market is, and approach them with the right strategy.

Presently, there is little focus on traditional media. However, companies are still being run by people whose main idea of advertisement was either television or newspapers. 

To catch up to the new generation of customers, it is vital to take on a holistic marketing strategy that operates across all essential media.

Final Thoughts

The holistic marketing approach is the future of marketing, even though it possesses some crucial challenges. It is necessary to keep them in mind before opting for the strategy.

All the departments in the company must cooperate in catering to the customer. They must keep their egos and company-centric mindset aside to achieve this feat. 

Listening to everyone’s opinions is essential in discovering the core of your customers’ worries. You will lead your company to success if you can solve the issues without fragmenting your marketing strategy.

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