TOP Fun challenges to try out with your friends

fun challenges

Our childhood is always full of fun activities that unintentionally force us to reveal our capabilities and strong sides. Enjoying pleasant pastimes and exploiting various challenges to do with friends make you prove your leadership and perseverance. Even if there may not be any competitive intention, the presence of a number of people and the desire to become the greatest transform an ordinary game into a real challenge. Fun challenges for adults are a perfect way to escape from everyday problems and annoying routines. Such engaging activities enable even the most serious adults to feel like kids. Therefore, we introduce the list of extremely amusing and entertaining challenges to try out with friends.

1. Wear or Eat it

For this challenge, you need two bags – one with various food items and one with their names. Take a card and decide whether you want to wear or eat it.

2. Funny Blindfolded Drawing

Your friends need to draw a picture of anything they with their eyes closed. The winner is the person who drew the most vivid picture.

3. Pop Rocks challenge

This is the type of challenge where you should take any unpleasant mixture, like pop rocks or cinnamon, add some liquid, and try to drink it.

4. The Egg Roulette

You need to prepare two types of eggs – raw and boiled. People have to take an egg and smash it on their heads. The principle is simple whether you will be dirty or stay purely clean.

5. The Russian Roulette

The scheme of this challenge is similar to the previous one. Prepare several shot glasses with vodka and several ones with water. Make your friends choose without smelling.

6. Trust or Dare

The well-known game can be really interesting if you stand out against the background of uncomfortable questions. Do not be afraid or shy to choose Dare and express all your creativity.

7. Hoverboard or Roller-blades challenge

Following the rules, you need to set up an obstacle course and offer your friends to complete it. They have to stay on hoverboard or roller blades while completing the course (you can also use any other tools). The time limit should be set as well.

8. Song guessing challenge

The rules are also quite simple. Split into teams and play the melody while another team is trying to guess. Some modifications can be provided as well. For example, some of your friends may play a musical instrument or hum a melody.

9. Laugh and you lose

Choose one person to prepare a playlist of extremely funny videos beforehand. Split into teams, watch videos one by one, and get points by not laughing.

10. Smoothie challenge

Prepare a set of various food items, not only the delicious ones. Cover the eyes of a person, make a smoothie, and offer them to taste. Their task is to name all the ingredients. As you see, the list of fun challenges is not limited to ten points. All of them can be modified and improved according to your creativity, number of people, desires, and equipment. The only rule is to make the process engaging and memorable.  

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