How To Boost Blog Traffic Through Instagram

How To Boost Blog Traffic Through Instagram

Many people use Instagram (IG) every day to upload their videos or pictures on this media-sharing app. And after which, they can share these with their followers. After all, Instagram is considered the most checked social media platform. 
But the thing is, only a few realize that Instagram can actually be a powerful tool in promoting businesses and boosting blog traffic. Considering that there are over billions of Instagram users, this could be the best place to reach your audience or target market, and redirect them to your blog.    Furthermore, aside from uploading your videos and photos, Instagram has other new features you can use to promote your blog. You might never find these on other social media platforms. You have the IG live, IG TV, Stories feature, and more. However, you’ll need to learn some techniques first to use Instagram to boost blog traffic properly. Otherwise, you might be wasting your time posting content every day only to realize you’re not reaching the right audience.   

Make IG Work For You

So, are you ready to gain more blog readers and audience? Here are a few steps to boost blog traffic through Instagram and grow your blog:  
  • Spruce Up Your IG Bio  
Did you know that your IG profile bio can help gain organic followers on Instagram while at the same time driving more traffic to your blog? Thus, ensure you pay more attention to your bio and spruce it up when possible. When creating an IG bio, fill it with information that directly describes your identity, your business, or what you do. If you’re a business page, you can place a brief bio to give viewers a quick overview of your brand’s identity.    Then, place the link of your blog on your bio with a call-to-action statement such as:   
  • Click this link and find out more about...  
  • Know the full story at this link...  
  • For more products/insights, check this link...  
By doing this, you can redirect your Instagram followers or profile visitors to your website and eventually boost blog traffic.  
  • Post Content Consistently  
The key to getting more followers and bringing more traffic to your blog is by posting content consistently. Most people don’t like it when they follow a profile that rarely posts anything. Otherwise, they’ll eventually unfollow your profile and go for someone more consistent with their posts. However, it’s hard to keep posting content when you only have a few followers. And so, you can use an organic Instagram growth service to get more IG followers before you begin posting more content.   To get ahead with your Instagram content, you can use IG scheduling tools and upload your videos or photos in advance. The scheduling tool will then post your content depending on the date and time you scheduled it to be published. Most importantly, don’t forget to include your blog website in the caption of every post to redirect your viewers to your website.   
  • Utilize Instagram Stories 
Instagram features are invented for a reason, and one of these is to help you gain more followers and redirect more traffic to your blog. So, use Instagram stories to update your followers regularly about you or your blog, and encourage more follower engagement. Additionally, thanks to the new IG story link sticker, you can actually post the link of your blog to your IG story to encourage viewers to visit your blog. Add a call-to-action tagline to prompt the viewers to click your blog link.   Some examples of effective call-to-action taglines for IG stories may include: 
  • Swipe left for the full story.. 
  • Check the link for the full post.. 
  • Swipe below for more info.. 
You can also add a poll or question on your IG story, next to it, to stir curiosity. For example, after linking a blog post on your first IG story, your second IG story can have a question that says, 'What did you think of the story/blog post?' or any query related to the blog post. Aside from making other viewers curious about your blog post, this is also an excellent way to promote audience engagement. 
  • Create A Profile Theme 
Since Instagram is a visual platform, creating a solid theme for your profile can help drive more followers and redirect them to your blog. Many followers find it inspiring and motivating to follow IG profiles that are highly consistent with their content theme.  So, find out which color or theme strongly describes your brand or blog website. For example, if you’re a food business or a food blogger, your content should follow a consistent theme or color that perfectly fits your brand. Most importantly, ensure you’re posting high-quality photos, as the quality of your photos can say a lot about your brand or website.
  • Collaborate With Instagram Influencers 
If you only have limited Instagram followers, collaborating with IG influencers can be a perfect way to bring more IG followers while driving more traffic to your blog. There may be thousands of Instagram big personalities, so ensure you choose the ones that are closely related to your niche. For example, if your blog website is about mental health, you can partner with influencers who discuss the same subject. You can ask them to link your website or blog post to one of their posts.  

Key Takeaway 

With the right strategy and tools, Instagram can be the best place to promote your blog and gain more traffic. So, test out one or more of these techniques and determine which one has worked best for you and your blog.

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