Safeguarding Wordpress: Protect Your Site From Hacking Using These 10 Tips

Being an open source platform, Wordpress remains to be a target for hackers. You know all too well how annoying and disappointing hackers can be. Bearing that in mind, you might as well equip yourself with some tips on how best to safeguard your site from hackers. Follow the following tips and keep hackers at bay:

Go for trusted plugins and themes

Plugins are sort of Wordpress extensions that help with functionality. They are also meant to give your wordpress site a professional look. There are millions of plugins but that does not make all of them authentic. For that reason, you need to do background checks before installing a plugin or software as some come with compromised codes that hackers can use to access your site.

There are unbiased plugin reviews you can look at when checking the reliability of a plugin. Any other software, such as forex backtesting software that you may integrate on your wordpress site should be trusted too.

TSL/SSL Encryption

Sometimes all a hacker has to do is listen to your unsecured network and steal your password. They are able to do this when the communication between your browser and the server is not encrypted. To prevent this, you need TSL/SSL encryption so that lurking hackers cannot find access to your site.

Get a Firewall Plugin

When you are able to filter the traffic coming in your site, you don't have to be worried about hackers. The work of a firewall like CloudFlare or Sucuri is to detect hack attempts and DDoS attacks and prevent them from finding their way in your site.

Update Your Plugins Routinely

Un-updated plugins are a disaster recipe. Their vulnerability could cost you your site when hackers intercept it. For that reason, you should keep up with plugin updates whenever they are made available. Also, only use plugins you know you will get time to update instead of having many of them and fail to manage them therefore compromising your site. 

Use Strong Password

Weak passwords are easy to guess. Hackers use special software to force logins which is also known as brute-force attacks until they get access. Go for a strong password, mix random numbers or words all while making it easy to remember yet hard to guess. You should also consider changing your password after every few months.

Use a Reliable Hosting Service

You could take all the other necessary precautions for protecting your wordpress site but if your choice of host is not secure, it's all zero work. If you choose to use public Wi-Fi for instance, ensure your browsing is well encrypted. Should you go for a VPN, ensure that their privacy policies and security standards are top notch. You don't want to use a hosting network that shares your logs with third parties, putting your site into risk.

Limit Login Attempts

A hacker can finally access your site after consecutive failed login attempts but you can prevent them from succeeding by limiting login attempts. This you do by installing a plugin that limits up to five or even more user login attempts. Therefore, when someone inputs their password or username erroneously for five times consecutively, their IP addresses are blocked from login again.

Change Login URL

If your site is running on wordpress login URL, it makes it easier for hackers to access your site. Using a plugin like WPS Hide Login enables you to find your login URL making it impossible for hackers to get a hold on it. Changing your login URL is something that even security professionals agree with, because it not only hides the fact that you are using wordpress, but helps protect your site.

Backup and Frequent Checkups

As much as you may invest towards safeguarding your wordpress site, sometimes worse days just have their way. You should prepare yourself to face one of those worse days should they come knocking. Carrying out routine checkups helps you find any suspicious activities on the site and take necessary action. If you happen to lose your site to attackers, a backup will ensure that you do not lose everything completely.

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