Convert Blog Readers To Listeners Via Trinity Audio Plugin For WordPress

Over the last two decades, the world has gone through dramatic technological changes, each day we see a new innovation making previous radical technologies obsolete and redundant.

These new innovations have transformed the way the world connects with each other; the world is going virtual even as we speak. This is the digital age. While this worldwide connectivity is increasing, we need to adapt to it too to be more efficient. This rapid revolution has made the world a small global village where you are supposed to be quick, effective, and efficient and you have to get the job done in a limited time-frame.

There is no room for errors and delays. One of the most popular developments in the field of tech is the Artificial Intelligence which started from Siri and this concept of a personal virtual assistant expanded to the likes of Cortana, Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant which allow for many features that were considered science fiction in the early years.

One of the many interesting features of these virtual assistants is the text to speech function that allows the device to read out the on-screen text.

However, the problem is that even with Google, only a small number of texts can be read out by these AI systems and thus texts such as on websites have to be traditionally read by the reader, which is in some respects time-consuming because the world is getting smaller and smaller, and time is now a luxury.

There is no questioning the fact that life and tasks would be a lot easier only if all these texts could be read out.

Sounds like a thing of the future, right? It did to us too when we heard about it the first time, but the truth is that Trinity Audio has developed such a program. If this raises your curiosity as to what exactly Trinity Audio has achieved, scroll down for more!

What is Trinity Audio-Wordpress Plugin?

Trinity Audio-Wordpress plugin is a tool developed by Trinity Audio that allows articles to be read out through an electronic voice. This plugin goes by the name of Website-voice and can be found in the plugins sections of Wordpress. Through this plugin, any website can get a voice of its own and the digital voice reads out the text on the website.

Who is it for?

who can use trinity audio plugin
When it comes to who the users will be of this plugin and who will derive the benefit out of it? The answer is, its benefits are not only limited to the publishers themselves but they extend out to content writers, freelancers, journalists, researchers, readers in general, and whoever may be interested in searching relevant information but does not have the luxury of time to go through each and every word, which is of course time-consuming as compared to listening to multiple articles one by one.

How Many Languages are Supported By Trinity Audio Plugin?

how many languages are there in trinity audio plugin
When it comes to the number of languages that Website voice is available in, there is a list that follows. This plugin has voice data available for languages such as (but not limited to) English American and British variations, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and the list goes on. This allows the audience to gain knowledge and break barriers caused by language differences that act as barriers to learning.

Voice Type?

voice type of trinity audio plugin
This is the particular element that made Website Voice popular. Along with a variety of languages, the plugin allows the user to change the gender of the voice too. For example, you can either select a male voice or a female voice. That is totally up to you.

What is the cost?

price of trinity audio plugin
You might think that a useful function like this would come a price that would be hard on your wallet, but in all honesty, this plug-in is absolutely free and has no implicit or explicit charges.
All you have to do is install it and use it. It might sound too good to be true, but it is indeed the truth. Since it is free, you might want to give credit to Trinity by allowing their name to appear next to the text to speech icon.

What can it read out?

trinity audio plugin what can be read out
When it comes to the function of converting text into speech, it should be known what the plug-in can read out and what it cannot. Before we get to that, you may find it useful to know that the plug-in has been tested with Wordpress version 3.0.1 or higher. The maximum has been tested till version 5.0.4, with PHP version 5.6 or higher.

You should take these factors into consideration when installing the plug-in. In terms of text to speech, the plug-in system is able to read out the headline, main content of the text/article, and excerpt can be read out. However, with customized settings you can choose to prevent the headline and excerpt from being read out.

User Interface

user interface trinity audio plugin
Normally, such plugins are assumed to be different to operate and there is some technical literature that might support this statement. However, this is not an issue with Website Voice. Once you install the plug-in and are done with choosing the system’s “gender” (pun intended) and language, all you have to do is choose a spot on your website where the read out sign will appear.
Preferably, we would recommend that you place it somewhere in the start near the text body so the reader is aware of the text to speech function.

How to Install the Plug-in?

how to install trinity audio plugin
Just like the plug-in itself, the installation process of Website Voice is pretty simple too. All you have to do is
  1. Install the Trinity plug-in on your Wordpress by clicking the “Add new plug-in” option in Wordpress
  2. Once the installation is complete, activate/enable the plug-in in your Wordpress.
  3. Finally, if you want to make any specific changes and customize the plug-in, go to the Trinity Audio option and configure the plug-in.
If you want to hear a sample of Website Voice, you can listen to the preview below by opening the link.

If you face any difficulty installing trinity audio plugin on your wordpress blogs then let me know.

Can trinity Audio Plugin be installed in Google blogger blogs? I am pretty sure, a compatible version that could be integrated with blogger blogs will be launched soon. Till that time, let your wordpress blogs speak out! :)

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