How Unique Content May Influence The SEO of a Website and Decrease Internet Marketing Expenses?

Regardless of its purpose, every website wants to have a better position in search ranking results. This is how the internet audience is finding your website, and how you are building your brand and getting more and more traffic. Providing unique content for your website is one way to improve your ranking. It is not an easy task, but it is a very grateful one because Google likes unique content.

Websites with unique content are highly valued and that can reflect on your search engine rankings. Consequently, your SEO will improve, and you will see a spike in organic visitors count, without investing a lot of money into internet marketing.

Before we dig into this topic, we need to understand why unique content is important to search engines. If you look at any search results a bit closer, you might notice that there are no two links that contain the same content. And that is the main point. Google does not want to have websites with the same or similar content as different search suggestions, because it might ruin the user’s experience.

Unique content and unique value

Even if you create website content that is unique by its structure, it must have value to visitors in order to jump into first pages on search engine results. You can copy the existing content from Wikipedia, rewrite it in your own words, and create technically unique content, but it might lack quality. Unique value means that your content is providing value that no one else is. This means that your answer to a user’s query is not just a simple straight-forward answer, it goes beyond that. Valued content answers the surrounding questions that the user didn’t ask, but that would emerge as a logical follow-up.

For example, if you are looking for a hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland, good content would be a list of hotels in that town. Unique value content will give you weather info, surrounding places that are worth seeing, user reviews, along with unique perspective, images that are not on the first page on Google image search, and so on. This way, the search engine robots will notice that the user is spending much time on your page, boost your relevance, and your website will get better ranking.

Since search engines use a lot of complex algorithms in order to produce the best results, creating unique content is not that easy. The thing you must remember is that the value of content is determined by users. If visitors pick your website among other results, or if your content is liked and shared on social networks, make no mistake, your rankings will improve.

Increase Your Awareness in Lead Generation

Read helpful articles that can provide you with the right knowledge and skills in lead generation shared by experts online. Whether you’re an online seller or a marketing company, broadening your knowledge base will help you attain your SEO goals and attract more clients and potential investors.

In order for your unique content to generate leads, it’s crucial to apply good SEO practices to be effective. Check out the following tips to accomplish this:

  • Know What Keywords Your Competitors Are Using: There are online SEO tools, such as SEM Rush and BuzzSumo, that can help you determine the keywords your competitors are using to rank in search engines. Once you know them, you can create better ways to incorporate them into your blog article and surpass competitors in ranking for that specific topic.
  • Create Lead-Generating Content: Some examples of lead-generating content to place behind landing pages include demos, trials, courses, eBooks, cheat sheets, email series, and checklists. A major aspect of creating a solid content strategy is to experiment with new content types that can expand customer reach and attract better leads.

Beware of duplicate content and pick a good host

Bear in mind it is the same with duplicate content. As unique content can boost your rankings, duplicate content can do the opposite.

Just as duplicate content can harm your website, so can a poor hosting. You can forget your hard work on content creation if high visitor count slows down, or even crashes your website. Picking the right hosting provider should not be very hard. The easiest way to do it is to make a list of all the things that you need and pick a provider that ticks all of the boxes. Pick someone with flexible plans, that can grow as you grow, and that can let you upgrade your plan with ease when the time comes. With a long list of great features and benefits, you might want to check out Hostinger plans and offers so that you can focus on more important things like content.

Unique content will boost your SEO

With benefits like better search rankings, better website reputation, an increase in visitors count, unique content is an essential part of SEO. Since most of the topics are already covered with quality content, creating unique content can be a challenging task. Before jumping on the unique content creation train, and boosting your SEO, there are a couple of tips that can help you create high-quality unique content.

For instance, low-cost SEO helps drive more results than pay-per-click (PPC) or paid ads. The SEO algorithm determines which areas in search results advertisers pay for. If you’re knowledgeable about SEO, you’ll be able to identify the best content that will drive the best query results. By doing so, you’ll gain free traffic or what is called as organic traffic, as well as organic rankings for your web page and website. It means that you don’t have to pay for ads anymore, which only drive temporary and short-term results.

Unlike ads, SEO is more customer-centric, wherein there’s an implied permission to reach out to your target audience. PPC ads may cause interruptions and most people find it annoying. With SEO, users find answers to their queries and such visits can turn into a sale. 

Check the following samples of unique and helpful content you can add to your website:

  • Infographics, videos, and animations
  • Real-life stories or biographies
  • Tutorials and helpful guides
  • Product or service reviews, such as Modern Agent Mastery Reviews

Simple, rich and comprehensive

In order to create content that is easy to digest, you should put additional effort to make it understandable and easy to read. Meaningful subheadings, natural flow, and lack of contextual and spelling errors should do the trick.

Your topic and content should be in direct connection with your business. Try to find related topics, something that is important to your readers, and something your audience is interested in. Pick a form that is not too short and try to implement long-tail keywords and search phrases in order to improve your SEO. If the content is too short, it is less natural to see long phrases and keywords, than in long-form content.

Do not forget to divide your content into meaningful sections and include media like videos and images to enrich the experience. Long text form without images or videos can be hard to read and visually repulsive, so try to keep it simple, comprehensive, organized, and media-rich.

Be unique, fresh and think about SEO

We know unique meaningful content is the best, but it is also the hardest to create. Before starting, good old research is very important. You should find topics that are relevant to your business and interesting to your audience. Do not be shy and look at the competition, see what topics are hot, and find inspiration in them. If someone already wrote about something, but didn’t do a good job, do it better!

Your content should express your ideas, opinions, or existing ones, with a different view or a new angle. Fresh content has the power to become viral, so try to always be on top of your game and know what is happening around you.

SEO should be an integral part of your writing, even if you are writing a simple blog post. Keyword research can help you with topic search, and at the same time, you can think of the ideas of natural implementation of search phrases and long-tail keywords into your content.

Good content will save your money

Implementing your SEO strategy into your unique content will improve your rankings, build your brand, and bring you more visitors. If you write your content with brand guidelines in mind, you can save a lot of money on branding marketing. With more visitors, your website will be more recognizable and will build better domain authority over time. Each of these steps can be achieved with marketing investments, but with good content and proper strategy, you can do everything with a lot less money, and more important with better quality!

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